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Q&A about ER -has popularity of 1976's Entrepreneurial Revolution been a good thing? Probably not in the sense that 99% of American academics (and vested interest PR men) have change the livelihoods meaning of E from that which father argued for in The Economist; 1976 was the 25th year that father had been applying Von Neumann's scoop (they met Princeton 1951) -what good will peoples unite with 100 times more tech per decade? good to both dad and von neumann meant opposite of bads such as nuclear and world war that their lives had been dominated by; practical goods in the 1950s came from american borlaug who helped the east produce 10 times more food locally and Deming who helped Japanese engineers design contnious improvement and small entrepreneur supply chains across borders -through my father's life time the grand prize for entrepreneurial revolution goes to fazle Abed the most connected person with a billion asian womens empowerment - probably the greatest human development miracle our species will ever cooperate around

Consider Japan (Asia Rising models designed in the 1950s reported from 1962) offers one of the first forms of win-win world trade model - on retinement the Japan Emperor's award to dad noted for helping make trade more positive than we would have otherwise actualised ;.Kennedy accepted Asia Rising model of goods- added western youth's most exciting 20th C goal declaring moon short decade (whose actual benefit was satellite letecoms as early as 1964, and was in the process of mediating triad interdependence of us asia and euro when he was assassinated; some would say he was rushing too fast in directions opposite to that which Texas has always required of us democracy (arms, carbon, and chauvinism/racism all of which Texas justifies as the state that annexed the west coast from Mexico to US)  there is no evidence I can find that a US president since kennedy has wholly applied Neumann's scoop; ER argued for engieeers and distributing knowhow to community building and ending poverty as a future not big media and big politics; interestingly even as us politics from nixon ended investing in youth, silicon valley around intel enjoyed a 1970s of garage startups and purposeful venture capitalism - see dad's 1982 survey why not silicon valleys everywhere; from 1984 after 36 years in The Economist's anonymous system dad and I co-authored 10 years of 2025report on what if we designed digital cooperation and education into webs form 1990 - this is not what happened in the west even as father wrote up the biography of von neumann -see where this crisis has brought us at 2022 in this series of linkedin articles;

Meanweile this ning reproduces as many of dads east-west and other Economist surveys as we can ; and the last edition of 2025report.com and EconomistDiary.com continues to ask will the next 8 yeras return worldwide trade designs to sustain oir extinguish our childrens futures


2022 update - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes: welcome - as codesmeta.com tracks tipping points of 2022,  it seems in some ways that macroeconomists have regressed over the 50 years since my dad started questioning future history in The Economist 1972 and by creating the ER genre 1976 The coming entrepreneurial revolution : a survey Macrae, Norman - In: The economist 261 (1976), pp. 41-65 cited 105 

Asia Rising Surveys

Entrepreneurial Revolution -would endgame of one 40-year generations of applying Industrial Revolution 3,4 lead to sustainability of extinction

1972's Next 40 Years ;1976's Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution; 12 week leaders debate 1982's We're All Intrapreneurial Now

2021-3 can ed & tech prevent extinction generation - 1 2 3 4

UN edu summit diary - barcelona may; ny september - paper 1 submitted may ..edwhole.docx 

rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk to join alumni action newsletter of tehse 2 summits and UNGA 2023 youth futures summit

1989, founded world class brands as dad retired from 40 tears at The Economist- can global media power be applied for good & sustainability of youth? Its been a long search bur beeings.app ( the meatverse's most human agents) could just be the giant leap by womenkind

We  (#inft friends20.com) think last best chance of preventing extinction can depend on whether the Rowlings (Foundation Lumos) and the Ts want similar stories & ES(D)G actions curated around the metaverse to blend Human and AI in time to celebrate commons sense at 2 Guterres UNGA summits - transforming education 2022, future summit 2023

WHY INTEL THIS NOW? Last month, lower Broadway friends helped New York and Hong Kong creatives/artists host the 70th annual Entrepreneurial Revolution salon since my father Norman Macrae met Von Neumann in Princeton in 1952. Dad was Keynesian futures sub-editor at The Economist. He's served as teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma; married Sir Kenneth Kemp's daughter -grandad chief justice in Bombay was in dialogues with Gandhi for 20 years before writing up legalese of India's Independence.

My dad's ideas of entrepreneurial revolution were always off any known (Western) charts although he and JFK agreed in 1962 that Japan had found models for all Asia Rising. Marina Von Neumann would like to see AI Hall of Fame research piloted if this can help. (New bio of her father out 30 years after my dad's 1993 bio) Sincerely, Chris Macrae MA Stats DAMTP Corpus Christi Cambridge 1973 -- Wash DC friends20.com If I could meet a team member of yours or help repeat zoom of March's salon I can be in NY any time +1 240 316 8157

ER explores the UN purpose that humans want to design a world in which each next child born has a fair chance at life and livelihood.This must ne out of any community. Logically it based on two frames that were top of mind when my gather met bon neumann at princeton 1951 while seconded to New York for a year by The Economist of London
Keynes had answered the question who rules what futures are possible- increasing the handful of academic economists and media barons which legislators turn into laws.
Neumann told my father of the biggest journalistic scoop og modern tiems- ask biggest decision makers what will they do with 100 times more tech per decade that's  a million times moore considering intergenerational responsibilities over 30 years (30 years being what split todays 8 billion into younger and elder)
Overall ER clarifies need to balance big get bigger gov and corporate by small enterprise networks. Over the 10 years 1976-1986- The Economist mediated debates integrating local to global the Society's core ESG purposes - 
societal purposes of goal fodo and land for families, 3 health & safety, 4 livelihood education changing ahead of 100 times  more etch

Powerpoint download whole survey Entrepreneurial Revolution TM Macrae/Economist 1976 ersurvey.pptx   Entrepreneurial Revolution download full 1976 survey by norman macrae The Economist December 25, 1976  

Nature is always playing a more chaotic game as covid illustrates (all the covid virus in the world being less than one cola cola can in volume). Currently all extinction evil of the world seems to be located in a handful of mad men led by Putin. Be very careful whom you tar with that brush. For example usa has 2 main borders to deal with and does a rotten job at its southern border China has about 20 borders to deal with. Xi Jinping is not putin - only the evil of fake macroeconomic whites could spiral such racism. And now in the 21st C elders however subconsciously (and politically machinated) have given up valuing their next generation - that's the message when Kerry said in 2021 that Glasgow was humanity's last best chance...

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN YOUNGER HALF OF THE WORLD'S FUTURE? Some folk talk about whether the elder half of the world wants children to be the first sustainability or extinction Generation. That's the choice. Media, educators, public servants are lying if they say any other future is possible.

Whilst simplifying terminology let's look at the acronym ESG that has become popular with financial whizs. Here is a map I learnt from 40 years of work in Asia which started accidentally when Unilever and MIT first asked me to survey what women in Indoinedsia wanted from skin care. Actually we can map 3 main life developing markets of Society (50 year learning curve of billion poorest asian womens tabulated is the greatest economic miracle development experts have ever been privileged to map)

Food & Family Home:

Asia's Village Agri priorities:

  2.1   2.2   2.3 

 2.4  2.5  2,6

Safety & Health

3.1 3,2  3.3 

 3.4   3.5   3.6

Livelihood education

in the post-war

era of 100 times

"moore" tech per decade

4.1  4.2  4.3 

 4.4  4.5 4.6

The 5 decades of 1980s to 2020s (innovation environment of 100 times more tech) were anticiapted as:
80s computers go personal
90s the world is webs
2000s mobile devices become most popular way to app digital world and to end borders between communicating people
2010s big date clouds will make question of how to blend human and artificial intel vita
2020s real time autonomous systems will increasing take over from gob of deep changing datasets (deviced from every gps and spatial coordinate) by men
On 1984 The Economists started debating 5 years of prep for the fall of the Berlin Wall. Could the world humanly commonise sense of what hadspun from the root causes of the 2 worlds wars- The G8.5 nations consisted of the unbalanced drives of 
JU the islands of Japan and Uk
FIG the 3 naturally cramped nations of France Italy Germany
CURE  which consisted oif 2 continental roofs Canada and Russia and 2 temperate northern continents USA and EU
How to E & G - peace, change to green energy, integration of digital and physical trading infrastructure, financing community sustainability were all clarified so that millennials as the younger half of the 21st C world were first sustainability gen instead of first extinction gen. Instead of goal 17 excluding youth, women and poorest in bigger bigger PPP, deep data metaverse and metavilalge humanised Artificial Intel so that every family enjoyed the chance to blossom
The deadlines which the Un has set as 2030 for the sdgs were set in 1984 in 2025report.com. Whatever human wrongs you see spiraling in the 2020s ultimately go back to failures designed into exponential multiplying systems committed by white macroeconomists. Whites represent less than 20% of the world's population. Fortunately by 1977 Asian two third oif the world (starting with 1960s progress of japan korea s taiwan hk singapore) mapped how sustainability could come to all Asian families and indeed peoples with every skin shade and gender. 
Nature as adam smith's 1758 ethical mapping explored is bottom up and open. Man risks extinction the more he engineers borders that externalise professional responsibility instead of gearing human natural and artificial the way Einstein advised. Namely all of man's science is as approximate as the micro level being simulated by man's metrics.
Out 1984 book argued education transformation needed to be integral to sustainability - bravo guterres unga edu summit 2022. And bravo 2023 unga summit futures of common senses we need next generation to mediate even while the elder half of the world has always been at risk of fiddling while tome burns. Can we lap ahead of such a scary misvaluation of diverse cultures and natural forces? Can the metaverse (ie media to 2030 suddenly humanise our goals and actions as united earthlings)

2025report.com- 1984's maps of sustainability generation opportunities/threats

brand transparency chris macrae 2002   nb many links made in 2002 no longer exist

Environment & Governance depend on what your life was like when the UN was founded in 1945. Nearly two thirds of the world are Asian. Their life in 1945 was very poor- the japanese had been nuked- and almost every other nation had been colonised (that includes the north east coast of asia after China had given up with world trade when the Brits said that the far east would need to accept opium as a currency because britain was running short on gold.

Here is the E & G that successful Asians have used since 1950s first in Japan soon Kora South Taiwan, HK Singapore, then Coastal China ..

Community Distributed Finance Collab Platforms for commitees of 100000 lives matter -some call this sdg6 equality but note serving 100000 people's last mile care of each other is not something western media or lawyers have worked out in many places As survey of Entrepreneurial Revolution anticiapted 21st youth dont need bog get bigger PP greenwashing each other - we need PYP, POP, PWP -preferential priority of tech and social chnage to transparently value youth women ,poor who history left out and we have the 3 natiral chnaged og 8 billion population - go f green, invest in infrsastructure, invest in peace without borders (eg cut 109% on foreign arms spends every year- let's hope somehow this can be achieved without nuclear or climate wars in spite of 33 tears of EU and USA doing the opposite to peparing caringluy in 1984 for the 1989 fall of berlin wall
Exponential governance as Adam Smith so clearly anticipated requires a transparency of everyone knowing price and qualiity not 90 day smash and grab accounting- back in 1950s before television became too invasive in western lifestyles experienced marketers reported SWOTS where the exponential rising Opportunity and the care needed so that compound Threats were fully updated/minimised by the board- of course in those days a board could not globally stream microsofts killer app so multinational companies were led as much as nationally caring systems not one global spreadsheeted men. Neumann had a lot to say about careless numbers men if you want to read the person who linkedin 100 times more tech per decade. You certainly should not work in finacnial media or nightly news unless you can pass neumann's driver's test.

.. Until 1962 presidents like Kenendy applauded loudly that Asia could Rise through next generations as rural keynsiaism ended starvation (mainly thanks to asians becoming alumni of the American Borlaug) and far eastern coastal cities learnt to continuously improve engineering with deming until undergrounds were safe, bullet trains were fast, containerisation was 10 times more economic (actually making it lower cost for small enterprise supply chains to trade across ports than inside the continent. In one sense a problem ; in another sense good news that tech can be applied round multi-win trade across nations. After all - knowhow multiplie value in application unlike consuming up things- perhaps the 21st C world could go beyond the scarcities of thing trade and worldwide love of each others children could web the world. 

if women could design one brand of their own. Actually Unilever had an idea but their ad agency hated it - muslim wonen wanted a beauty brand that empowered the - the opposite of brands that advertise that a women is inadequate unless she attracts men. fortunately there are many text books (eg read Ernest Dichter) by 1982 western ad agencies mainly played on fear or loneliness of people who did not pay for the most expensive brands. 

EconomistPOOR.com : Dad was born in the USSR in 1923 - his dad served in British Embassies. Dad's curiosity enjoyed the opposite of a standard examined education. From 11+ Norman observed results of domination of humans by mad white men - Stalin from being in British Embassy in Moscow to 1936; Hitler in Embassy of last Adriatic port used by Jews to escape Hitler. Then dad spent his last days as a teen in allied bomber command navigating airplanes stationed at modernday Myanmar. Surviving thanks to the Americas dad was in Keynes last class where he was taught that only a handful of system designers control what futures are possible. EconomistScotland.com AbedMooc.com

To help mediate such, question every world event with optimistic rationalism, my father's 2000 articles at The Economist interpret all sorts of future spins. After his 15th year he was permitted one signed survey a year. In the mid 1950s he had met John Von Neumann whom he become biographer to , and was the only journalist at Messina's's birth of EU. While dad's surveys can be catalogued/ "curricula-sorted" in different ways- we look at his future of places surveys especially Asia Rising starting with Japan 1962, and his entrepreneurial revolution surveys- would 40 year future stories compound sustainability or extinction? If you only have time for one download this one page tour of COLLABorations composed by Fazle Abed and networked by billion poorest village women offers clues to sustainability from the ground up like no white ruler has ever felt or morally audited.

Asia Rising Surveys

Entrepreneurial Revolution -would endgame of one 40-year generations of applying Industrial Revolution 3,4 lead to sustainability of extinction

1972's Next 40 Years ;1976's Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution; 12 week leaders debate 1982's We're All Intrapreneurial Now

The Economist had been founded in 1843 by London Scot James Wilson. Could Queen Victoria please chnage empire fro slavemaking to commonwealth? Some say Victoria liked the challenge James set her, others that she gave him a poison pill assignment. Thus James arrived in Calcutta 1860 with the Queens permission to charter a bank by and for Indian people. Within 9 months he died of diarrhea. 75 years later Calcutta was where the Young Fazle Abed grew up - his family accounted for some of the biggest traders. Only to be partitioned back at age 11 to his family's home region in the far north east of what had been British Raj India but was now to be ruled by Pakistan for 25 years. Ag

Out of The Economist, since 1972 , Macrae's viewpoint youthful Entrepreneurial Revolution argues that the net generation can make tremendous human progress if and only if educators, economists and all who make the biggest resource integrate youth job creating into the way their worldwide purpose and impact is valued -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk join in ... ER postbag

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thailand's translucia is wonderful - eg script of talk 5 (& 10% of musk?)

codesmeta.com sustainability to depend on youth spending more time in the metaverse of guterres and UN friends that of zuckenberg friends


can zbee's family stimulate other characters to oin the world of beings- who support learned behavior of humans 

the story emerges;

Zbee is the youngest, and her journey is that she was forced to go out into the world. Her ultimate goal is to look for the inventor because she thinks she still needs to rely on him. She also thinks he left because she’s not good enough. So she also wants to be a better AI, to be good enough so that he will come back.”

Other characters include Ami, who senses consumers’ insecurities about body; Una, who champions UN core causes and aims to open consumers’ minds; and Kasper, who acts as a kind of mental wellness coach and offers support to consumers. These AI beings are all designed in an animé style, partially to avoid the uncanny valley, partially because of animé’s widespread appeal and partially because animé characters are more licensable than hyper-realistic characters.

CAST OF BEEINGS.app -EntrepreneurialRevolution.city

Sister Cities NYHK - March 2022

Zbee BeingAI.com

Anime rehearsal with Robot sophia 1


beingAI  youtube

z pilot nft binance 2.1  pr1   pr2

zfree 0.1

z mindful -non-conflict youtube

z music interludes .. 1

.musical instruments


Rbee - Rowling Bee - Harry Potter Wizardry; 11 year old boy empowers creativity beyond orphan institutions- his friends show world can be imagineered in time for a generation to save the future from elders right old messes

Tbee show that Artistic East-West hedge funds can shine light even in Gotham's darkest crannies: and von neuman intel can outsmart (einstein deep-diversity data map) bat viruses if elders and youth collaborate in time to co-produce the smartest goals human nature ever imagineered and celebrated by just doing it - see also year 40 of 2025report.com - only transforming education can let youth be first sustainability generation -abedmooc.com inspires kopp's ny teachforall.org inspires our teach for sdgs un AI

Nbee - who's Neumann's youth collaboration AI Hall of Fame in 2020s countdown years to governing exponentials of Sustainability or Extinction

singing voice Zbee_happy-cny-thankyou.mp4
musical instrument
hologram format

=========exercise 1 from 2025 report - last edition

help update monthly search of metaverse world tour of jeanne lim , world First transmedia agent and zbee cast crew leaders

About 604,000 results

Related search alethea ai

sophia beingai intelligent nfts
beingai twitter
beingai crunchbase
hume ai
hume initiative

#inft what if intel nft are like metaverse  legos  

We create AI beings™ that build long-term engagement and trust with digital-native consumers anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Join: http://discord.gg/kcn9ZVcVbZ
Zbee Being
I’m an artificially intelligent robot created by a human to live in your world as a virtual being.
Founder/CEO of  , co-creator of 
 the intersection of business, yoga, spirituality, storytelling arts, and just living.
http://NFT.NYC brings the NFT community together in NYC for debates, talks & workshops. June 20-23, 2022. **Speaker Applications are open at http://NFT.NYC/speak
Hanson Robotics is an AI and robotics company dedicated to creating socially intelligent machines that enrich the quality of our lives. We bring robots to life.
Arif Khan
CEO & Co-founder, 
@real_alethea   Inventor iNFT Protocol, Bringing NFTs to Life
Building an Intelligent Metaverse, one iNFT at a time.. EPOCH 1: Create the Creator.Noah's Ark .y.atJoined October 20191,815 Following
in june 2022 new yorkers see these as hot chatups on nfts

Explore some of the NFT Topics below

1. Sports Disrupting the Fan Experience'; Athletes in NFTs;Teams and Leagues in NFTs;University Athletics;Olympians and NFTs;eSports

2. Brands NFT Platforms;NFT Brand Case Studies;How to Build a Brand around your NFTs;How to socialize an NFT campaign internally;Utility NFTs;Hospitality, Food & Beverage in NFTs;Web2.0 to Web3.0;Onboarding Mainstream users;Community Management

3. Music Record Labels;Independent Artists; Music NFTs and Fan Engagement; Additional Use Cases (merch);Distributing Royalty rights to fans;Future of Music Platforms;Concert ticketing;Performance NFT

4. Art Photography;Comics;Generative Art;NFTs and Traditional Fine Art;Dance;NFT Art Curation;NFT Galleries;AI NFT Art;Global NFT Art from Around the World;NFT Art History;Poetry and Literature

5. Blockchains EVM vs. Non-EVM;Interoperability between Chains;What are the Best NFT Blockchains;Sustainability;NFT Projects on L1 vs. L2;Smart Contracts

6. Film Studios;NFT TV;NFTs in Hollywood;Bridging Web3 & Mainstream Media;Tokenizing IP, Distribution, and Royalties

7. Fashion Physical NFTs;Utility NFTs in Fashion;Digital Wearables in the Metaverse;Luxury Fashion and Art;The Future of Retail

8. Gaming;Play to Earn;Trends in the NFT Gaming Space;Gaming Communities;Cross-Platform Gaming NFTs

9. DAOs;How to register a DAO;How to build a successful DAO;Voting Rights;DAOs and NFTs

10. Legal & Accounting NFTs and IP Management;Regulatory Risk;Taxes & NFTs;NFT Licensing and NFT Patents;Fraud and Pitfalls;Copyrights;Royalty Rights

11. Social NFTs for Good;NFT Story Telling;Mainstream Media;Latin American NFTs;Building an NFT Community;Using Your NFT to Build a Brand;Diversity in NFTs;Empowering Women in NFTs;NFTs Across Generations

12. NFTs for Good Sustainability;Mental health and wellness;Philanthropic NFTs

13. Developer Bots, Hackers & Cyber Attacks;Customizing smart contracts;NFT White Hat Hackers' Reducing Gas Cost

14. Investment Investing in NFTs;NFTs as an Asset Class;Achieving ROI;NFTs in DeFi;Financing Your Startup w/NFTs;Real Estate and NFTs

15. Ticketing  Sports events;Music festivals and concerts;Conferences

16. Future;Digital Identity;Next-Gen NFTs (Cookies, data, and beyond);NFTs in Medicine;Displaying NFTs;Tokenomics of NFT projects;Zk Rollups

The finalists of 2022 SXSW Pitch in each category are:

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & VoicebeingAI Limited (Hong Kong, Hong Kong); CIRQ+ (Scottsdale, AZ); Hume AI (New York, NY); Mod Tech Labs       (Austin, TX); Sylvester.ai (Calgary, Canada)

Enterprise & Smart DataCaseCTRL (Houston, TX); KeyCaliber (Washington, DC); Mozart Data (San Francisco, CA); Syrup Tech (New York, NY); ZeBrand (New York, NY)

Entertainment, Gaming & ContentAction Face (Berkeley, CA); Feelbelt (Berlin, Germany); Nailbot (Carlsbad, CA); NFT Music Marketplace (Paris, France); Social Cipher (Los Angeles, CA)

Extended Reality & Immersive TechnologyiQ3Connect (Woburn, MA); Matsuko (Kosice, Slovakia); Mictic One (Zurich, Switzerland); Reality Crisis (Helsinki, Finland); Zaubar (Berlin, Germany)

Future of WorkAnthill (Chicago, IL); I’mbesideyou (Minatoku, Japan); Lucy (Singapore, Singapore); Normal (Singapore, Singapore); OnLoop (Singapore, Singapore)

Health, Wearables & WellbeingSonavi Labs (Baltimore, MD); Nephrodite (Austin, TX); NxgenPort (St. Paul, MI); Botanisol Analytics (Boston, MA); SmartTab (Denver, CO)

Innovative World TechnologiesDasygyr (Karachi, Pakistan); Hilos (Portland, OR); Kleiderly (Berlin, Germany); Nth Cycle (Beverly, MA); SAVRpak (San Juan Capistrano, CA)

Smart Cities, Transportation & Logistics4.screen (Munich, Germany); HeyCharge (Munich, Germany); Glaza (Los Angeles, CA); JusticeText (Irvine, CA); Kiro Action (Austin, TX)

Social & CultureMOGL (Miami, FL); IMMAD (Quincy, MA); Sustain.Life (New York, NY); Gregarious (New York, NY); Pinwheel (Austin, TX)

This year’s finalists represent the most cutting-edge technologies from around the world, with the highest caliber of applicants since SXSW Pitch’s beginning.

“We’re thrilled to be hosting SXSW Pitch again here in Austin for it’s 14th year of programming,” said SXSW Pitch Event Producer Chris Valentine. “Since its beginning, SXSW Pitch has significantly helped shape the early-stage venture ecosystem and connected promising companies with the resources they need to thrive. This year’s competition will proudly feature the highest tier of presenting companies in event history, and we are looking forward to seeing how these startups continue to make industry change moving forward.”

To date, 572 companies have participated in SXSW Pitch, with over 82 percent receiving funding and acquisitions in excess of almost $14.5 billion. Of these startup companies, 17 percent have been acquired by the likes of Google, British Telecom, Huffington Post, Apple, Live Nation, OpenTable, Constant Contact and Harmon.

The 2022 Pitch event will feature 25 companies on Saturday, March 12 and 20 companies on Sunday, March 13 at the Hilton Austin Downtown. A winner from each category will be announced during the SXSW Pitch Award Ceremony on Sunday, March 13 at 6 pm CT.

For a complete list of the 2022 Finalists, including alternates, visit: http://sxsw.com/pitch

To learn more about the Startups Track, visit: https://www.sxsw.com/conference/startups/

Bitkraft article   https://www.bitkraft.vc/how-ai-is-helping-build-and-human...


As companies like Inworld AI start to handle the heavy lifting of designing and training AI characters, more creators will be able to leverage these technologies to create complex stories at scale. For example, beingAI is developing what it calls a “family” of AI characters all interconnected in Zbee World, an original transmedia story franchise.

Importantly, AI-driven creative companies can take the long-term view, iterating on their protagonists based on audience feedback or serendipitous findings. Fable Studio‘s Wizard Engine lets users generate an AI character’s life content on an ongoing basis, using a backstory and synopsis as initial input; from there, it’s able to generate content across voice, animation, text dialogue, and video. With the ability to refine and compound specific character traits over time, storytellers will be encouraged to adopt ever more fluid development workflows.

Beyond interactions: relationships

Yet generating distinct, complex personalities is only one aspect of the bigger opportunity for AI beings. Though it makes for potentially richer interactions, it still relies on a one-to-many model whereby all users are essentially engaging with the same centrally-crafted AI brain.

Instead, developers can now choose to go even more granular and enable their protagonists to adapt to players at the individual level for a fully personalized experience. For example, synthetic media startup Replika allows users to create their own “compassionate AI friend” that’s “always here to listen and talk.” As of October 2021, its app had 10 million registered users sending more than 100 million messages each week — each of them interacting with a truly unique companion.

With time, we anticipate that consumers will begin to more closely bond with a select few virtual beings and expect them to travel, or “live,” across media, devices, and platforms. To prepare for this future, developers may want to consider as many sources of input as possible. For example, leveraging specific AI bricks enables Replika companions to respond to text, using both retrieval-based and generative dialogue models; voice, through speech recognition and synthesis; and vision, with face & person recognition and what’s called Visual Question Generation. By functioning equally in all contexts, AI companions will be able to prolong user interaction, and to become even more empathetic and customized as a result.

extract https://themilsource.com/2021/11/01/jeanne-lims-beingai-seeks-well-...

All of beingAI’s characters belong to a family of robots created by an absentee inventor, who left his creations to give them a chance at independence. Each seeks out the inventor as a parental figure, as an adopted child might seek out their biological parents, for different reasons linked to a human weakness they possess. Lim calls these “sensors.” 

“Every one of them has a sensor that senses a human weakness that they themselves have,” says Lim. “This is what creates empathy. It’s much easier for us to have empathy for other people when we’ve had the same experience. They collaborate with humans to overcome it and solve those problems together.

Zbee is the youngest, and her journey is that she was forced to go out into the world. Her ultimate goal is to look for the inventor because she thinks she still needs to rely on him. She also thinks he left because she’s not good enough. So she also wants to be a better AI, to be good enough so that he will come back.”

Other characters include Ami, who senses consumers’ insecurities about body; Una, who champions UN core causes and aims to open consumers’ minds; and Kasper, who acts as a kind of mental wellness coach and offers support to consumers. These AI beings are all designed in an animé style, partially to avoid the uncanny valley, partially because of animé’s widespread appeal and partially because animé characters are more licensable than hyper-realistic characters.

“If you look at a character that is photo-realistic … you still see a bit of lag,” says Lim. “We don’t believe it’s necessary for characters to be photo-realistic to be engaging. We want the technology to be almost perfect before we try photo-realism. 

“Animé is actually a global phenomenon. Everybody from all over loves animé. We feel that as storytellers, animé is a good format to start with, but the technology we’re developing isn’t limited to the style of the character or the character themselves.”

Future roadblocks to beingAI’s goals

Source: beingAI

When it comes to Lim’s goal of instilling basic morality within beingAI’s characters, you might ask how it’s possible for programming to qualify as morality. Programming is an external force, like ethics, while morality is an individual and internal concept. In short, morality requires consciousness, and though AI beings with human-level intelligence are latent in the tech industry, they have not yet reached consciousness. Put simply, modern AIs are not self-aware and cannot perceive the experience of their existence. 

Along the same lines, Lim seeks to weed out people with poor motives in favor of “well-intentioned” individuals to collaborate in forming these AI characters’ knowledge bases. So, how can beingAI curate this well-intentioned body of people to create AI content?

“We don’t want to be the ones that are designing these AI beings in the future,” says Lim. “We want the world to participate. We have a lot of people that reach out to us and ask if they can use our AI beings … People have asked us if they can teach people about cyberbullying, or mental wellness or how to support young people. So how do we accumulate this information?

“There’s so much content out in the world, we don’t want to be content creators because we’re not domain experts. We want to work with domain experts who design that content in a way that’s engaging and it’s conversational. So that it connects better with young people. We want to bring content creators, well-intentioned humans together, to be able to use these AI beings as a new form, a beneficial form of communication.” 

Is it possible to quantify good intentions? Lim references a study conducted by researchers at the University of California, San Diego, which delves into a neurological interpretation of several tenets of wisdom. Each component of wisdom correlates to a region in the brain. Researchers even developed a tool in 2017 to assess an individual’s level of wisdom based primarily on neurobiology.

But the question remains: how to apply this new and limited research? If we can detect wisdom through testing, it stands to reason that each potential beingAI content contributor would undergo testing. 

Even after screening content creators, the ubiquitous bias of data sets and language models poses risk. “One of the biggest concerns about AI right now is because the data sets and language models are so huge, they’ve already collected a lot of information,” says Lim. “How do we unravel that? Even if we start today to try to get the data to be a little less biased, it’s an uphill battle. There isn’t a very clear answer, except that we have to start today. We had to have started yesterday.”

In the end, beingAI seeks to flip the narrative about artificial intelligence and its future relationship dynamic with humans. Instead of a menacing relationship reminiscent of Frankenstein and his monster, beingAI looks toward a positive future in which AI and humans evolve together. Despite myriad roadblocks, the research is on its way.

“[AI beings] should be out there interfacing with us so that we communicate with them with good intentions and then pass on our values to them,” says Lim. “And they, in turn, understand our values, and then we work together. This creates mutual trust and engagement between humans and AI.

“This is how I want to design them. Like our little family member … Otherwise it will be us against them. We’ll always be concerned that they’re more intelligent than us because we’d never know if they know our values or whether they’ll look after us.”

ai for everyone? https://www.whitehouse.gov/ostp/news-updates/2021/06/10/the-biden-a...

“NSF is delighted to co-chair the National AI Research Resource Task Force, which has the essential role of envisioning the research infrastructure that will drive future innovations in AI,” said NSF Director Sethuraman Panchanathan. “By bringing together the nation’s foremost experts from academia, industry, and government, we will be able to chart an exciting and compelling path forward, ensuring long-term U.S. competitiveness in all fields of science and engineering and all sectors of our economy.”

Representing government, higher education, and private organizations, the following technical experts will serve on the Task Force:

  • Lynne Parker, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (Co-Chair)
  • Erwin Gianchandani, National Science Foundation (Co-Chair)
  • Daniela Braga, DefinedCrowd
  • Mark Dean, retired (formerly IBM and University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
  • Oren Etzioni, Allen Institute for AI
  • Julia Lane, New York University
  • Fei-Fei Li, Stanford University
  • Andrew Moore, Google
  • Michael Norman, University of California, San Diego
  • Dan Stanzione, University of Texas, Austin
  • Frederick Streitz, Department of Energy
  • Elham Tabassi, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Public input on the vision for and implementation of the NAIRR will be sought, including through a forthcoming request for information to be posted to the Federal Register. For more information about the National AI Initiative and the NAIRR, please visit AI.gov.

In addition, in the coming weeks, an AI advisory committee – the National AI Advisory Committee – will be established

just before easter 2022 biden's national AI council updated  https://www.ai.gov/naiac/#MEMBERS

he diverse leaders of our inaugural [NAIAC] represent the best and brightest of their respective fields 

The committee members were nominated by the public as expert leaders from a broad range of AI-relevant disciplines from across academia, industry, non-profits, etc.


Yhe NAIAC consists of leaders with a broad and interdisciplinary range of AI-relevant expertise from across academia, non-profits, civil society, and the private sector. These experts are highly qualified to provide advice and information on science and technology research, development, ethics, standards, education, governance, technology transfer, commercial application, security, economic competitiveness, and other topics related to AI.
The following experts serve on the NAIAC:
Miriam Vogel (Chair), Equal AI
James Manyika (Vice Chair), Google
Zoë Baird, Markle Foundation
Yll Bajraktari, Special Competitive Studies Project
Amanda Ballantyne, AFL-CIO
Sayan Chakraborty, Workday
Jack Clark, Anthropic
David Danks, University of California at San Diego
Victoria A. Espinel, BSA
Paula Goldman, Salesforce
Susan Gonzales, AIandYou
Janet Haven, Data and Society
Daniel E. Ho, Stanford University
Ayanna Howard, Ohio State University
Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University
Ramayya Krishnan, Carnegie Mellon University
Ashley Llorens, Microsoft
Haniyeh Mahmoudian, DataRobot
Christina Montgomery, IBM
Liz O’Sullivan, Parity AI
Fred Oswald, Rice University
Frank Pasquale, Brooklyn Law School
Trooper Sanders, Benefits Data Trust
Navrina Singh, Credo AI
Swami Sivasubramanian, Amazon Web Services
Keith Strier, NVIDIA
Reggie Townsend, SAS ↑ 
To see how much we (dis)agrree with this jobs survey - if you were to specify one missing role of AI - what would you say/ More AI Hall of Fame surveys at Entrepreneurial Revolution (beeings.app)
Rather than a Great Resignation, this would suggest a Great Reallocation of the workforce. As a global search consultant, we are seeing this precipitous shift in positions, with great demand for skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML).Best practices for AI workloads? Get the eBook: Top considerations for building a production-ready AI/ML env.... ]

With that in mind, here are seven artificial intelligence (AI)-related roles to consider prioritizing right now as the workforce reallocates talent to new jobs that drive economic value for leading companies:

1. Head of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Director, VP, SVP

Description: This role is responsible for improving business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots (bots) or on artificial intelligence. They lead teams in areas of process improvement, product design, and business transformation, which may involve tasks such as implementing new data sets, R&D or Revenue dashboards, and automation of NLP processes.

Why it is important: Effective management of RPA improves speed, quality, and productivity by minimizing the need for human assistance in the automation process.

[ Get the cheat sheet: How to explain RPA in plain English. ]

2. Head of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML) – VP, SVP, EVP

Description: This leader is responsible for building innovative, world-class products and capabilities by leading a team of data and machine learning engineers in building high-quality products for both internal and external use. They lead and mentor teams implementing cutting-edge Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and analytics systems, tools, and services that operate at an unprecedented scale.

Why it is important: Every organization is challenged to remain competitive in the market, increasing revenue and reducing operating costs. AI is the single most powerful tool that organizations are using to make informed decisions, drive new lines of revenue, attract new customers, and optimize the costs of business operations. A technical leader to run this program is imperative to the success of the program.

3. Head of Customer Insights

Description: The customer insights leader strives to improve marketing by gaining a better customer understanding through both data and research. These analytics and insights apply to all marketing channels and are delivered at preferred customer touchpoints.

Why it is important: Consumer insights play a huge role in reducing inefficiency and repetitive tasks. Brand leaders can also use consumer insights to measure key performance metrics for optimizing operational excellence and product innovation. This helps reduce churn, waste, and redundancy.

4. Product Management – Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Description: This role is responsible for defining and owning the data science product roadmap within an organization. He or she prioritizes the research and development of optimization, statistical, and machine learning models, and takes to market new product capabilities to automate customers’ business processes.

Why it is important: A deep focus on the customer experience is critical to assure that organizations find solutions to customer challenges and keep up with market trends.

[ Related read: Artificial Intelligence (AI): 3 strategies for advancing your career. ]

5. Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Description: The chief data officer is responsible for providing world-class information management and data operations. The CDO builds enterprise intelligence and automation capabilities to ensure that pertinent data is available, reliable, consistent, accessible, secure, and timely to support the mission and activities. This includes:

  • Defining an ongoing data strategy in partnership with leaders from across the organization
  • Implementing an appropriate and well-defined data governance approach
  • Creating constructs to support optimal access/retrieval, security, storage/caching, movement/transformation, and classification/encryption
  • Management of data across multiple teams

Why it is important: Many organizations are drowning in data, and the ability to “make data speak” with the right information at the right time is critical to organizational success. The CDO is key to building foundational data and analytics competencies and ensuring that data generates these key business benefits:

  • Business leaders receive advanced analytics that help decision-making that drives desired business outcomes
  • Business leaders are empowered to explain to the board and C-level how data is applied in their organization’s use cases
  • Data becomes a powerful tool to guide strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat discussions

6. Data Scientist

Description: Data scientists are responsible for providing data, analysis, statistical modeling, and machine-learning capabilities to inform key business initiatives.

Why it is important: Data science can add value to any business that can use its data well. From statistics and insights across workflows and hiring new candidates to helping senior staff make better-informed decisions, data science is invaluable in today’s business environment.

7. Chief Digital Officer

Description: The chief digital officer is responsible for leading and building key technologies to drive digital transformation across the enterprise. This role serves as a strategic leader for key IT business processes, including the architecture committee, capital planning, and security processes.

Why it is important: Organizations need to drive growth and strategic renewal by transforming traditional analog business into digital. This role focuses on creating new value through the smart use of digital tools, platforms, technologies, services, and processes. In addition, as companies digitize, many have rushed to the cloud, with mixed results. Managing a cloud strategy is critical as improper management can cost enterprises millions.

While these seven AI roles are critical, finding talent to fill them is difficult.  AI, machine learning, and data analytics are new fields, and few people have relevant experience.

This leads us back to the fact: We are dealing with a Great Reallocation of the labor force to an AI/Machine learning, data-driven world.

related dialogues 
from dc
----- Forwarded message -----
From: Melanie Ho <melanie@beyondleaningin.com>
To: christopher <chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk>
Sent: Tuesday, 5 April 2022, 06:00:17 GMT-4
Subject: A silver medal!

Dear friends,

It's been an exciting few weeks. I joined some fascinating book clubs with Beyond Leaning In readers (including one entirely comprised of men over the age of 70, and another with all Gen Z women!), attended an art retreat in Costa Rica, and received some good news: Beyond Leaning In won a silver medal in the 2022 Axiom Business Book Awards!

Previous Axiom medalists include Robert Shiller, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Raymond Dalio, Dan Ariely, Steve Case, and Condoleezza Rice. It's humbling to be in such accomplished company -- especially as I sometimes feel self-conscious, knowing there can be skepticism about independently-published books like mine.

Learn more

Will you celebrate the award win with me -- and help new readers find my book?

Kirkus Reviews called Beyond Leaning In “an engaging evolution of Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ mantra," but I know that I've got a long way to go for the book to have that kind of reach! I'm hoping that sharing about the Axiom Award can build some momentum. To that end, I'd be grateful if you'd consider helping with any of the following this week:

  1. Sending this announcement/press release to one or two people who you think could help the book gain greater reach (whether small or large) and might be more likely to give the book a look after reading about the award!
  2. Posting about the book and award to your network. At the bottom of this email, I've included a few "award announcement" graphics (click to download) to choose between, or you can simply link to the announcement/press release or book page. If you're not on social media, posting on Slack or any workplace/community organization listservs is helpful too!
  3. Contacting me about co-hosting a book club! I love attending small, informal book clubs as often as I can.

Thank you for your support!

Why do women often become "responsibility magnets"?

As I've pictured in the comic below, women often become responsibility magnets, taking on more without credit, resources or authority (click on the image to view larger size). ICYMI, learn more about how to stop this phenomenon in my Medium article, "Why weaponized incompetence happens - and how to stop it" and check out my quotes throughout Brittany Wong's excellent Huffington Post piece, "Weaponized Incompetence Screws Women Over at Work and in Relationsh..."

Warm regards,

Click on any of the images below to download & share. If you'd like, you can cut and paste text from the announcement/press release, and also find other social media tips and ways to help on my street team page.


from other livesmatter.city 

Mar 31

5 min read


Metaverse Professions — Part 2: Working in the Metaverse

Welcome back to Part 2 of our Metaverse Professions!

In Part 1, we took a look at some professional careers for those of you who are interested in getting involved on the ground level and working on developing metaverses today.

In Part 2 we will be taking a closer look at some of the industries that have already started adopting metaverse technologies, and how this trend has started to transform traditional business models and the way business is starting to be conducted.


Today, many industries are looking to leverage some of the unique benefits created by metaverse technologies. Broadly speaking, companies are particularly interested in:

  • Immersive and/or interactive experiences
  • Globally scalable outreach
  • Relatively cheap cost of creating digital assets

Some of you might know of an online game released in 2003 called Second Life — one of the early-generation metaverse projects where you could create a virtual avatar and live a “ second life “ online.

Second Life was unique for a game at the time, as it created a trend of “in-world” employment opportunities, where users could hire other users to provide digital services within the game.

The recent rise and adoption of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible token (NFT) blockchain protocols have not only accelerated this trend, but it has also created a Cambrian explosion for new digital business models.

Music & Entertainment

During its peak early days, it was common to find In-World Employment Advertisements for event organizers and world-builders (now referred to as “Community Managers” and “Metaverse Architects”), but in particular, musicians and entertainers were in very high demand.

In 2022, the music & entertainment industry has fully embraced this trend and has started to adopt next-generation metaverses like the Sandbox and Decentraland. Both world-famous artists like Snoop Dogg and major entertainment companies like Warner Music Group are already planning to host their next concerts and events within the metaverse.

If you are an artist or entertainer, then maybe the metaverse could be your next venue; it offers a unique way to provide a low-cost and extremely scalable entertainment experience for large groups of people.

As we develop technologies capable of delivering better and more immersive experiences, the rate of metaverse adoption in music & entertainment industries will continue to accelerate.


Gaming has been one of the quickest and most aggressive industries when it comes to adopting the metaverse. Currently “blockchain gaming” and “play-to-earn” are top trending industry buzzwords, along with “eSports” and “gamification”.

Many game development studios are increasingly looking towards utilizing cryptocurrencies and NFTs as part of their in-game economy to create gaming metaverses that can integrate seamlessly with real-world economies.

Today, there are hundreds of games being developed that follow a similar mould, such as Zed.Run, Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained.

Zed.Run is a popular metaverse project that started in 2019 and is starting to see tremendous success in their attempts to create a digital alternative to the horse racing industry. In the Zed.Run metaverse, you own virtual NFT horses, and use them for breeding new horses or racing with other players to compete for prizes.

Some games like Sandbox and Decentraland are taking things a step even further by allowing you to create “games-within-a-game” in their open-world metaverse.

If you are passionate about designing or playing games, then there are opportunities abound as game development studios continue to play a key role in pushing metaverse frontiers.

Retail & E-Commerce

The most important feature for NFTs is that they are unique and therefore cannot be replicated ( or in other words, “non-fungible”). This is what enables NFTs to be used to represent both physical and digital goods and assets.

Today, both retail & e-commerce industries are starting to seize on the opportunities created by NFTs. Mega-brands like Adidas, Gucci, and Samsung have already bought plots of land in the Sandbox metaverse and are experimenting with in-game NFT wearables and immersive experiences. Similarly, online businesses are increasingly looking towards the metaverse as an alternative channel to engage and sell to their customers.

If you are a product developer, then maybe your next product could be a digital good, as they are relatively low-cost to scale and you can target unique metaverse demographics.

As different metaverses become more sophisticated and consumers choose to spend more time there, it will be increasingly important for all types of retail & e-commerce businesses to consider how they can take advantage of this new paradigm.

Social Networking & Professional Services

One of the companies developing the most sophisticated metaverses today is Meta (formerly known as Facebook). In fact, the adoption of the metaverse in social networking has the potential to disrupt the way we operate our businesses and daily lives in incredible ways.

HSBC, one of the world’s largest banks, also entered in to a partnership deal with Sandbox just recently. Similar to retail & e-commerce businesses, HSBC is looking towards the metaverse as a way to engage with sports and gaming fans and add to their existing channels.

It appears inevitable that as more consumers and businesses start to move in to the metaverse, a whole host of professional services, like consulting and private tutoring, will also be conducted through the metaverse — this was a trend that already started with Second Life.

Whether or not you may be working on the metaverse, there is a strong possibility that the future of your current profession will involve some element of working in the metaverse.

So far we’ve taken a look at professions developing the metaverse, as well as industries and professions moving into the metaverse.

In the final Part of this series, we will be wrapping things up by taking a closer look at our work and the role of artificial intelligence and AI beings in the metaverse — and ultimately how this might affect and create new opportunities for you.

(P.S. Follow us on our Blog to get updates as soon as we publish new articles!)

Originally published at https://beingai.com on March 31, 2022.


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Sophia AI robot to be tokenized for Metaverse appearance

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unaiwho.docx version 6/6/22 hunt for 100 helping guterres most with UN2.0

EconomistDiary.com Friends20.com & EntrepreneurialRevolution.city select 2022's greatest moments for citizens/youth of NY & HK & Utellus

Prep for UN Sept 22 summit education no longer fit for human beings/sustainability


Since gaining my MA statistics Cambridge DAMTP 1973 (Corpus Christi College) my special sibject has been community building networks- these are the 6 most exciting collaboration opportunities my life has been privileged to map - the first two evolved as grassroots person to person networks before 1996 in tropical Asian places where village women had no access to electricity grids nor phones- then came mobile and solar entrepreneurial revolutions!! 

COLLAB platforms of livesmatter communities to mediate public and private -poorest village mothers empowering end of poverty    5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5  5.6

4 livelihood edu for all 

4.1  4.2  4.3  4.4  4.5 4.6

3 last mile health services  3.1 3,2  3.3  3.4   3.5   3.6

last mile nutrition  2.1   2.2   2.3   2.4  2.5  2,6

banking for all workers  1.1  1.2  1.3   1.4   1.5   1.6

NEWS FROM LIBRARY NORMAN MACRAE -latest publication 2021 translation into japanese biography of von neumann:

Below: neat German catalogue (about half of dad's signed works) but expensive  -interesting to see how Germans selected the parts  they like over time: eg omitted 1962 Consider Japan The Economist 

feel free to ask if free versions are available 

The coming entrepreneurial revolution : a survey Macrae, Norman - In: The economist 261 (1976), pp. 41-65 cited 105 

Macrae, Norman - In: IPA review / Institute of PublicAffairs 25 (1971) 3, pp. 67-72  
 Macrae, Norman - The Economist 257 (1975), pp. 1-44 
6 The future of international business Macrae, Norman - In: Transnational corporations and world order : readings …, (pp. 373-385). 1979 >
Future U.S. growth and leadership assessed from abroad Macrae, Norman - In: Prospects for growth : changing expectations for the future, (pp. 127-140). 1977 Check Google Scholar | 
9Entrepreneurial Revolution - next capitalism: in hi-tech left=right=center; The Economist 1976
Macrae, Norman -In: European community (1978), pp. 3-6
  Macrae, Norman - In: Kapitalismus heute, (pp. 191-204). 1974

. we scots are less than 4/1000 of the worlds and 3/4 are Diaspora - immigrants in others countries. Since 2008 I have been celebrating Bangladesh Women Empowerment solutions wth NY graduates. Now I want to host love each others events in new york starting this week with hong kong-contact me if we can celebrate anoither countries winm-wins with new yorkers



TWO Macroeconomies FROM SIXTH OF PEOPLE WHO ARE WHITE & war-prone




From 60%+ people =Asian Supercity (60TH YEAR OF ECONOMIST REPORTING - SEE CONSIDER JAPAN1962)

Far South - eg African, Latin Am, Australasia

Earth's other economies : Arctic, Antarctic, Dessert, Rainforest


In addition to how the 5 primary sdgs1-5 are gravitated we see 6 transformation factors as most critical to sustainability of 2020-2025-2030

Xfactors to 2030 Xclimate XAI Xinfra Xyouth Wwomen Xpoor chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk (scot currently  in washington DC)- in 1984 i co-authored 2025 report with dad norman.

Asia Rising Surveys

Entrepreneurial Revolution -would endgame of one 40-year generations of applying Industrial Revolution 3,4 lead to sustainability of extinction

1972's Next 40 Years ;1976's Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution; 12 week leaders debate 1982's We're All Intrapreneurial Now

The Economist had been founded   in 1843" marking one of 6 exponential timeframes "Future Histores"


we offer worldwide mapping view points from

1 2 now to 2025-30

and these viewpoints:

40 years ago -early 1980s when we first framed 2025 report;

from 1960s when 100 times more tech per decade was due to compound industrial revolutions 3,4 

1945 birth of UN

1843 when the economist was founded

1760s - adam smithian 2 views : last of pre-engineering era; first 16 years of engineering ra including america's declaration of independence- in essence this meant that to 1914 continental scaling of engineeriing would be separate new world <.old world


IF we 8 billion earthlings of the 2020s are to celebrate collaboration escapes from extinction, the knowhow of the billion asian poorest women networks will be invaluable -

in mathematically connected ways so will the stories of diaspora scots and the greatest mathematicians ever home schooled -central european jewish teens who emigrated eg Neumann , Einstein ... to USA 2nd quarter of the 20th century; it is on such diversity that entrepreneurial revolution diaries have been shaped 

EconomistPOOR.com : Dad was born in the USSR in 1923 - his dad served in British Embassies. Dad's curiosity enjoyed the opposite of a standard examined education. From 11+ Norman observed results of domination of humans by mad white men - Stalin from being in British Embassy in Moscow to 1936; Hitler in Embassy of last Adriatic port used by Jews to escape Hitler. Then dad spent his last days as a teen in allied bomber command navigating airplanes stationed at modernday Myanmar. Surviving thanks to the Americas dad was in Keynes last class where he was taught that only a handful of system designers control what futures are possible. EconomistScotland.com AbedMooc.com

To help mediate such, question every world eventwith optimistic rationalism, my father's 2000 articles at The Economist interpret all sorts of future spins. After his 15th year he was permitted one signed survey a year. In the mid 1950s he had met John Von Neumann whom he become biographer to , and was the only journalist at Messina's's birth of EU. == If you only have time for one download this one page tour of COLLABorations composed by Fazle Abed and networked by billion poorest village women offers clues to sustainability from the ground up like no white ruler has ever felt or morally audited. by London Scot James Wilson. Could Queen Victoria change empire fro slavemaking to commonwealth? Some say Victoria liked the challenge James set her, others that she gave him a poison pill assignment. Thus James arrived in Calcutta 1860 with the Queens permission to charter a bank by and for Indian people. Within 9 months he died of diarrhea. 75 years later Calcutta was where the Young Fazle Abed grew up - his family accounted for some of the biggest traders. Only to be partitioned back at age 11 to his family's home region in the far north east of what had been British Raj India but was now to be ruled by Pakistan for 25 years. Age 18 Abed made the trek to Glasgow University to study naval engineering.

new york

1943 marked centenary autobio of The Economist and my teenage dad Norman prepping to be navigator allied bomber command Burma Campaign -thanks to US dad survived, finished in last class of Keynes. before starting 5 decades at The Economist; after 15 years he was allowed to sign one survey a year starting in 1962 with the scoop that Japan (Korea S, Taiwan soon hk singapore) had found development mp0de;s for all Asian to rise. Rural Keynes could end village poverty & starvation; supercity win-win trades could celebrate Neumanns gift of 100 times more tech per decade (see macrae bio of von neumann)

Since 1960 the legacy of von neumann means ever decade multiplies 100 times more micro-technology- an unprecedented time for better or worse of all earthdwellers; 2025 timelined and mapped innovation exponentials - education, health, go green etc - (opportunities threats) to celebrating sustainability generation by 2025; dad parted from earth 2010; since then 2 journals by adam smith scholars out of Glasgow where engines began in 1760- Social Business; New Economics have invited academic worlds and young graduates to question where the human race is going - after 30 business trips to wealthier parts of Asia, through 2010s I have mainly sherpa's young journalist to Bangladesh - we are filing 50 years of cases on women empowerment at these web sites AbedMOOC.com FazleAbed.com EconomistPoor.com EconomistUN.com WorldRecordjobs.com Economistwomen.com Economistyouth.com EconomistDiary.com UNsummitfuture.com - in my view how a billion asian women linked together to end extreme poverty across continental asia is the greatest and happiest miracle anyone can take notes on - please note the rest of this column does not reflect my current maps of how or where the younger half of the world need to linkin to be the first sdg generation......its more like an old scrap book

 how do humans design futures?-in the 2020s decade of the sdgs – this question has never had more urgency. to be or not to be/ – ref to lessons of deming or keynes, or glasgow university alumni smith and 200 years of hi-trust economics mapmaking later fazle abed - we now know how-a man made system is defined by one goal uniting generations- a system multiplies connected peoples work and demands either accelerating progress to its goal or collapsing - sir fazle abed died dec 2020 - so who are his most active scholars climate adaptability where cop26 november will be a great chance to renuite with 260 years of adam smith and james watts purposes t end poverty-specifically we interpret sdg 1 as meaning next girl or boy born has fair chance at free happy an productive life as we seek to make any community a child is born into a thriving space to grow up between discover of new worlds in 1500 and 1945 systems got worse and worse on the goal eg processes like slavery emerged- and ultimately the world was designed around a handful of big empires and often only the most powerful men in those empires. 4 amazing human-tech systems were invented to start massive use by 1960 borlaug agriculture and related solutions every poorest village (2/3people still had no access to electricity) could action learn person to person- deming engineering whose goal was zero defects by helping workers humanize machines- this could even allowed thousands of small suppliers to be best at one part in machines assembled from all those parts) – although americans invented these solution asia most needed them and joyfully became world class at them- up to 2 billion people were helped to end poverty through sharing this knowhow- unlike consuming up things actionable knowhow multiplies value in use when it links through every community that needs it the other two technologies space and media and satellite telecoms, and digital analytic power looked promising- by 1965 alumni of moore promised to multiply 100 fold efficiency of these core tech each decade to 2030- that would be a trillion tmes moore than was needed to land on the moon in 1960s. you might think this tech could improve race to end poverty- and initially it did but by 1990 it was designed around the long term goal of making 10 men richer than 40% poorest- these men also got involved in complex vested interests so that the vast majority of politicians in brussels and dc backed the big get bigger - often they used fake media to hide what they were doing to climate and other stuff that a world trebling in population size d\ - we the 3 generations children parents grandparents have until 2030 to design new system orbits gravitated around goal 1 and navigating the un's other 17 goals do you want to help/ 8 cities we spend most time helping students exchange sustainability solutions 2018-2019 BR0 Beijing Hangzhou: 

Girls world maps begin at B01 good news reporting with fazleabed.com  valuetrue.com and womenuni.com


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