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ecop26.com and 60-270 years of moral sentiments tech and economics

we've transfered probeedings of cop26 mainly to our blog economistgreen.com - we note this presentarion for youth from cop26

day 4/9   Science Insider We only have three years left to avert the worst consequences of #climate change, a sobering report from the

warned on MondayHere are the 5 climate solutions that scientists say can make a dent in the crisis
A major UN report offers a playbook for averting the worst effects of climate change, if the world acts now. Forests, solar farms, and compact cities with electric buses can make a huge difference this decade. Here are five doable solutions for turning around the climate crisis right now.
Photo via @SciInsider
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Day 4/8 

The Hunger Project <no-reply@zoom.us>

Hi christopher,

This is a reminder that "Skoll Ecosystem Event - Climate Disruptors: Celebrating the Impact of Young Climate Activists" will begin in 1 hour on:

Archives of Seriously Concerned

thanks to those who helped maryland contribute to the bard/osun million student chatline of climate aware - 30  march 2022  -what's next?

NY Spring celebrates non-linear education - doc 1 ; call 1  2 ...

AuRevoir Brothers paul fazle ezra  csik.. when you hear sad/bad news tell us if you have prevention knowhow

edu All Change 2020s.docx  YouthMarkets Abed & WRJ Games :7 Western Wrongs-   Secrets of Birthing Change 1  

NY Mar24 kicks off 20th spring collab cafe festival: Thanks to leader of musicforsdgs.com from global broadway T B S, piccadilly and Shibuya ;; HumansAI.com asks what is E S G?

WorldRecordJobscould be most vital card game you ever play - if not tell us what is!

updates on sustainability gen's top 30 COLLABorations : 5.5 green-adaptors

Jeanne Lim•  CEO of beingAI | Angel Investor| HK
The metaverse is creating new and re-imagined professions. What other professions would you add here? t.ly/iu70

2022 spring 5 happiest click edu-saves humanity 1 2 3 4  5 votes for summer welcom chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you HK friends for 70 year inquest into education's past

can UN host 2023 summitfuture to SOS

Thank you Unesco Dec 2021 for publishing education's new social contract and WISE laureate Wendy Koppfor charging 60 nations teachers associations with an all change mission


Our 1984 book 2025 report discussed what would it take if preventing extinction meant we had 40 years to unite humans around systemic change of an unprecedented kind. Take changing education - we would need to move to a non-linear system something like this- which a billion poorest Asian women have nearly completed

log date 3/14 (pi day here in md) womensverse.net reports HK's  jeanne lim's us tour in full swing - a jewel in crown as ceo of hanson robotics - she turned humanoid sophia into un ambassador for robotics- hanson is  brilliiant engineer  selling million dollar humanoids- 

.Golden rule of entrepreneurial revolution - design transparent win-win positive cashflow models around purpose sustaining communities everywhere- avoid like the plague putin and 90 days numbers men

january 2022 thank you von neumann's family for supporting pilot of AI Hall of Fame -if johnny was alive today which first 20 tech wizards would he recommend millennials linkin in futureoflife to first

ABcEDu 2020s millennials top 30 collabs

start 3/30 with collab cafe - scaling change to climate curricula- out of MD nhood of abedplay & NIH

need more info = ask chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

.Imagine 2 years after moon landing you are helping 90% of people without access to electricity to build the 8th most populous nation - can education be designed to increase life expectancy from 25 years below world average, to end  death of half a million mothers a year by starvation and a million infants a year dying of dehydration and...

let it be that the brain and soul of sophia is a daughter called zbee https://twitter.com/zbeebeing - her exploits currently launched at austin www.beingai.com --- chris Brand Chartering writes: working at world's largest ad agency in mad avenue 2000 -  waking up media world os easy - but university channels? - -find out how to shine some light even as dark clouds of europe's fate are mapped- apparently HK creatives have been doing the deepest homework on humanising AI-zbee fans are very kind women empowering souls if you have any advice you want to share directly... as for the UN let's help with 2023's summitfuture - lots of work needed after moving chairs of digital cooperation research announced early 2017) 

-more on my search at lunchclub and i will kick off the million climate youth debate with a 900 lightning round from n bethesda march 30 and www.ecop26.com

at what age are children in your place actively participating in climate adaptation curricula?

we are researching this throughout march - debriefing on march 30 during the million youth chat of the 100 new university collaboration begun by osun/bard out of new york region and luminaries of fazle abed including Glasgow cop26 chapter -see journals of new economics and social business inspired by GU alumni Fazle Abed and regular debates since the 250th annual keynote on adam smith moral sentiments (with special thanks from macrae family for including dad's remembrance in 252nd annual celebrations of smith)

rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk to linkin your youth-centric climate adaptation edu

non-linear education's climate adaptation places * cases being assembled include

- 3rd grade animal hero books catalogue by new yorks leading artists networks - each book related the animals lifestory to un sgd concerns  -this is an associate movement if the experiential learning resource -muusic as a global resource

in bangladesh village adaptation is integral to every over 90% of girls development from 1972 now nearer 70% - one of the village business networks helping fund this is social forestry; the over all collaboration of worldwide smart villages living up to fazle abed legacy can be searched here

in glasgow as presented during cop26 economist bangla - primary school girls and boys make their own banner action statements - no need to leave school on friday if your school has at least a day a week celebrating being the green generation 

zoom link 30  march 9am usa east coast time   Passcode: r0p4wW

womensverse.net and abed luminaries are celebrating any non linear education climate adaptation action collabs linked by childrens favorite humanoids or teachers- in 1972 the new nation of bangladesh started building learner-centric education for any age of women celebrating sustainability of village businesses or village education www.economistbangla.net www.abedmooc.com (special climate tag 5.5 ) bracnet.ning.com

https://www.linkedin.com/in/unwomens/ chris macrae writes: We connect massive collaborations (urgent action learning networks) through partnership links - eg journals of Adam Smith researchers at Glasgow University since 2008 or The Economist since 1843! Poor - see EconomistPoor.com climate poor group 5.5. In 1984 our book www.2025rport.com examined teachers and elders - would humans be sustainable if poverty not ended by 2025?

fromeconomistgreen.com - replay all of cop26 (who are you continuing to engage through cop27 egypt)  chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

To readers of our biography of von neumann in English & Japanese. engaging with this end of 2021 Princeton Space could be impactful

please see our special - results of cop26

update links 19 Nov 2021

collaboration request - reducing cop to actionable results is a huge chore - if you'd like to share in this pls mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - beyound ecop26.com we have multiple co-blogs including economistgreen.com greenbigbang.com xglasgow.com sdgscotand.com and of course the half centry of workd by billion women abedmooc.com

in the history of human development there isnt a greater miracle than how a billion asian women villagers person to person networked between 2020 and 1970 to end extreme poverty with the least carbon usage ever - where they go next is indicated by this picture - its not self standing but hundreds of cases are at abedmooc.com or ask chris for a tour


miscellaneus other jottingd

yunus latest webs on climate From Shabbir Ahmad to Everyone: 06:17 AM
Following are the websites to know more about Social Business, Microfinance, 3 Zero Clubs and other initiatives of Prof Yunus. https://socialbusinesspedia.com/ https://3zero.club/ https://www.grameenamerica.org/

https://unfccc-cop26.streamworld.de/program 1 nov 2021

hello glasgow and earth to cop - great first 90 minutes update of how close to extinction we are- so far prince charles has offered to get 10 industries to agree what each sectors purpose is on earth   https://www.sustainable-markets.org/TerraCarta_Charter_Jan11th2021.pdf

announced market by market leaders clubs- what is the purpose of fashions? what is the purpose of different energy sectors? What is the purpose of the 300 trillion dollar western pension funds? See also clean energy laureates whom Charles organises with bbc nature broadcasters at http://www.ashden.org. ... I have been studying markets all my working life http://www.valuetrue.com (none more exciting than markets designed by Asia's billion poorest women and their world's largest civil society collaboration platforms http://www.ebrac.com celebrated over 50 years by Fazle Abed and of course Scots who believe every college student should read adam smith offer unique ways of exploring extinction/ sustainability as the two opposite ends to how all are lives are organised.

its 25 year now we published how to charter   what was large organsiation's leadership purpose and for over 10 yeras we have called for trilliondollaraudits.comto transparently clarify every local-globa market's purpose on earth - please contact chris.macrae2yahoo.co.uk if you are working i this area

hip hip hurrah from ecop26.com our associates ebrac.com economistwormen.com economistpoor.com economistyouth.com worldrecordjobs.com xglasgow.com adamsmith.app  sdgscotalnd.com = we'd love to hear from mobilisers at Egypts cop27- not time like the summitfuture.com      journalofneweconomics.com

hello from DC, Glasgow, Dhaka, Tokyo, Oxbridge- we expect to pivot to a co-blog from december on the road to Egypt cop 27 via rewired 2021 dubai expo, uae cop28 as Guterres common Agenda builds to UNsummitfuture.com 2023-EconomistEurope.com summer 2021 saw a terrifying g7 miss cornwall not to fund 100% vaccination - now fall 2021: with German and Japan leadership for next 2 years unknowable we scots will likely focus on leaving uk assuming cop26 is more blah blah white-sheep  -questions welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

related links Glasgow University led Journal of New Economis launch year of cop26; journal of social business launched 11 years ago at Yunus 70th Birthday Party coincinciding with Interdependence weekend 4 July 2010 - as american friends may know JF Kennedy declared Declaration of Interdependence 1962 but with Megar Evers was assassinated in 1963 strating 60 yeras of medias in English language losing menral health of celebrities the world over - k=japanthanks.com to sisters Naomi and 

EconomistPoor.com EconomistDiary.com Xglasgow.com 

EconomistAsia.net Greenbigbang.com Economistwomen.com

bidenuni.com valuetrue.com


alumnisat.com 2025report.com HG wells civilzation is race between education & catastrophe

goodhubsgude.com begun london 2005 - tip avoid impacthub until it pays its outstanding debts to early microfinaciers

update news week before cop26- are amy westerm network helping asian poorer nations on climate road - see eg these links 1

LAST CHECKLIST FOR ecop26.com Glasgow Nov & Emypt 2022

most exciting green resources we've found so dar - please tell chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk (economistgreen.com) yours


where do 50 years of colaborations around billion asian womens goal 1 end poverty connect with going green - please see www.economistpoor.com

where next after Glasgow and until 2023UNSummitfuture.com please see economistdiary.com

very scottish veiw on youth friendships we aim to celebrate -economistscotland.com

we're still trying to make sure world leaps forward on other urgent collaborations eg www.economisthealth.com alibrac.com economistasia.net  www.2025report.com

london has nominated this uk team https://ukcop26.org/uk-presidency/our-team/ we are interested in linkages between all events up to guterres 2023 www.unsummitfuture.com - see our blog on events that may be helping or distracting commitment to under 30s being teh sustainability generation in spite pf covid, climate ....

how can our connections through Glasgow help visitors to cop26? - please email chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk and I will introduce you to who's been doing what in glasgow since 2008 and who they are connecting during cop26 

examples of COLLAB Actions SCOTS MOST WANT TO CELEBRATE from cop26 ON

1-will you contribute to Journal of New Economics - after 260 years adam smith scholars demand return of morality and transparency to economists

after cop26- we'll continuously help networks empowering youth as first sustainability generation link summit-future with next big Economistdiary convergence being  that timetabled by Guterres for 2023


2021 is our 60th year of debating whether the fastest changes in humanity will be sustainable - see eg economistpoor.com and summitfuture.com as well as norman macrae library of entreprenurial revolution and Asia Rising

our dialogues between east and west started with revolutions Japan. korea, taiwan were unstoppably scaling from 1960 - the 2 Asian models Norman published from 1962 concerned

villages rural keynes - 100% employmrmt

hi-tech collaboration supercities - eg tokyo-seoul-taiwan-hk-singapore-and thence investmemts of the chinese diaspora from 1972 the third most organised financial network after east coast usa and japan)- soon west coast usa diverged hugely in entrepreneurial capitalism feom east coast

our western dialogues were hosted for 40 years out of The Economist in London St James (eg friday luncheons on global leadership decision makingf were hosted weekly for 4 decades)

but have since 1990 mapped through various collaboration cities - for example Glasgow University  has been a gdeep collabortaion hub since 2008 revisiting the start of machines in 1760 and continental asian engineer students for hmamnity - fazle abed graduation 1959

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dear jeanne melanie catherine - can I intro you as world leaders of women save the world's communities
- Hong Kong's jeanne lim who I am meeting with new york friends march 24 has led world of womens robotics being  until recently of sophia the humanoid who partnered as compere of UN biggest change summits and a stream guterres called digital cooperation which he now calls summit future 2023- jean is now designing the opposite metaverse to zuckerberg (or whomever your villain of meta is) ;  
Zbee is a friend of Sophia the Robot not sibling, as her origin story and personal story trajectory will be separate. In case anyone is interested this is an overview of her living story - https://beingai.com/zbee-world/ - living as it will be powered by AI.
melanie has book, pilot tv show , comic strip illustrating every way mensworld only gives women 10% of future voice let alone current leadership
catherine mentors a student sonita who escaped afghansitan by becoming world class at rap; she's currently in her final 15 months in the OSUN university network soros has put a billion dollars into (youth opening society in ways his gen never could - together with neumann soros is budapest's most famous son)  so that arts can change the world but so far her professors seem to have no unique guidance for her (thats very rude of me- catherine can explain better all stuff sonita is in middle of)
2 questions to jeanne melanie catherine
-could you chat - see if there are any win-wins
would one or more of you like to join us on zoom at 9.00 prompt march 30th new york time ;-main topic who's changing curricula - speaker 1 designed curriculum of world's largest non gov school system over 20 years
 i am hosting one of 300 events on future of world that soros networks have programed for march 30; there will only be a few minutes for anyone to say something but we are combining resources lists and I will follow up asking the other 300 chat producers what they want to share
part 2 i hope you dont mind but these cc'd people know that my family has tried to  change media since the start of the bbc (ie television) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=macrae+bbc.avi
my fathers life work changed what a global weekly paper could do up to 1990 ie the economists- he also chnaged east west relationships having been teenager in ww2 allied bomber command myanmar (and wanting to do the opposite with rest of his life)
in 1984 he and i weote a book on changing education and media 2025report- expoenetially we are off every path humans needed to web by now
in 1990 i started publishing books library world class brands / journal of brand management that ian and jeff know about on global media would destroy us all unless....
in new york right mow johm kiehl and spencer are far more massively connected with musicians, influencer society and youth than I am ; additionally john has another leg in MIT and fady runs bostons main robotics hub
mack and vicent, Aya and I started global broadway spring 2019 - at that time it looked easy to help musicians and youth change the world bur then covid and trump messed up so much that I would not say anything any of us tries to do next will be easy
qian first showed me round china and attended 80th birthday party of fazle abed in bangladesh- we had arranged for jack ma's main female biographer from tsinghua to spend a week in bangladesh but then sir fazle fell ill and the rest of the family started warring against each other (or something )
all reporting errors are mine alone
cheers chris + 1 240 316 8157  (i do have 2 very difficult networks - ukraine frieNnds from 1999 media conference they hosted around me in kyiv - and AI undercover national institute of health - in the event those are another of anyone's sides pls tell me)
MISSING: we need one superstar female then all womens views can be launched as 100 billion dollar network womensverse.net (the media part of this is easy - getting the tight superstar from stanfiord or tokyo to join in - not so easy in the crazy world of celebrity agents)
i would love a group to join me by email and take next stage of ai hall of fame survey in direction that brings joy to von neumanns daughter Marina at U of Michigan
On Wednesday, 9 March 2022, 18:39:47 GMT-5, Melanie Ho <melanie@beyondleaningin.com> wrote:
Thanks for the introduction, Chris!  To answer your question, I’ve not connected with anyone at Playschool, but good to keep in mind. I also definitely have enjoyed having women under 30 at many of my talks, though for the time being I’ve found it’s most efficient to have other organizations host talks rather than my doing so myself. 
Wonderful to meet you as well, Catherine!  Thank you for the link about Sonita.  What a powerful story that I look forward to looking into more deeply.  I like your three groups as a good framework for thinking about different audiences.  I find myself talking to organizations who are trying to figure out what to do with a sub-group of your first group — people who agree with you (they agree that bias exists, and that it’s bad) but aren’t going to commit to anything beyond superficial actions because they don’t want to take the time or deal with the discomfort or inconvenience themselves. 
Would love to keep in touch!
Melanie Ho, Ph.D. (she/her/hers)
Author, Beyond Leaning In
Founder, Strategic Imagination 

Website | Book | Podcast | Webcomics | YouTube

hello is it possible to meet or zoom?
I got very interested in http://www.pih.org while jim kim was head of world bank; I also met the late great paul farmer once; we turned up 30 minutes early for a lecture so i got him to myself
that was in budaaest in much happier times of europe; we were there to celebrate my all time hero sir fazle abed brac see eg http://www.abedmooc.com
back in 2006 all of gates kim farmer soros abed had found each other; quite what happened next confuses me because they havent really multiplied each others strengths-or not in ways that younger half of world can amp or app
I am not medically expert; like my dad Norman at The Economist 1948-1992 i mediate sustainable future of technology which seems to be at many tipping ponts and i am currently helping budapest's most other famous mmigrants von neumann family on ai hall of fame - for example if 2 people are going to do most medical collaborative good with tech in the next 3 years who would you hope all med grads linkedin around>?
chris macrae north bethesda + 1 240 316 8157

Sheila Warren

Crypto Council for Innovation
Sheila Warren is the CEO of Crypto Council for Innovation. Previously she was the Head of Revolution, head of Data, Blockchain, and Digital Assets, and a member of the Executive Committee at the World Economic Forum. Her pioneering policy work is helping shape the data and technology spaces to be more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable. Ms. Warren began her career as a Wall Street attorney at Cravath, Swaine & Moore before turning to philanthropy and civic technology. She was a senior executive and General Counsel at TechSoup, and she also designed and launched NGOsource, a groundbreaking service focused on international grantmaking. Ms. Warren currently serves on the boards of the ACLU of Northern California, the Equal Justice Society, and TechSoup, and on advisory boards for the World Bank, the OECD, and others. She is also co-host of the popular show Money Reimagined on the CoinDesk network. She is an honors graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School


Le Thi Thu Thuy

Global CEO
Ms. Thuy Le, Vingroup Vice Chairwoman, was appointed VinFast Global CEO in December 2021. Thuy has also been leading Vingroup’s International Relations, Corporate Finance and Investments divisions to spearhead Vingroup’s global expansion plan with VinFast in the lead of such ambitious efforts. Thuy first joined Vingroup in 2008, assuming positions as Vice Chairwoman from 2011 to 2014, and Vingroup’s CEO from 2012 to 2014. During this period, Vingroup successfully raised over US$1 billion from international investors and was recognized with various awards for the associated financial transactions. Thuy Le returned to Vingroup in 2017 as Vice Chairwoman of Vingroup to oversee the development of VinFast, Vietnam’s first domestic automobile company, and led the successful launch of initial VinFast passenger cars and e-scooters within 21 months. Under Thuy’s leadership, VinFast has developed its electric vehicle portfolio, ranging from e-scooters to e-bus and e-cars. The company has set up offices in North America and Europe and is looking to deliver its EVs to these markets in late 2022. Prior to joining Vingroup, Thuy was with Lehman Brothers. She has a quarter of a century of experience in the financial services, real estate industries and setting up new businesses in various sectors across the globe.

Wai-Shin Chan  HK

Head of Climate Change Centre of Excellence and Global Head of ESG Research
Wai-Shin Chan is Head of HSBC’s Climate Change Centre of Excellence and Global Head of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) research. His dual role involves analysis of climate change and its multi-asset implications as well as the integration of ESG within HSBC’s Global Research. Prior to joining HSBC in 2011, he worked as a fund manager and is a former executive director of the Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia. He was also an equity analyst at a leading investment bank for several years, focused on the transportation sector before becoming an ESG analyst. He holds a degree in mathematics and physics from Durham University (first class honours) and is a CFA charterholder.

David Ingles

Bloomberg Television
David Ingles is an anchor for Bloomberg Television and Bloomberg Radio. He co-anchors “Bloomberg Markets: China Open” weekdays and concurrently also oversees markets and charts content for the Asia Pacific. Based in Hong Kong, Ingles provides coverage of the major macroeconomic stories and trends that shape markets and affect businesses in the Asia Pacific region. He also travels across the region to cover key stories and summits including Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, G20, and World Economic Forum where he’s interviewed some of the world’s top CEOs, political and economic leaders, tech entrepreneurs and investors. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Ingles was with CCTV News in Shanghai where he covered the Chinese financial markets and the country’s major economic reforms from the start of this decade. Before moving to the media industry, he spent several years in banking and financial services. Ingles earned his bachelor’s degree in business from the Ateneo de Manila University, and an MBA Degree in Finance from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). He is fluent in English, Tagalog and Mandarin.

Dr. Dr Takeshi Kasai

Regional Director for the Western Pacific
Dr Takeshi Kasai began his term as WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific on 1 February 2019, following his nomination by the WHO Regional Committee for the Western Pacific and his appointment by the WHO Executive Board. The public health career of Dr Kasai began nearly 30 years ago when he was assigned to a remote post on the northeast coast of Japan, providing health-care services for the elderly. His early experiences there impressed upon him the value of building strong health systems from the ground up. Dr Kasai received his medical degree (MD) from Keio University in 1990; a master's degree in public health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in 1996; a diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene from the Royal College of Physicians in London in 1997; and a doctorate (PhD) in medicine from Iwate Medical University in 2012. Dr Kasai has worked for WHO for more than 15 years, and at the time of his nomination was Director of Programme Management, the No. 2 position at the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific in Manila, Philippines. As a Technical Officer and later as the Director of the Division of Health Security at the Regional Office, he was instrumental in developing and implementing the Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging Diseases and Public Health Emergencies, which guides Member States in preparing for and responding to public health emergencies. Dr Kasai also served as the WHO Representative in Viet Nam from 2012 to 2014, and in 2014 received the For the People’s Health Medal from the Government, the top honor bestowed upon those who have made significant contributions to public health. Dr Kasai is from Japan. He is married and has three daughters.

Michelle Cortez

Senior Reporter, Editor
Michelle Fay Cortez has covered science and medicine for Bloomberg News since 1992, tracking advances in health care for more than a quarter century. She hosts the Prognosis podcast about people living on the edge of medical innovation. She writes about complex conditions that have stymied and invigorated scientists for decades, as well as the companies, regulators and researchers that ultimately come together to offer novel therapies. Her primary areas of interest are medical technology and innovation, including how digital health is upending science and medicine, ushering in a new interconnected world, and offering unique challenges and opportunities.

Xue Kai Pang

Graduated with honours in 2015 from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and moved on to fulfil his scholarship requirements as a management trainee with London-based energy company TechnipFMC. He first got exposure to crypto assets and blockchain technology in early 2016 and has grown deeply passionate about technology ever since. He has done numerous blockchain keynote presentations across Indonesia eventually moving on to become the co-founder of Tokocrypto. Tokocrypto's vision is to bring about an open financial ecosystem through blockchain technology. It aims to do this by growing to be Indonesia's leading gateway to crypto and to also work closely with — communities, universities, the public and the Indonesian government to be the blockchain hub for education and news

Vivian Balakrishnan

Minister for Foreign Affairs
Republic of Singapore
Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, 60, studied Medicine at the National University of Singapore (NUS) after being awarded the President’s Scholarship in 1980. He was elected President of the NUS Students’ Union from 1981 to 1983 and Chairman from 1984 to 1985. After graduation, Dr Balakrishnan specialised in Ophthalmology. He was appointed Associate Professor of NUS and Deputy Director of Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) in 1997. In 1999, he became Medical Director of SNEC. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Singapore General Hospital in 2000. Dr Balakrishnan has been a Member of Parliament since 2001. Currently the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr Balakrishnan previously served as the Minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation Initiative; Minister for the Environment and Water Resources; Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports; Second Minister for Trade and Industry; Minister-in-charge of Entrepreneurship; Second Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts and Minister of State for National Development.

5:00 PM HKT - Spotlight Interview: Averting Asia's Lost Generation

  • Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Education, Republic of Singapore
  • Moderator: Haslinda Amin, Chief International Correspondent for Southeast Asia, Anchor, Bloomberg Television

Chan Chun Sing

Minister for Education
Republic of Singapore
Mr Chan Chun Sing was appointed Singapore’s Minister for Education on 15 May 2021. He is also Minister-in-charge of the Public Service since 1 May 2018. Mr Chan drove Singapore’s economic and industrial development as Minister for Trade and Industry (MTI) from 1 May 2018 to 14 May 2021. At MTI, he ratified the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement, as well as deepened international cooperation on the digital economy. As Deputy Chairman of the People’s Association from 1 October 2015 to 14 May 2021, he oversaw national efforts to foster social cohesion. From May 2015 to May 2018, he was Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and expanded the Labour Movement network to represent all working people in Singapore. Prior to NTUC, he served as Minister for Social and Family Development (2013-2015) and Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports (2011-12). He was also Second Minister for Defence (2013-15) and Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts (2011-12). Serving with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) from 1987 to 2011, Mr Chan held various appointments including Chief of Army. He left the SAF to run in the 2011 General Election and was elected Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar Group Representation Constituency. An SAF (Overseas) and President’s Scholarship holder, he graduated with First Class Honours in Economics from Christ’s College, Cambridge University, UK. He was also awarded the 1998 Distinguished Master Strategist Award by the US Army Command and General Staff College. In 2005, he completed the Sloan Fellows Programme at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship. Born in 1969, Mr Chan is married with three children and enjoys reading and jogging.

Haslinda Amin

Bloomberg Television
Haslinda Amin is a news Correspondent and Anchor for Bloomberg Television. Based in Singapore, she has been at the heart of events driving the transformation of Asia. Haslinda has reported on major financial and political developments such as Suharto's downfall, the bloody anti-government clashes in Thailand and elections across ASEAN, India and Pakistan. Haslinda has interviewed world leaders in politics and industry including Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir Mohamad, Joko Widodo, Benigno Aquino, Thaksin Shinawatra, Tony Blair, Joe Biden, Al Gore, Timothy Geithner, Paul Volcker, Jean-Claude Trichet, Stanley Fischer, John Travolta and Jenson Button. She also speaks regularly at conferences like those hosted by the World Economic Forum, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, ASEAN and Asian Development Bank. She's been invited to moderate discussions organised by the Milken Institute, Blackrock, UBS, Barclays, SALT and Aberdeen Asset Management among others. As part of her wide-ranging role at Bloomberg TV, Haslinda is host and executive producer of 'High Flyers' which has been nominated for Best Talk Show at the Asian TV Awards. Shot on location inside one of Singapore's most visible attractions, the Singapore Flyer, each episode features Asia's biggest names. 'High Flyers' is the longest-running program on the channel and is aired globally. Haslinda began her career in radio covering regional politics. She joined Bloomberg Television in 2002. She graduated from the National University of Singapore, majoring in International Politics and English. She speaks English, Malay and Bahasa Indonesia.

Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Minister of Finance
Republic of Indonesia
Born in Bandar Lampung on August 26, 1962, Sri Mulyani Indrawati earned her bachelor degree in Economics major from the Universitas Indonesia (1986). Then she continued her study in the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, United States and earned Master of Science of Policy Economics (1990). In 1992, she earned Ph.D of Economics. This specialist of Monetary Economy and Banking as well as Labor Economics research was chosen to be the Executive Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF) representing 12 countries in the South East Asia (SEA Group) at the beginning of October 2002. Starting from November 1, 2002, she represented 12 member countries of SEA Group at International Monetary Funds. On December 5, 2005, she was appointed to serve as the Minister of Finance. During her devotion as the Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati achieved many achievements, such as stabilizing macroeconomy, maintaining prudent fiscal policy, decreasing cost of loan and managing debt as well as creating trust to investors. Minister of Finance’s reform was led by her very well. Hence, it created many fundamental changes in the Ministry of Finance. On September 18, 2006, Sri Mulyani was crowned as the best Minister of Finance in Asia by the Emerging Markets in the sidelines of World Bank and IMF’s Annual Session in Singapore. She was also elected as the 23rd world’s most influencing woman from Forbes magazine in 2008 and the 2nd most influencing woman in Indonesia from Globe Asia magazine in October 2007. Sri Mulyani was also awarded as the best Minister of Finance for 2006 from the Euromoney and the best Minister of Finance in Asia by the Emerging Market Forum on the same year. In 2008, she served as the Acting Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs after the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Dr. Boediono was inaugurated as the Governor of Bank Indonesia. Then she was appointed as the Executive Director of World Bank commencing on June 1, 2010. On July 27th, 2016, President Joko Widodo inaugurated Sri Mulyani Indrawati as the Minister of Finance in his Working Cabinet. On February 11th, 2018, the World Government Summit has announced her as the best minister in the world.

Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus

Bank Negara Malaysia
Ms. Nor Shamsiah is the 9th Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), assuming office on 1 July 2018. She chairs the Monetary Policy Committee, the Financial Stability Committee and BNM’s Board of Directors. She joined BNM in 1987 and has served in various areas including prudential regulations, financial intelligence and enforcement, talent management, finance and supervision. She was involved in the financial sector resolution initiatives during the Asian financial crisis. As Deputy Governor, she also represented BNM in the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and the Financial Action Task Force. Prior to her appointment as Governor, she also served as Assistant Director of the Monetary and Capital Markets Division of the IMF. Ms. Nor Shamsiah graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy and is a Certified Practising Accountant.

Budi Gunadi Sadikin

Minister of Health
Republic of Indonesia
1988, BSc in Nuclear Science, Bandung Institute of Technology; 2004, certification as Chartered Financial Consultant and Certified Life Underwriter, Singapore Insurance Institute. 1988, began career as Information Systems Staff, IBM Asia-Pacific HQ, Tokyo; 1994, Manager, Systems Integration & Professional Services, IBM. Joined Bank Bali as General Manager, Electronic Banking; later and until 1999, Chief General Manager, Jakarta Region and Chief General Manager, HR. Until 2004, with ABN AMRO Bank Indonesia; lastly, Senior Vice-President Director, Consumer and Commercial Banking, ABN AMRO Bank Indonesia & Malaysia. 2004, joined Bank Danamon as EVP, Head of Consumer Banking and Director, Adira Quantum Multi Finance. 2006, appointed Director, Micro & Retail Banking, Bank Mandiri; since 2013, Chief Executive Officer.

Joanna Ossinger

Joanna Ossinger in a reporter at Bloomberg News who covers the cryptocurrency industry and global macro markets. In her dozen years at Bloomberg she's led teams focused on equities, currencies and curation. Prior to Bloomberg she worked at The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business and TheStreet.com. Joanna is the president of the Association of Cryptocurrency Journalists and Researchers, the vice president of Singapore's Foreign Correspondents Association and a past president of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing, for which she still chairs the Best in Business Awards contest. She has a bachelor's degree in chemistry and classical civilizations from Cornell University and a master's in public policy from Georgetown University. She is a native of Colorado.

uliette Saly

Anchor, Reporter
Bloomberg Television
Based in Singapore, Juliette Saly is an anchor and reporter for Bloomberg Radio and Television, where she covers business and economic developments that move Asia’s financial markets. She has also reported on many major events across the region, from live coverage of the December 2014 Café Siege in Sydney to interviews with news-makers, including tennis player Venus Williams at the Hong Kong Open and Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer at the Singapore F1 and Qantas CEO Alan Joyce ahead of the 2018 Singapore Airshow. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Juliette spent nearly a decade reporting on markets from the trading floor of Australia’s largest online broker, CommSec, in Sydney while holding an RG 146 Stockbroker Accreditation. In this role, she provided market analysis to international news organizations including Al-Jazeera, CNBC, Fox News and the BBC, including coverage of the global financial crisis in Australia. Juliette started her journalism career as a radio newsreader and reporter before joining Channel Nine in Sydney. Born in the Netherlands and raised in Sydney, Juliette received her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, NSW Australia, minoring in Politics and Communications.


Wed Mar 16, 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM GMT +8 / 3:00 AM - 6:30 AM Your local time   (3 Hours, 30 Min)
Bloomberg Asean Business Summit

3:00 PM HKT - Welcome Remarks

3:02 PM HKT - HSBC Sponsor Spotlight: Recalibrating for growth in Southeast Asia

  • Amanda Murphy, Head of Commercial Banking, South and Southeast Asia, HSBC

3:07 PM HKT - Panel Discussion on Monetary Policies

We convene top Central Bank Governors in the region to discuss the impact of the Fed rate hike, whether inflation is a temporary byproduct of Covid or a more persistent problem, and how to ensure a sustainable economic recovery for Asean.

  • Benjamin Diokno, Governor of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
  • Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus, Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia
  • Moderator: Haslinda Amin, Chief International Correspondent for Southeast Asia,  Anchor, Bloomberg Television

3:31 PM HKT - Spotlight Interview:  Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Republic of Singapore

  • Moderator: Haslinda Amin, Chief International Correspondent for Southeast Asia, Anchor, Bloomberg Television

3:45 PM HKT - Bridging the Great Health Divide

While almost 11 billion Covid-19 vaccine shots have been given globally, large numbers of them have gone to wealthy nations. How can countries collaborate to avoid a vaccine nationalism disaster?

  • Dr Takeshi Kasai, Regional Director for the Western Pacific, WHO
  • Budi Gunadi Sadikin, Minister of Health, Republic of Indonesia
  • Moderator: Michelle Cortez, Senior Reporter, Editor, Bloomberg News

4:05 PM HKT - Panel Discussion on Fiscal Policies

Many wealthy nations responded to Covid-19 by injecting an outpouring of stimulus. By contrast, lower-income economies are falling further behind. We convene Finance Ministers to discuss what fiscal policies will prevent a two-speed global recovery.

  • Carlos Dominguez, Secretary of Finance, Republic of the Philippines
  • Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Minister of Finance, Republic of Indonesia
  • Moderator: Haslinda Amin, Chief International Correspondent for Southeast Asia, Anchor, Bloomberg Television

4:30 PM HKT - Quicktake: What Has the Paris Climate Agreement Achieved After 5 Years? 

4:35 PM HKT - Catalyzing Asia's Low-Carbon Economy

The COP26 summit concluded in Glasgow with a watered down pledge after lobbying from India and China-- this puts Southeast Asia in severe existential danger as one of the world’s most vulnerable regions to climate change. What are the challenges and opportunities facing Asia in transitioning to a low-carbon economy?

  • Wai-Shin Chan, Global Head of Climate Change Centre and ESG Research, HSBC
  • Le Thi Thu Thuy, Global CEO, VinFast
  • Moderator: Juliette Saly, Anchor, Reporter, Bloomberg Television

5:00 PM HKT - Spotlight Interview: Averting Asia's Lost Generation

  • Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Education, Republic of Singapore
  • Moderator: Haslinda Amin, Chief International Correspondent for Southeast Asia, Anchor, Bloomberg Television

5:25 PM HKT - The Future of Money

As cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin continue to gain a foothold in the financial landscape, central banks, consumer internet behemoths and fintech firms are competing fiercely to bring our cashless future a little closer- with Asia at the centre of innovation. China is trialing its central bank digital currency (CBDC) designed to replicate cash in circulation. Singapore is working on a digital-asset strategy of its own. What will the future of money look like? What does it mean for consumers and business.

  • Xue Kai Pang, CEO, Tokocrypto
  • Sheila Warren, CEO, Crypto Council for Innovation
  • Moderator: Joanna Ossinger, Reporter, Bloomberg

5:50 PM HKT - Address by the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand

6:00 PM HKT - Closing Remarks

Abedmooc 5.4

Education experts consider the new opportunities for academic cooperation between UK and Japanese universities.

Dear Christopher

Registration is now open for our upcoming online event on Prospects for collaboration between universities in Japan and the UK on 30 March at 11:00 GMT.

In partnership with Japan House London, join our panel of experts to discuss how universities in the two countries are tackling the issue of collaboration and how they can further stimulate joint research. As the importance of studying abroad is once again recognized, the webinar will also examine how mobility for international students between the two countries can be revitalised.


This webinar will be the final instalment of this current series.


Professor Dame Janet Beer


University of Liverpool

Stephanie Harris

Acting Assistant  Director, Policy and Global Engagement

Universities UK

Michael Houlihan 


Japan House

Kyosuke Nagata


Japan Association of National Universities

Event Contact

Sam Martin

External Relations

Developing generations out of extreme (vilkage) poverty - eg no electricity through 20th C

womens empowerment networks celebrate Collaboration promises read out at weekly circular meeting of village mothers cf japanese corporae bonsai riruals- these are 17 brac promises (some say there is 18th) The seventeen promises are the following:

1. We shall not do malpractice and injustice,

2. We will work hard and bring prosperity to our family,

3. We will send our children to school,

4. We will adopt family planning and keep our family size small,

5. We will try to be clean and keep our house tidy,

6. We will always drink pure water,

7. We will not keep our food uncovered and will wash our hands and face before we take our meal,

8. We will construct latrines and will not leave our stool where it doesn’t belong,

9. We will cultivate vegetables and trees in and around our house,

10. We will try to help others under all circumstances,

11. We will fight against polygamy and injustices to our wives and all women,

12. We will be loyal to the organisation and abide by its rules and regulations,

13. We will not sign anything without having a good understanding of what it means (we will look carefully before we act),

14. We will attend weekly meetings regularly and on time,

15. We will always abide by the decisions of the weekly group meeting,

16. We will regularly deposit our weekly savings,

17. If we receive a loan we will repay it on time.

thank goodness for village women empowerment networks- sustainability's luminaries of education and of every human endeavour worth being proud of

Nobody alive has been studying entrepreneurial revolution longer than I because my father coined the term in The Economist 1968 while desperately searching for Hope in South Africa- ten years later inspired by part of ER's idea bill drayton started ashoka "social entrepreneurs" in 1978...

WOMEN HOLD UP HALF THE SKY (logically to live in a nation where only one gender produces seems destined to collapse compared with other places that love 100% skilled people)


all the time REAL ER:  Bangladesh's and Chinese village women had been empowered to design social business models that replicated wherever the same life saving solution was needed as effectively efficiently expandably as possible. By all the time I mean frpm 1972 Fazle Abed Bangladesh - through 2010s his last decade we visited him 16 times with graduate female journalists our notes are at




In 1860 the founder of The Economist gave his life to trying to charter a system so the quarter of humans depending on south asia's coast could thrive; I am deeply sorry it took his alumni 150 years to write up solutions he would have cheered as being as trustworthily scottish as adam smith himself- whats even more puzzling is why isnt fazle abed the first person anyone teaching innovation, sustainability, human development celebrates wherever the Enrepreneurship-word is real.. You have to ask vice chancellors of the west's top business schools? they seem surrounded by blah blah (at least my brain is too small to listen to people who dont value youth as sustainability generation 


I have also worked for over a decade where i failed to get  the big 5 accountants from changing their 90 day monopoly -here are some of the wrongs 90 days numbers men do-

the biggest risk they know about they subcontract often to a different country - see eg union carbide - bhopal or catalogue at lest 100 more cases

they use customers money to spend ever more on adverts designed to muddle selection of who is improving the quality or value of the product/supply chain once they have a bad reputation they greenwash a charity's

they say that training humans is a cost (because humans cant yet be owned by a company) so they invest in unnecessary tech and  they book in training as a cost not an investment - even though you can make a lot of things and call excess stock an investment even when tech is changing 100 times per decade making any smart product redundant

90 days number men lobby the wirst sorts of politician and sponsor the worst sorts of anti-social media

90 days number men delay world changing to zero footprint too late for your children to prevent extinction

so why would anyone mathematically believe than a boardroom driven only by 90 day profiteering is any better than a putin who having spent far too much on arms is determined to blow up europe with them 

If you want to learn from 90 days number men go take an MBA - if you are interested in sustaining youth's futures- look around - if you see something you would like to collaborate round tell me if you need more info -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

PS i am just an old diaspora scot - i have worked in at least 50 countries with communities of good humans - I do not believe there are masses of bad prople anywjere ; i am quite sure there are some trapped by leaders who are either bad , mad or advised by 90 days number men

Why do I go on about this? Vert soon  global organisations will be governed by computer algorithm - if those are all designed by 90 days numbers men we will all be extinct by 2200 of not before depending on whether anyone can save putin from himself which due to the eu numbers-makers is quite hard to see now we have left it so late; but if you think beyond putin is difficult what do you think beyond mother nature will be like - ironically nature wanted the arctic circle sorted out collaboratively - thats the one possible end beyond the putin bunker worthy of hope

What universities owe democracy

A conversation with Ron Daniels, president of Johns Hopkins University

Thursday, March 31, 2022, 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. EDT
Online: http://www.brookings.edu/events/what-universities-owe-democracy

Democracy is under attack both at home and abroad. Colleges and universities play a unique role in strengthening democracy, yet their value is often overlooked. On March 31, join Governance Studies at Brookings for a virtual fireside chat with Senior Fellow Elaine Kamarck and Ronald J. Daniels, president of Johns Hopkins University and author of “What Universities Owe Democracy,” as they discuss the relationship between liberal democracy and universities, the importance of civic education in democracy, how universities can create a shared sense of truth for the citizenry, and what more universities can do to promote social mobility and free speech on campuses.


Viewers can submit questions for speakers by emailing events@brookings.edu or on Twitter @BrookingsGov using #StrengtheningDemocracy.


Copies of the book can be purchased from The Ivy Bookshop or Politics and Prose.



Moderator: Elaine Kamarck, Senior Fellow and Founding Director, Center for Effective Public Management, The Brookings Institution
Ron J. Daniels, President, Johns Hopkins University

reference 17 promises of weekly green villager womens networks

collab 5.5 we need green-smart vilage exchnages as much as green smart cities

world partnerships with rural people, women empowerment ending poverty and climate adaptation

origins brac adaptation social business partnership platform 

wangari maathai green belt- unhabitat epicentre kenya

netherlands catalogues at www.gca.org

costa rica - case study - ?first nation more green economy than carbon cf korea's jeju green big bang - governor special residencies for green entrepreneurs - biggest ever green infastructure summit jeju-aiib 2017

some march 2030 news via weforum -help search which of million students chat is about collab 5.5

On World Forest Day, Carbon Market Innovator: Marco Albani from Chloris Geospatial will be speaking within the World Economic Forum’s Scaling up Forest Protection and Restoration session, due to be livestreamed on Monday 21 March at 14.00-14.45 CET.

Then on Wednesday, we’re excited to invite you to the unveiling of our latest cohort of Trillion Trees Innovators in India! Join the 1t.org public livestream at 15.30 CET to watch the announcement session and hear from two of the Top Innovators.

footnote 1

origins brac adaptation social business partnership platform  -see footnote eg social forestry since 1980s - 2.0 multipliers brac internet and brac university  (nb brac secret from 1972 - tested solutions for 100000 villagers at time - this enable lowest cost wholesale of products villagers needed - how the 90% rural economy of bangladesh built bottom up with village women empowerment - solutions swapped 1970-1990s with china village women hold up half sky - health networks , food networks, rural up agricultural value chains... education massive global village collabs

Briefing for alumni of adam smith - when smith weote moral sentiments economics 1758 he was concerned to map how village farmers markets (if transparent - rational) could win-win with nature's systems and health networks (the ability of black death to extinguish half a capita's population was still understood as a system risk; moral sentiments was the last every economics book before smith started writing up the beginning of the era of man and machines; you can understand any adam smith economics models if you dont integrate date and context of what he was mapping - nor can you understand the last 50 years of sustainability women empowered miracles unless you start in 1972 with the entrepreneurial need to serve 1000000 starving villagers as one overall solution that is abed collab platform 5.1 - if you want to move on to the deepest green collaborations 5.5 - we suggest you need at minimum to understand these 10 interlocking subsystems 


Forbiddedn Economics Miracles - they don't teach you micro to macro economics at harvard - the one lecture i gave there around 2000 - i was told your maths might be correct but nobody in usa would get funding for that pls go away

in any event you can't understand the worlds most collaborative green village adaptation networks 5.5 as needed in 2020s without going back to 1972 bangladesh- there fazle abed had spent his lifesavings on 5.1 rebuilding 15000 villagers homes (100000 people)..that mistake became the entrepreneurial revolution of micro-macro- from 1972 he had to design village business sustaining 100000 people - fortunately this means that he had to become the nation's wholesaler of what villagers most needed including the 10 best value non-prescrption medicines ever marketed to the 8th largest national population-- hop across myanmar border and village chinese women were at same stage of desperate need to build last mile health services- so for the next 20 years mediated by Unicef 5.2 abc - billion village asian women from bangladesh and china shared microentrepreneurial solutions including social forestry - now for the first time women villagers were designing value add that citizens needed; for 25 years to 1995 abc villagers had no access to electricity grids- when mobile phones and solar energy cam - they started extraordinary solutions eg 1.5 www.bash.com in population size world's largest cashless bank- unless you are a harvard macroeconomist you can have lot of fun connecting this collaboration jigsaw 5.5 5.1 5.2 1.1 1.3 1.6 1.5 1.4 1.2   .... 5.6 



2022  USA's 15th annual spring collaboration cafe in new york was privileged to focus on 2 days with jeanne lik www.beingai.com - how can we maximis humanisation of the metavese to to help the Z-Gen ( not trap in gamng or other media lacking ethical  "lives matter" purpose). It turned out that Jeanne's vision is so extraordinary that you don't really need to worry about dozens of different definitions of the metaverse if you want to join in creating the most trusted and helpful AI beings....

here are my early notes on what we heard during jeanne's mew york visit from march 23- there are many nuances depending which skills and concerns you wish to help stage as the 2020s becomes a chabce for many giant leaps for humanity (hopefully fotward ones!)

- so hopefull there will soon be much more details for other collaboration participants -and of course you dollow jeann's journey - youtibe web twitter with jeanne twitter with zbee


New York friends & having discussed jeanne's creation over 2 days I-will try to expand take 2 mainly at beingmeta.app  
 SUMMARY until 2 days with jeanne john (jose, zhou...) and spencer i didnt begin to understand the metaverse as all the world is a stage opportunity is to be the shakespeare of characters that emerge on the metaverse because they care about humans sometimes more consciously than humans do - each has a backstory of having survived a real life challenge and now listen to and guides others facing the same challenge
Jeanne World First Transmedia AI Company Creating AI BeingsTM  -Extraordinary AI Beings TM 
please could you watch 90 seconds youtube starting here at second 22 The beingAI Vision pretty much every second tracks jeanne's lifes work in berkeley (psychologist)  and hong kong (apple dell swire hanson ...) as world of digital and real collides -and why she can be as near as any one person can be in scripting/ producing /directing twinning sister cities 21st c morality plays' characters-  which go and linkin the zgeneration wherever it spends time on meta

can HK and you humanise metaverse?  (and connect 100 asian womens universities abedmooc 5.4)

HK1 hanson's sophia vision club sophiadao with singularitynet foundation

HK2 zbee linkedin jeanne lim (twitter 1 2) Metaverse professions

p89 -91 of the happiness issue of jumpstart magazine - article next generation AI https://issuu.com/jumpstartmagazine/docs/jumpstart_-_the_happiness_...

Jeanne Lim• 1stCo-founder & CEO of beingAI | Angel Investor | NGO1mo • 1 month ago
Stephen, thanks for the shout out. We believe a hybrid approach to AI is the most promising and safe approach to creating real-time interactive AI beings that prioritize human values whilst delivering real-world benefits at scale. #aiforgood #aibeings #digitalhumans
Stephen Ibaraki
Stephen Ibaraki• FollowingChairman REDDS Capital, Microsoft 19 Global Awards with 2018-2022 MVP in AI, Investor/Venture Capitalist, Futurist, Founder Chair Outreach UN ITU AI for good Global Summit, Author, 300+ recognitions1mo • 1 month ago
Language Is The Next Great Frontier In AI —
Language AI is poised to transform vast swaths of society and the economy.

HK3 yidan -stanford bangladesh oxford (rhodes schwarzman) Cambrigde (development learning ) latinAM Africa (camfed) India (Pratham mit poverty lab) Kopp (TeachFor NY & 60 countries) Sheika Moza &16 Sdg Advocates

Reply to Discussion



unaiwho.docx version 6/6/22 hunt for 100 helping guterres most with UN2.0

EconomistDiary.com Friends20.com & EntrepreneurialRevolution.city select 2022's greatest moments for citizens/youth of NY & HK & Utellus

Prep for UN Sept 22 summit education no longer fit for human beings/sustainability


Since gaining my MA statistics Cambridge DAMTP 1973 (Corpus Christi College) my special sibject has been community building networks- these are the 6 most exciting collaboration opportunities my life has been privileged to map - the first two evolved as grassroots person to person networks before 1996 in tropical Asian places where village women had no access to electricity grids nor phones- then came mobile and solar entrepreneurial revolutions!! 

COLLAB platforms of livesmatter communities to mediate public and private -poorest village mothers empowering end of poverty    5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5  5.6

4 livelihood edu for all 

4.1  4.2  4.3  4.4  4.5 4.6

3 last mile health services  3.1 3,2  3.3  3.4   3.5   3.6

last mile nutrition  2.1   2.2   2.3   2.4  2.5  2,6

banking for all workers  1.1  1.2  1.3   1.4   1.5   1.6

NEWS FROM LIBRARY NORMAN MACRAE -latest publication 2021 translation into japanese biography of von neumann:

Below: neat German catalogue (about half of dad's signed works) but expensive  -interesting to see how Germans selected the parts  they like over time: eg omitted 1962 Consider Japan The Economist 

feel free to ask if free versions are available 

The coming entrepreneurial revolution : a survey Macrae, Norman - In: The economist 261 (1976), pp. 41-65 cited 105 

Macrae, Norman - In: IPA review / Institute of PublicAffairs 25 (1971) 3, pp. 67-72  
 Macrae, Norman - The Economist 257 (1975), pp. 1-44 
6 The future of international business Macrae, Norman - In: Transnational corporations and world order : readings …, (pp. 373-385). 1979 >
Future U.S. growth and leadership assessed from abroad Macrae, Norman - In: Prospects for growth : changing expectations for the future, (pp. 127-140). 1977 Check Google Scholar | 
9Entrepreneurial Revolution - next capitalism: in hi-tech left=right=center; The Economist 1976
Macrae, Norman -In: European community (1978), pp. 3-6
  Macrae, Norman - In: Kapitalismus heute, (pp. 191-204). 1974

. we scots are less than 4/1000 of the worlds and 3/4 are Diaspora - immigrants in others countries. Since 2008 I have been celebrating Bangladesh Women Empowerment solutions wth NY graduates. Now I want to host love each others events in new york starting this week with hong kong-contact me if we can celebrate anoither countries winm-wins with new yorkers



TWO Macroeconomies FROM SIXTH OF PEOPLE WHO ARE WHITE & war-prone




From 60%+ people =Asian Supercity (60TH YEAR OF ECONOMIST REPORTING - SEE CONSIDER JAPAN1962)

Far South - eg African, Latin Am, Australasia

Earth's other economies : Arctic, Antarctic, Dessert, Rainforest


In addition to how the 5 primary sdgs1-5 are gravitated we see 6 transformation factors as most critical to sustainability of 2020-2025-2030

Xfactors to 2030 Xclimate XAI Xinfra Xyouth Wwomen Xpoor chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk (scot currently  in washington DC)- in 1984 i co-authored 2025 report with dad norman.

Asia Rising Surveys

Entrepreneurial Revolution -would endgame of one 40-year generations of applying Industrial Revolution 3,4 lead to sustainability of extinction

1972's Next 40 Years ;1976's Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution; 12 week leaders debate 1982's We're All Intrapreneurial Now

The Economist had been founded   in 1843" marking one of 6 exponential timeframes "Future Histores"


we offer worldwide mapping view points from

1 2 now to 2025-30

and these viewpoints:

40 years ago -early 1980s when we first framed 2025 report;

from 1960s when 100 times more tech per decade was due to compound industrial revolutions 3,4 

1945 birth of UN

1843 when the economist was founded

1760s - adam smithian 2 views : last of pre-engineering era; first 16 years of engineering ra including america's declaration of independence- in essence this meant that to 1914 continental scaling of engineeriing would be separate new world <.old world


IF we 8 billion earthlings of the 2020s are to celebrate collaboration escapes from extinction, the knowhow of the billion asian poorest women networks will be invaluable -

in mathematically connected ways so will the stories of diaspora scots and the greatest mathematicians ever home schooled -central european jewish teens who emigrated eg Neumann , Einstein ... to USA 2nd quarter of the 20th century; it is on such diversity that entrepreneurial revolution diaries have been shaped 

EconomistPOOR.com : Dad was born in the USSR in 1923 - his dad served in British Embassies. Dad's curiosity enjoyed the opposite of a standard examined education. From 11+ Norman observed results of domination of humans by mad white men - Stalin from being in British Embassy in Moscow to 1936; Hitler in Embassy of last Adriatic port used by Jews to escape Hitler. Then dad spent his last days as a teen in allied bomber command navigating airplanes stationed at modernday Myanmar. Surviving thanks to the Americas dad was in Keynes last class where he was taught that only a handful of system designers control what futures are possible. EconomistScotland.com AbedMooc.com

To help mediate such, question every world eventwith optimistic rationalism, my father's 2000 articles at The Economist interpret all sorts of future spins. After his 15th year he was permitted one signed survey a year. In the mid 1950s he had met John Von Neumann whom he become biographer to , and was the only journalist at Messina's's birth of EU. == If you only have time for one download this one page tour of COLLABorations composed by Fazle Abed and networked by billion poorest village women offers clues to sustainability from the ground up like no white ruler has ever felt or morally audited. by London Scot James Wilson. Could Queen Victoria change empire fro slavemaking to commonwealth? Some say Victoria liked the challenge James set her, others that she gave him a poison pill assignment. Thus James arrived in Calcutta 1860 with the Queens permission to charter a bank by and for Indian people. Within 9 months he died of diarrhea. 75 years later Calcutta was where the Young Fazle Abed grew up - his family accounted for some of the biggest traders. Only to be partitioned back at age 11 to his family's home region in the far north east of what had been British Raj India but was now to be ruled by Pakistan for 25 years. Age 18 Abed made the trek to Glasgow University to study naval engineering.

new york

1943 marked centenary autobio of The Economist and my teenage dad Norman prepping to be navigator allied bomber command Burma Campaign -thanks to US dad survived, finished in last class of Keynes. before starting 5 decades at The Economist; after 15 years he was allowed to sign one survey a year starting in 1962 with the scoop that Japan (Korea S, Taiwan soon hk singapore) had found development mp0de;s for all Asian to rise. Rural Keynes could end village poverty & starvation; supercity win-win trades could celebrate Neumanns gift of 100 times more tech per decade (see macrae bio of von neumann)

Since 1960 the legacy of von neumann means ever decade multiplies 100 times more micro-technology- an unprecedented time for better or worse of all earthdwellers; 2025 timelined and mapped innovation exponentials - education, health, go green etc - (opportunities threats) to celebrating sustainability generation by 2025; dad parted from earth 2010; since then 2 journals by adam smith scholars out of Glasgow where engines began in 1760- Social Business; New Economics have invited academic worlds and young graduates to question where the human race is going - after 30 business trips to wealthier parts of Asia, through 2010s I have mainly sherpa's young journalist to Bangladesh - we are filing 50 years of cases on women empowerment at these web sites AbedMOOC.com FazleAbed.com EconomistPoor.com EconomistUN.com WorldRecordjobs.com Economistwomen.com Economistyouth.com EconomistDiary.com UNsummitfuture.com - in my view how a billion asian women linked together to end extreme poverty across continental asia is the greatest and happiest miracle anyone can take notes on - please note the rest of this column does not reflect my current maps of how or where the younger half of the world need to linkin to be the first sdg generation......its more like an old scrap book

 how do humans design futures?-in the 2020s decade of the sdgs – this question has never had more urgency. to be or not to be/ – ref to lessons of deming or keynes, or glasgow university alumni smith and 200 years of hi-trust economics mapmaking later fazle abed - we now know how-a man made system is defined by one goal uniting generations- a system multiplies connected peoples work and demands either accelerating progress to its goal or collapsing - sir fazle abed died dec 2020 - so who are his most active scholars climate adaptability where cop26 november will be a great chance to renuite with 260 years of adam smith and james watts purposes t end poverty-specifically we interpret sdg 1 as meaning next girl or boy born has fair chance at free happy an productive life as we seek to make any community a child is born into a thriving space to grow up between discover of new worlds in 1500 and 1945 systems got worse and worse on the goal eg processes like slavery emerged- and ultimately the world was designed around a handful of big empires and often only the most powerful men in those empires. 4 amazing human-tech systems were invented to start massive use by 1960 borlaug agriculture and related solutions every poorest village (2/3people still had no access to electricity) could action learn person to person- deming engineering whose goal was zero defects by helping workers humanize machines- this could even allowed thousands of small suppliers to be best at one part in machines assembled from all those parts) – although americans invented these solution asia most needed them and joyfully became world class at them- up to 2 billion people were helped to end poverty through sharing this knowhow- unlike consuming up things actionable knowhow multiplies value in use when it links through every community that needs it the other two technologies space and media and satellite telecoms, and digital analytic power looked promising- by 1965 alumni of moore promised to multiply 100 fold efficiency of these core tech each decade to 2030- that would be a trillion tmes moore than was needed to land on the moon in 1960s. you might think this tech could improve race to end poverty- and initially it did but by 1990 it was designed around the long term goal of making 10 men richer than 40% poorest- these men also got involved in complex vested interests so that the vast majority of politicians in brussels and dc backed the big get bigger - often they used fake media to hide what they were doing to climate and other stuff that a world trebling in population size d\ - we the 3 generations children parents grandparents have until 2030 to design new system orbits gravitated around goal 1 and navigating the un's other 17 goals do you want to help/ 8 cities we spend most time helping students exchange sustainability solutions 2018-2019 BR0 Beijing Hangzhou: 

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