microeducate and microfranchise 3 billion jobs

Norman Macrae Youth Foundation NMYF -net of The Economist's pro-youth economist

Curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution - can you help us? wanted viral youth 9 minute actionable stories/solutions in khan-ac format

co-branding the 7 most exciting youth capitalism futures mappable in 2014?

can you name up to 7 wondrous  co-brand platforms for youth to action jobs

and Entrepreneurial Revolution around- the deepest most collaborative social mediators of our lives and times-how would you co-edit above list… World Class Brands - first expert net linked by Norman Macrae on retirement from The Economist Dec 1988

Index to stories of improving billions of livelihoods..

why The Economist celebrated Asian Pacific century 1975-2075 -populations showed billions of livelihoods to improve in this region-

almost half of human race, and over half of poorest, women and youth


3 wonderful ways forward for all youth already known by 1975:

1 Quality system revolutions - first cases Japan (1962), South Korea

2 Triple world trade portals - sea, air, virtual-net  eg Singapore, Hong Kong , Taiwan, Dubai ...

3 Chinese Expats move from 3rd largest "nation" of savers to largest -can we help worldwide youth celebrate china's greatest innovations for the wholeplanet?


Entrepreneurial Revolution videos from Norman Macrae's 85th & last public birthday party, Chief Guest Muhammad Yunus, Royal Auto Club:. Youth & Yunus 10000 dvcd club 2008; University of Glasgow Yunus 70th Birthday Interdependence wish weekend 4 July 2010; youth economics million postcard club 2015 ...

Worldwide Collaboration Brand Number #3 of 7

Youth Summits 1 (CNN-q from Atlanta: why wouldnt youth jobs expos be more valuable celebratiions than Olympics)  2  3 ...

YES Youth Summits can be designed to twin job creating future capitals; and to celebrate processes youth can action worldwide such as crowdfunding or youth entrepreneur jobs competitions or making million youth pitches to khan academy 1 2 type platforms. Let's map how missing 9 minute training modules viralise among millions of youth -these include the 30000 search for microfranchises started by ER friends of Norman Macrae in 1984

next event co-sponsored by friends of NM: YouthCapitalism -

purpose announce DC joining 20 chapters of conscious capitalism with special interest in youth jobs summits; link to students networking 2nd annual competition of 20 colleges in DC regionprior co-sponsored event- launch of 24 month road to atlanta and 12 month road to Cape Town of youth and Nobel Laureates

Nov 15-19,2015, Atlanta - Greatest Celebration of Youth since Olympics

queries (other favorite space)
plant a khan academy type lab wherever youth and leaders are meeting 






.Index to exponential opportunities and risk of net generation ..

Top 7 searches for 10 times more affordable : politicians, health, ...



Leadership valuation issues- Curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution started the Economist 1972


The Net generation that startup up the 21st will either compound 10 times more or less wealth and health than any previous


Positive impacts of being more connected than separated will require:

Multiwin- models replacing zero-sum ones (eg knowledge can multiply value in use unlike consuming up things)

Investing youth in humanity's greatest collaboration goals (eg uniting the race to end poverty)

Understanding Einstein's warning: can the human race integrate a higher order system than the one monopolies of its constitutions and professions rule over -empowerment needs to replace powering over; risk modeling needs to go micro and borderless- loss of sustainability of any community will be like a cancer spreading to loss of sustainability of every community


Entrepreneurial Revolution searches for these sorts of solutions


30000  microfranchises - celebrate every one that gets on a moores law of replication


exception reporting of leaders big institutions -eg treasure the Pope who calls for revaluing community service, treasure the world bank leader who celebrate social movements that re-map every dynamic of a value chain so that bottom-up takes over from top-down mindsets

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In Norman Macrae's life works at The Economist the 3 greatest value multiplying exchange networks with compound impact worthy of a life dedicated to mediating the worlds favorite viewspaper were:

the internet (from 72)


productive livelihoods of girls so destroyed by macroeconomic metrics that became 20th C q3's "disgraceful political chicanery" replacing what keynsians had valued (see last chaoter if generalk theory). Ironically it was Keynes (Macrae's inspiration at Cambridge) who had explained how the monopolies of analysis economist creates pose the greatest compound threat to the future of youth and especially of girls ( after all children are born with no assets nor voting on the future, and in some war-prone cultures girls are born with even less) 

net net nature's greatest evolutionary experiment on human sustainability will hub round livelihoods og QuarterBillionGirls - who come of working age 2005-2030 - the post industrial age unlike the thing extraction age depends on exponential growth of people and community. This is how future history should be when you analyse the 4000 fold increase in budget allovcated to Learning Communications Technologies 2030 versus 1946 - moores law doubling of LCT spend every 7 years - the entreprenurial revolution making others communications chnages from invention of printing press to steam engines mobility look like blips on the richer scale of development of woman and planet

how many of the next billion green jobs will they linkin; how many of the billion renew community jobs

World Class Brands network founded 1988 on Norman Macrae's retirement from The Economist- for media experts who believe media can sustain good - case 1 The Economist purpose 1843- key questions 1988 - who brand's a nation's 2 purposes- its local future? its borderless world future?  how can worldwide youth celebrate China as number 1 collaboration brand of asia pacific century (compare with how Q3 of Japan started up eastern Hemispheres race for inspiring human livelihoods) and how do we change focus of economists to multi-win models? which books have been published in WCB genre? what are the greatest collaboration goals of first quarter of 21st C- given the definition f the bet generation as one single generation connected by the greatest communications changes ever, what action networks will need to be exponentialy rising by 2010s if the wholeplanet is to sustain children - more WCBN questions


China - Norman Macrae 31 Dec 1977 - The Economist

chris macrae- I love to exchange ideas from my diary of first 40 trips to asia 1982-2017 - 8 trips to beijing and 1 to Mao's birth place Changsha -

best contacts washington dc text 240 316 8157 - e:

  • 2007 started 15 trips to Bangladesh
  • 1982 started 5 trips to Indonesia
  • 1982 started 4 trips to Singapore
  • 1984 started 4 trips to India
  • 1985 started 9 trips to Japan
  • 1986 started 3 trips to Thailand
  • 1992 started 4 trips to Malaysia
  • 1996 1 trip to Hong Kong
  • 1 to South Korea



on each visit I realise at some deep level how I have even more to learn- Asian does that to my family's tree of itinerant scots -its the most amazing innovation privilege-



here is a list of collaboration brands/purposes that I am already committed to and which I personally cannot be distracted from better for youth and americana than even coke's most famous ad I'll teach the world to sing -what connection does this also have with luther-king-mandela-rights around the world -for 4 years now I have been introducing singforhope to agencies on madison avenue while making it clear if they try and take it over I have the connections to bust them; for 12 years now I have been presenting this type of model to global reconciliation and risk conferences especially those that link through eastern hemisphere and all its cultural clashes- I assume you know that the vast majority of the world's poor live ...- if the number 1 job of economics is to improve people's livelihoods then it behoves us to help youth network the highest trust eastern trading relationships ever marketed (value chain transformed) how first ladies can change the world with 1 responsible fashion, 2 mobile open technology, 3 turning up at brilliant community regeneration happenings , 4 networking the real events to be at when cities are in the world's eye - eg as new york is for the first week of each UN year -note ted turner family has put about a billion dollars in linking un week and atlanta as the future lab US south and green connectors


3 the connection between any job developing youth summit where it helps improve processes youth can action such as crowdfunding or making million youth pitches to khan academy type platforms


taddy blechers' movement to change all education systems to be job creating


5 out of kenya - the regulations needed so youth-led banking is sustained through such movements as jamiibora, mpesa, nanocredit (and hopefully the future purpose of obama in linking together microbanking most extreme cases which remain in kenya and bangladesh but that are coming under fierce attack which will decide the cultural sustainability of region for rest of this century)- the space facilitated by the ibrahim foundation is also hugely relevant as by asking which african leaders will be trusted in retirement one maps back the question of whether any 20th c government anywhere has really been the main player in ending poverty -which since tv ads came along I dont know of anywhere that gov has led end poverty system designs; kenya is also the only place in dev-world so far to have built ilabs (accelerators/community sustainability hubs...) around country's leading open tech wizards


6 a clearing house of which models of youth capitalism work where catalogued first by what's the greatest conflict they need to overcome -this mother of all curricula can be used to survey - does a place have an economist whose life work matches these models- of course I am biased but Glasgow started this game off in 1758 with the theory of moral sentiments- the last time I can find any american city with an economist in this group is the 1960s which makes me suspect that if worldwide youth are to be sustainable americans have more to learn than to teach -in any event DC as lobby city of the world is currently number 1 anti-youth city in terms of its institutions - which of course means a citizens entrepreneurial revolution movement to build out of dc is the challenge with the most money that will be thrown against it of any I can imagine unless we make collaboration not competition our advantage - do we have a collaboration plan in the document or privately? If you think there is a sustainable youth economist living in usa- for goodness sake nominate him to soros who is doing the only sustainable survey of that sort 

7 I am fascinated by the immediate future of what is the world's most collaborative ngo but whose succession is now up for grabs- and where every single dynamic of us foreign relations is accidentally making youth-access to this ngo less and less sustainable- this particular brand is impossible to safely support in public- if you need to know about it then we better have a coffee. To date only the japanese understand this problem though what my friends and I need to do is find out whether a chinese like Jack Ma gets it. I say this because starting at The Economist boardroom I have co-hosted 4 remembrance parties to my father- only the japanese embassy in dhaka wanted to discuss this particular crisis. Maybe you most trusted personal networks can reach somewhere I dont know how to reduce degrees of separation between


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Our search for top 50 World Record Jobs Creators begins with E1 Xi Jinping - World's Number 1 Job Creator - Peoples Global2.0 

Girls world maps begin at B01 Bangladesh economical miracle of 15 million poorest village mothers grasssroots networking -good news reporting with and and


online library of norman macrae--


correspondence welcomed on 50 year curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution and net generation as most productive time to be alive -

MA1 AliBaba TaoBao

Ma 2 Ali Financial

Ma10.1 DT and ODPS

health catalogue; energy catalogue

Keynes: 2025now - jobs Creating Gen


how poorest women in world build

A01 BRAC health system,

A02 BRAC education system,

A03 BRAC banking system

K01 Twin Health System - Haiti& Boston

K02 Twin YouthWorldBanking: Haiti& Bkash (BRAC)

K03 Twin Open Society : Budapest-Rome - Economists and Peace Champions

A04 Africa & Asia's 5 Billion Peoples eleraning satellite Yazmi

A05 Triplet Open Apps Media Labs of Ethiopia and MIT and Ma-Lee (worldwide China)

Job creation case Y01 Foundation of Grameen Bank- good news in association with
Ma 10,2 grameen inteldt

Ma 10.3 IHUB/Usha Kenya DT

Ma 10.4 Kenya nanocredit

Ma 10.5 MIT top ten mobile app labs of open tech

Ma 10.6 berners lee www

KMAS1 Kimchoices KMAS1.1 Ki-Moon KMAS1.2 Sun F Yang Lan

W4E1 telecentres for girls jobs

W4E2 womens nanocredit










MEDIALABNegropronte > Yazmi


AFM00 Samara and AfricaStar and Yazmi
AFM10 IHUB/Ushahidi
AFM11 MIT Media Lab Africa
AFM12 MIT D-lab and Abdul Latif with Toyota
AFM121 Polak last mile multinationals africa –eg green energy and clean water distrib
AFM13 Ibrahim Foundation
AFM14 Africa24tv
TB1 Free University and Jobs Schools
TB11 Open Learning Campus Africa
AFM15 Young Africa Society –world bank ypa milennials’ goals 2.1
AFM2 Jamii Bora –end slums youth banking and partner labs
TB20 Primary financial literacy curriculum – eg Afaatoun out of Orphanages
AFM21 Bridges primary schools
TB21 Love of self- empowerment curriculum – eg Maharishi (TB1)
TB22 Coding curricula from primary up
AFM31 Kiva Africa
AFM32 Acumen
AFM33 BRAC African Girl Jobs-creating banking
AFM34 Eagri-Africa
AFM35 African health millennials www –and PIH Rwanda, Free Nursing College Africa
AFM36 Mara Foundation
AFM5 Nanocredit
AFM6 USADBC - diaspora association benchmarking african food security value chains
AFM61 –diaspora multi-country celebrations eg AfricaTip (AgeTip)
AFM612 Makerfaireafrica
BOM1 berners lee
BOM2 mit every students an entrepreneur
BOM21 MIT100k
BOM3 mit media lab -open source wizard entrepreneurs and new commons
BOM30 Negroponte $100 Laptop
BOM31 Joi Ito
BOM32 reclaim our learning
BOM4 MIT open education movement
BOM5 Legatum
BO51 Legatum millennials and fans
BOM52 networks of cashless banking technolgists
BOM53 innovations journal
BOM6 partners in health/brigham womens hospital
BOM61 value chain networks club inspired by pih and world bank millenials
BOM62 ypchronic
BOM64 Haiti training hospital - connector of neraly free nursing college
BOSF1 Kiva and puddle
BOSF2 Khan Academy
BOSF3 Coursera segment interested in Open Learning Campus

communications and community banking links series 1 and 2

Out of The Economist since 1972 Macrae's viewpoint Entrepreneurial Revolution argues that the net generation can make tremendous human progress if and only if educators, economists and all who make the biggest resource integrate youth job creating into the way their worldwide purpose and impact is valued join in ... 43rd Entrepreneurial Revolution Youth Networks Celebration..

job creation survey

discuss valuation video

Norman Macrae Foundation


Wash DC tel 1 301 881 1655




For how many of The Economist's first 175 years was it the most effective mediator of sustainability exponentials of humanity all over the planet


best million-youth moocs hosted by economists


discuss valuation video

hottest youth-spring question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

moocyunus launches youtube competition -what would purpose of youth's favorite free online university be?

join blog of moocyunus


 The Economist- when first seeing youth experiment with digital networks in 1972,

Season's most urgent collaboration debates:

next 100 million jobs nursing

42nd year of 7 wonders if thinkpad of The Economist's genre of Entrepreneurial Revoution

40 years of notes from archives of entrepreneurial revolution 1-7 a...


help catalogue top 100 microfranchises


help catalogue 100 short videos on right old muddle of anti-youth economists..

Dad (Norman Macrae) created the genre Entrepreneurial Revolution  to debate how to make the net generation the most productive and collaborative . We had first participated in computer assisted learning experiments in 1972. Welcome to more than 40 years of linking pro-youth economics networks- debating can the internet be the smartest media our species has ever collaborated around?

Foundation Norman Macrae- The Economist's Pro-Youth Economist

5801 Nicholson Lane Suite 404 Rockville MD 20852   tel 301 881 1655 email

Main Project webs including as lead open education partner of mandela elders and branson

2013 = 170th Year of The Economist being Founded to End Hunger

2010s = Worldwide Youth's most productive and collaborative decade

 1972: Norman Macrae starts up Entrepreneurial Revolution debates in The Economist. Will we the peoples be in time to change 20th C largest system designs and make 2010s worldwide youth's most productive time? or will we go global in a way that ends sustainability of ever more villages/communities? Drayton was inspired by this genre to coin social entrepreneur in 1978 ,,continue the futures debate here

world favorite moocs-40th annual top 10 league table

  • 1) e-ME
  • 2) 8 week tour of grameen curriculum and uniting human race to poverty museums
  • 3) 8 week tour of brac curriculum and mapping microeducation summit for post 2015 milennium goals

send votes to , Macrae Foundation

  • 4) 8 week tour of africa's free university and entrepreneurial slums
  • 5 what to do now for green energy to save the world in time
  • 6 nurses as 21st world's favorite information grassroots networkers and most economical cheerleaders more



  • 7 how food security as a mising curricululum of middle schools can co-create more jobs than any nation can dream of
  • 8 pro-youth economics and public servants
  • 9 celebrating china as number 1 creditor nation
  • 10 questions worldwide youth are asking about what was true last decade but false this decade because that's what living in the most innovative era means

archives at The Economist


Number 1 in Economics for Youth

The unacknowledged giantcelebrate unacknowledged giant

dannyboyle chrispatten butler-sloss marianowak tomhunter MYunusgeorgesoros bernerslee michael palin

Timeless ER from The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant (aka dad Norman Macrae) A  b  c ;;1997 a;;; 1983 a ;;;1976 a b;;; 1972 a ;;; 1962 a 1956 a - correspndence with optimistic rationalists always welcome -


from please help in 2 ways -nomination of collaboration 100; testify to world's largest public broadcasters such as BBCthat this survey needs their mediation now

Intercapital searches for replicable youth eonomic franchise



10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

Brussels Poland
London-Glasgow Nordica: S D N
Spain .Kenya
Brazil Joburg



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