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ER - Calling for Goodwill needed for Massive Collaboration in transforming every big type of 20th century organisation

While The Economist's pro-youth economist, Norman Macrae, first called for Entrepreneurial Revolution  to solve the crisis of abusing youth in South Africa in 1968. it wasn't until his xmas day 1976 survey of Entrepreneurial Revolution that Entrepreneur became the hottest word in the lexicon of pro-youth economics. Since The Economist was founded 170 years ago to end hunger and prevent economists from abusing youth's futures, it is always jolly useful to question anyone who claims to be an entrepreneur what future history of mapping the e-word they come from

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2013 = 170th Year of The Economist being Founded to End Hunger

2010s = Worldwide Youth's most productive and collaborative decade

Linkin 9500 project Survey: training modules (max 12 minutes video) that millions of youth most need to action thru 2010s

Over 40 years ago, my father at The Economist and I began intermittently working on a dream: the number 1 job creating alumni network in the world would be linked into a free online university. This goal seems closer today thanks to portals like , as well as MIT's real (but pay-for) epicentre of open learning. Youtube worldwide youth tag moocyunus ; celebrate us congress's favorite pro-youth economist and first muslim to win their gold medal

LINKIN with the most open educators that 40 years of searching can map:
If you have a view of a 12 minute training module - however rough - please post it in -  I will try connect you with people I linkin who appear to be exploring the same practice that millions of youth most need to be freed by.


2 incidents are worth reporting before we move forward


1972 was the year Norman first saw hundreds of youth interacting around an early digital network. This, he concluded, would be the basis of the greatest human revolution of all time- even greater than the industrial revolution's steam engine or the earlier communications revolution of the printing press. Norman had been tutored by Keynes that because economists control how man designs big systems, elderly economists pose the greatest risk to the futures youth most need. From The Economist -  portal of the first global viewspaper- (youtube from Boardroom of The Economist) , Norman was was determined to quiz such macroeconomists - and all the biggest decision-makers who sponsor them - ahead of time as the revolution of the net generation blossomed.


For those statisticians among us Norman's 1972 survey of the next 40 years clears the way ahead by listing every disastrous mistake that 20th c economists had so far spun (and needed urgent reconciliation if the 2010s was in Norman's 1972 to be the decade the global financial system collapsed) -reference Online Archives of pro-youth economics at The Economist


Which if we designed systems bottom-up and collaboratively would make the 2010s the most productive, sustainable and heroic times for youth to live anywhere, but if systems were spun wrongly would make 2010s the start if orwell's big brother end game - destruction of more than half of the world's population and planet within a few generations.


Norman from his first 25 years of editing economic leaders for The Eomist had seen the pollution of almost every construct that his heroes like Adam Smith, Keynes and James Wilson had mapped. In particular the television ad age had ended public service realities of democracy and destroyed the community transparency that Adam Smith had coined the term free market to embody. Norman chose the word entrepreneur as the most pivotal element of pro-youth economics chuckling that even as the most virulently anti-youth speculators and politicians adopted the word - they would have difficulty fully erasing its 1800 French origin as cutting off the heads of those who would monoplise people's , nature's and societies' productive assets.


Most adjectival forms of entreprenurship coined since 1976 were inspired knowingly or unknowingly by Norman's ER


First came Drayton's Social Entrepreneur in 1978.  Two years later Norman was celebrating intrapreneurship with Gifford Pinchot- the first open investingation of how should syste designsof the world's biggsets companies  change whene economiese are driven by service value multipliers not comsuming up things.


Norman's father-in-law worked for quarter of a century reconciling british empire with Gandhi's bottom-up whole truths of sustainable community design - so spiritually (and cross-culturally) there is no gap between Drayton's concept of how to save the world and Norman's. However economically, Norman believed in transparency of sustainable financing of any organisation, Very few of Drayton's choices of social entrepreneurs matched that criteria until the odd accident around 2003 of Jeff Skoll asking Drayton to co-publish 16 hours of videoa around 6 world scaling entrepreneurs - 2 entrepreneurs of skoll's choice - Yunus and Abed - and 4 of Drayton's - himself, the Brazilian change agent Grajew, the transparency advocate Peter Eigen and drayton's choice of a advocate for factory workers Tepper-Marlin. 


It is very hard for those who have made a career of getting to the very top to be activists of Entrepreneurial Revolution, and this applies especially to academics and policy makers. For this reason we rather wish Drayton's choice of a Brazilian had been Bula not Grajew -because is an exception among almo0st all those in highest office during the 2000s. Before becoming president of Brazil , Bula did amazing work in supporting water activists at world social forums. On becoming president, he tirelessly made overnight journeys from the world social forum in Brazil to the world economic foru in Switzeralnd. One consequence was that Scwahb felt compelled to start up his own stable of social entrepreneurs. Another consequence was Brazil started to be seen as a leader of various clusters of nations doing much more change than the G8 - the BRICS remains the most visible example of this act of Bula.


We love those who value transparency - but it is unclear that the world bank pedigree of Peter Eigen  ever put him in a position to massively and collaboratively link youth to transparency mapping and networking. Tepper-Marlin appears to be a brethren legal spirit of Drayton - and this may explain why she is the least visible entrepreneurial revolutionary of all 6 skoll picks in 2002/3


For 3 years yunus tried to network with social entreprenurs - up and down ashoka and across the early world championships hosted by skoll. He decided their lack of business-sustaining model was a great error- and started his own tribe of social business entrepreneurs. It took another 7 years before he returned to skoll. During the same period, Larry Brilliant's teenage friendship of Drayton and Gandhi, caused ashoka fellows to have unprecedented access to the start up of Fortunately the world has now moved on - with Brilliant himself helping Skoll on the greatest compound risk challenges that whole truth ER leaders face and franchising ilab as a hub in countries that most desperately need such brilliance.


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Norman Macrae
Norman Macrae, Japan

By 2013 skoll had established a track record of being best at rewarding open education scaling by pro-youth entrepreneurs. Edu can free youth with even more massively exciting social business entrepreneur heroes than those whom were globally positioned as being mainly bankers for the poor. While the first 42 years of bangladeshi's entrepreneurship has never separated pro-youth education from pro-youth banking, very few American fans of microcredit (even those claiming to fund for yunus) have wholly understood how entrepreneurially valueless microfinance is when separated in any community from education

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25 april 2013

schwab has just published a report on who scales
please pass on to anyone who may be interested
- don't know of quality but here are main cases
12 national policy institutes 
The Impact Investing Working Group of the
Presidential Investment Council, Senegal
The National Innovation Council, India
Big Society Capital, United Kingdom
The Department for Social Prosperity,
The Investment and Contract Readiness
Fund, UK
The National Innovation Council, India The Venture Capital Trust Fund, Ghana
The Offi ce of Social Innovation and Civic
Participation, United States
Mi Chacra Emprendedora, Peru
Program-Related Investments, United
Social Benefi t Bonds, Australia
Community Economic Development
Investment Funds, Canada
The Micro-Credit Company Pilot Programme,
People’s Republic of China
Index to Social Enterprise Case Studies
54 PlanetRead (India)
55 First Book (USA)
56 Lumni (Peru)
57 College Summit (USA)
58 Naya Jeevan (Pakistan)
59 Aravind (India)
60 Health Leads (USA)
61 Projecto Cies (Brazil)
Employment & Enterprise Development
62 Education for Employment (MENA)
63 Friends International (Cambodia)
64 Hapinoy (Philippines)
65 Endeavor Global (USA)
66 Cinepop/Hormiga (Mexico)
67 Waste Concern (Bangladesh)
68 INCLUDED (China)
69 BioRegional (UK)
Rural Development
70 Landesa (USA)
71 SELCO (India)
72 Proximity Designs (Myanmar)
73 HSSi (Philippines)
of which the only 3 i know well enough to cheer are aravind, cipepop and selco

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Girls world maps begin at B01 Bangladesh economical miracle of 15 million poorest village mothers grasssroots networking -good news reporting with and and


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communications and community banking links series 1 and 2

Out of The Economist since 1972 Macrae's viewpoint Entrepreneurial Revolution argues that the net generation can make tremendous human progress if and only if educators, economists and all who make the biggest resource integrate youth job creating into the way their worldwide purpose and impact is valued join in ... 43rd Entrepreneurial Revolution Youth Networks Celebration..

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hottest youth-spring question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

moocyunus launches youtube competition -what would purpose of youth's favorite free online university be?

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 The Economist- when first seeing youth experiment with digital networks in 1972,

Season's most urgent collaboration debates:

next 100 million jobs nursing

42nd year of 7 wonders if thinkpad of The Economist's genre of Entrepreneurial Revoution

40 years of notes from archives of entrepreneurial revolution 1-7 a...


help catalogue top 100 microfranchises


help catalogue 100 short videos on right old muddle of anti-youth economists..

Dad (Norman Macrae) created the genre Entrepreneurial Revolution  to debate how to make the net generation the most productive and collaborative . We had first participated in computer assisted learning experiments in 1972. Welcome to more than 40 years of linking pro-youth economics networks- debating can the internet be the smartest media our species has ever collaborated around?

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2013 = 170th Year of The Economist being Founded to End Hunger

2010s = Worldwide Youth's most productive and collaborative decade

 1972: Norman Macrae starts up Entrepreneurial Revolution debates in The Economist. Will we the peoples be in time to change 20th C largest system designs and make 2010s worldwide youth's most productive time? or will we go global in a way that ends sustainability of ever more villages/communities? Drayton was inspired by this genre to coin social entrepreneur in 1978 ,,continue the futures debate here

world favorite moocs-40th annual top 10 league table

  • 1) e-ME
  • 2) 8 week tour of grameen curriculum and uniting human race to poverty museums
  • 3) 8 week tour of brac curriculum and mapping microeducation summit for post 2015 milennium goals

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  • 4) 8 week tour of africa's free university and entrepreneurial slums
  • 5 what to do now for green energy to save the world in time
  • 6 nurses as 21st world's favorite information grassroots networkers and most economical cheerleaders more



  • 7 how food security as a mising curricululum of middle schools can co-create more jobs than any nation can dream of
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  • 9 celebrating china as number 1 creditor nation
  • 10 questions worldwide youth are asking about what was true last decade but false this decade because that's what living in the most innovative era means

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