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WW1 The Nuclear Bomb during world war 2

Without the NB would USA government from 1945 have spend 20% of its peoples  oney on becoming a miltary complex?  Would the muddles of safety and secrecy have been propgated - as far as we know safety  is everyone's communal job- it depends on infomation flows linkin in every community not being commanded and controlled from the top . Without the dustraction of nuclearn energy, would green energy have been progressed faster.

What is knwn is that without the nuclear bom, john von neuman the tfather of open computing wouldnt have died young; he would have provided the continuity so that the world's most exciting tech projects did not become the political pawn of bipolar polutical aprties; congress might have been in a position to help youth of the net generation work out hopw to be 10 times more productive with a million times more collaboartin tech than was used to race to the moon. There would almost certainly be no need for joblessness

WW2 The Tv Ad

The first thing that should be understood about licensing any new media is that it tampers with the commons. Its assessment on vibrant community spaces and its abulity to help mediate real innovation (being the process of talking peoples through a conflict barrier simultaneously to sustain a win-win future instead of zero-sum games). Tv advertining has had the exact opposite impacts. It has ended public service democracy replacing it with who has the ,ost money to gratify the majoroty with short-term unkeepable promises. Democracy - if it is to sustain a place - insnt about propaganda that subliminally brainwashes the people - that is fascism. Democracy if it is to suatin future generation finds effective ways to care for those born with the east so that they grow up healthy, literate and collaborative- if economics sets its goals to maximise interactions between peopels productive lifetimes, such places would be the freest, happeist most entrepenuruial and best for the future of humanity -caoable icf cross-culturally celebrating the boderless worldwide web - that natuyre has always based her grwoth rules on - and that the human race needs toretirn to valuing most if 7 billion peopels are to surive into future centuries

WW3 The credit card

Without the credit card would there have been a segent of banks who saw their duty - not as trapping people in debt- but investing in peoples more productive moments. As Norman's last article in 2008 written with advice of Bangladesh's Cashless Microbankers shows instead of 2010s trapping youth in Greate Depressions, techonolgy could you have made the record keeping of everyday banking 100 times more economical

What if the knowledge networking age depened on the economics of optimalising how peoples roductive lifetimes flowed. That way theeconomics of open education would have liberatedat least 50 tmes more growth by 2050 all over the world according to eg peter drucker. Isnt it worth sacking any economist who cant explain how she or he values open education as a diferent dynamic than ones modelled in the age of scarcity economics caused by consuming up things

WW4 The Global Accounant/Professional Separator/Compound Externaliser of risks (ref Unseen Wealth)

Its not that Global accounting had to be a bad thing. But the big 5 who raced to network the world round spreadsheets had a diry littele secret. They had not a valud clue ghow to audit goodwulll in a way that would have freed investments in the greatest possibilitoes of the net generation. To prserve their konply of auditing the world's biigest boardrooms they made up all sorts of rules- such as even in aservice or knowledge economy training people has to be audited as a cost while you can purcjhase all the comouting boxes you like nd call tese investments. However the greatest muddle of all was to confuse the ned to maintain positive cashflow with the end purspoe of the orgasnaitional system. Today mist of the world's laresgt organsaitions believe they are smartest wherever the biggest extracted the ,ost every quarter form thois with the elast. By defintion this is wholly unsustainable. It perpetaiutes zero-sum scarcit economics jist when open education -empowerment by million yimes ,ore colaboration tech -  neededto be led by the gfreatest above zero sum maps. Let us hope that the curricula of the open society and colaboraive economic networks linked in by George Soros live up to the mathematical competences of Budapest's and Computing's  and Pricetion's greatest genius JOhn Von Neumann

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What else about the nuclear bomb era has devalued himanity's future potential?

What else about living in the credit card era has destroyed the sorts of futures that families and communities most humanly wanted?

What else about the tv ag age has miniformed us and lost the connection betwen real heroes (those who wanted to open source inventions that progressed the human lot) with enetretaining celebrities?


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.Gamechanging paradigms are offered by university of STARS models - these mentor the worlds upandcoming superstars on a bottom-up job creating microfranchise they might most want their life to linkin to.. in particular this might find community jobs for those who dont quite make stardom in their field - eg Monica Yunus's network invites superstar musicians to map 2 million jobs where artistic collaborations in the community could promote peace, wealth and health -there can also be statewide celebration of youth art festivals and youth enetrepreneur competitions as has father has already dmontsrated in 5 states. Its well worth exploring the idea that if you can show how areal community networks around celevrating youth then you can design a virtual social media or educatioons platofrom to help replicate it everywhere communities might enjoy celebrating their youth- there is no evidence I can find that by starting with a virtual platform you can get to the same goal of planting job creating youth communities all over the country

What else about being ruled by monopoly professions who cant model win-win-win futures seriously jeopardises trust of peoples in business and in collaboration futures

websites include - nings include 

Breaking News the Soros open society and open economics movements co-host their first MOOC on the journey to rethink bankrupt economics from the community up

 join in next at Soros-INET partner of coursera: money curriculum 1 sept 2013, or rsvp NMF ( ) if you have a MOOC nomination to swarm one million youth to



Ironically the great and the good - such as Hilary Clintin and Queen Sofia of Spain attempt to share knowledge of microcredit with the world with annual millennium goals (since 1997) microcreditsummits became a PR circuit. The solution to banking crises can only come from recognisizing that banks that serve 99% of the people do not act as casinos with unlimited funds as the richest peoples banks do. Fortunately there is one last chnace to make sure the open education curricula of peoples banking : it will be determined how cashless mobile banking is designed. Youtube at safebanks 




Sadly USAID (with DC being dominated by economists who have never changed their thinking around 10 times more enrepreneurual freedom of open learning activitie) continues to condition the wrong end of every stick even with its new annual global summits on education



Why wouldnt usaid focus on a free university of nursing - by which we mean any hard working youth prepared to be assigned to practice for say 7 years in a place without nurses should be paid to study - it would be tempting to say that one day a country that trains armed forces for free but doesnt train nurses for free will be expelled from the UN. But that would miss the point that 90% of the training of nurses can be made to be free online and for worldwide access.  Anyone who wastes time on millennium goal summits without replying to this sort of collaboratioin chalenge needs to be removed from dictating youth;s futures at gods speed. Oddly there is one little known experiment in Arkansasthat is freeing open nursing education -perhaps congress should be relocated there!


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Out of The Economist since 1972 Macrae's viewpoint Entrepreneurial Revolution argues that the net generation can make tremendous human progress if and only if educators, economists and all who make the biggest resource integrate youth job creating into the way their worldwide purpose and impact is valued join in ... 43rd Entrepreneurial Revolution Youth Networks Celebration..

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