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we've transfered probeedings of cop26 mainly to our blog economistgreen.com - we note this presentarion for youth from cop26

day 4/9   Science Insider We only have three years left to avert the worst consequences of #climate change, a sobering report from the

warned on MondayHere are the 5 climate solutions that scientists say can make a dent in the crisis
A major UN report offers a playbook for averting the worst effects of climate change, if the world acts now. Forests, solar farms, and compact cities with electric buses can make a huge difference this decade. Here are five doable solutions for turning around the climate crisis right now.
Photo via @SciInsider
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Day 4/8 

The Hunger Project <no-reply@zoom.us>

Hi christopher,

This is a reminder that "Skoll Ecosystem Event - Climate Disruptors: Celebrating the Impact of Young Climate Activists" will begin in 1 hour on:

Archives of Seriously Concerned

thanks to those who helped maryland contribute to the bard/osun million student chatline of climate aware - 30  march 2022  -what's next?

NY Spring celebrates non-linear education - doc 1 ; call 1  2 ...

AuRevoir Brothers paul fazle ezra  csik.. when you hear sad/bad news tell us if you have prevention knowhow

edu All Change 2020s.docx  YouthMarkets Abed & WRJ Games :7 Western Wrongs-   Secrets of Birthing Change 1  

NY Mar24 kicks off 20th spring collab cafe festival: Thanks to leader of musicforsdgs.com from global broadway T B S, piccadilly and Shibuya ;; HumansAI.com asks what is E S G?

WorldRecordJobscould be most vital card game you ever play - if not tell us what is!

updates on sustainability gen's top 30 COLLABorations : 5.5 green-adaptors

Jeanne Lim•  CEO of beingAI | Angel Investor| HK
The metaverse is creating new and re-imagined professions. What other professions would you add here? t.ly/iu70

2022 spring 5 happiest click edu-saves humanity 1 2 3 4  5 votes for summer welcom chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you HK friends for 70 year inquest into education's past

can UN host 2023 summitfuture to SOS

Thank you Unesco Dec 2021 for publishing education's new social contract and WISE laureate Wendy Koppfor charging 60 nations teachers associations with an all change mission


Our 1984 book 2025 report discussed what would it take if preventing extinction meant we had 40 years to unite humans around systemic change of an unprecedented kind. Take changing education - we would need to move to a non-linear system something like this- which a billion poorest Asian women have nearly completed

log date 3/14 (pi day here in md) womensverse.net reports HK's  jeanne lim's us tour in full swing - a jewel in crown as ceo of hanson robotics - she turned humanoid sophia into un ambassador for robotics- hanson is  brilliiant engineer  selling million dollar humanoids- 

.Golden rule of entrepreneurial revolution - design transparent win-win positive cashflow models around purpose sustaining communities everywhere- avoid like the plague putin and 90 days numbers men

january 2022 thank you von neumann's family for supporting pilot of AI Hall of Fame -if johnny was alive today which first 20 tech wizards would he recommend millennials linkin in futureoflife to first

ABcEDu 2020s millennials top 30 collabs

start 3/30 with collab cafe - scaling change to climate curricula- out of MD nhood of abedplay & NIH

need more info = ask chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

.Imagine 2 years after moon landing you are helping 90% of people without access to electricity to build the 8th most populous nation - can education be designed to increase life expectancy from 25 years below world average, to end  death of half a million mothers a year by starvation and a million infants a year dying of dehydration and...

let it be that the brain and soul of sophia is a daughter called zbee https://twitter.com/zbeebeing - her exploits currently launched at austin www.beingai.com --- chris Brand Chartering writes: working at world's largest ad agency in mad avenue 2000 -  waking up media world os easy - but university channels? - -find out how to shine some light even as dark clouds of europe's fate are mapped- apparently HK creatives have been doing the deepest homework on humanising AI-zbee fans are very kind women empowering souls if you have any advice you want to share directly... as for the UN let's help with 2023's summitfuture - lots of work needed after moving chairs of digital cooperation research announced early 2017) 

-more on my search at lunchclub and i will kick off the million climate youth debate with a 900 lightning round from n bethesda march 30 and www.ecop26.com

at what age are children in your place actively participating in climate adaptation curricula?

we are researching this throughout march - debriefing on march 30 during the million youth chat of the 100 new university collaboration begun by osun/bard out of new york region and luminaries of fazle abed including Glasgow cop26 chapter -see journals of new economics and social business inspired by GU alumni Fazle Abed and regular debates since the 250th annual keynote on adam smith moral sentiments (with special thanks from macrae family for including dad's remembrance in 252nd annual celebrations of smith)

rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk to linkin your youth-centric climate adaptation edu

non-linear education's climate adaptation places * cases being assembled include

- 3rd grade animal hero books catalogue by new yorks leading artists networks - each book related the animals lifestory to un sgd concerns  -this is an associate movement if the experiential learning resource -muusic as a global resource

in bangladesh village adaptation is integral to every over 90% of girls development from 1972 now nearer 70% - one of the village business networks helping fund this is social forestry; the over all collaboration of worldwide smart villages living up to fazle abed legacy can be searched here

in glasgow as presented during cop26 economist bangla - primary school girls and boys make their own banner action statements - no need to leave school on friday if your school has at least a day a week celebrating being the green generation 

zoom link 30  march 9am usa east coast time   Passcode: r0p4wW

womensverse.net and abed luminaries are celebrating any non linear education climate adaptation action collabs linked by childrens favorite humanoids or teachers- in 1972 the new nation of bangladesh started building learner-centric education for any age of women celebrating sustainability of village businesses or village education www.economistbangla.net www.abedmooc.com (special climate tag 5.5 ) bracnet.ning.com

https://www.linkedin.com/in/unwomens/ chris macrae writes: We connect massive collaborations (urgent action learning networks) through partnership links - eg journals of Adam Smith researchers at Glasgow University since 2008 or The Economist since 1843! Poor - see EconomistPoor.com climate poor group 5.5. In 1984 our book www.2025rport.com examined teachers and elders - would humans be sustainable if poverty not ended by 2025?

fromeconomistgreen.com - replay all of cop26 (who are you continuing to engage through cop27 egypt)  chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

To readers of our biography of von neumann in English & Japanese. engaging with this end of 2021 Princeton Space could be impactful

please see our special - results of cop26

update links 19 Nov 2021

collaboration request - reducing cop to actionable results is a huge chore - if you'd like to share in this pls mail chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - beyound ecop26.com we have multiple co-blogs including economistgreen.com greenbigbang.com xglasgow.com sdgscotand.com and of course the half centry of workd by billion women abedmooc.com

in the history of human development there isnt a greater miracle than how a billion asian women villagers person to person networked between 2020 and 1970 to end extreme poverty with the least carbon usage ever - where they go next is indicated by this picture - its not self standing but hundreds of cases are at abedmooc.com or ask chris for a tour


miscellaneus other jottingd

yunus latest webs on climate From Shabbir Ahmad to Everyone: 06:17 AM
Following are the websites to know more about Social Business, Microfinance, 3 Zero Clubs and other initiatives of Prof Yunus. https://socialbusinesspedia.com/ https://3zero.club/ https://www.grameenamerica.org/

https://unfccc-cop26.streamworld.de/program 1 nov 2021

hello glasgow and earth to cop - great first 90 minutes update of how close to extinction we are- so far prince charles has offered to get 10 industries to agree what each sectors purpose is on earth   https://www.sustainable-markets.org/TerraCarta_Charter_Jan11th2021.pdf

announced market by market leaders clubs- what is the purpose of fashions? what is the purpose of different energy sectors? What is the purpose of the 300 trillion dollar western pension funds? See also clean energy laureates whom Charles organises with bbc nature broadcasters at http://www.ashden.org. ... I have been studying markets all my working life http://www.valuetrue.com (none more exciting than markets designed by Asia's billion poorest women and their world's largest civil society collaboration platforms http://www.ebrac.com celebrated over 50 years by Fazle Abed and of course Scots who believe every college student should read adam smith offer unique ways of exploring extinction/ sustainability as the two opposite ends to how all are lives are organised.

its 25 year now we published how to charter   what was large organsiation's leadership purpose and for over 10 yeras we have called for trilliondollaraudits.comto transparently clarify every local-globa market's purpose on earth - please contact chris.macrae2yahoo.co.uk if you are working i this area

hip hip hurrah from ecop26.com our associates ebrac.com economistwormen.com economistpoor.com economistyouth.com worldrecordjobs.com xglasgow.com adamsmith.app  sdgscotalnd.com = we'd love to hear from mobilisers at Egypts cop27- not time like the summitfuture.com      journalofneweconomics.com

hello from DC, Glasgow, Dhaka, Tokyo, Oxbridge- we expect to pivot to a co-blog from december on the road to Egypt cop 27 via rewired 2021 dubai expo, uae cop28 as Guterres common Agenda builds to UNsummitfuture.com 2023-EconomistEurope.com summer 2021 saw a terrifying g7 miss cornwall not to fund 100% vaccination - now fall 2021: with German and Japan leadership for next 2 years unknowable we scots will likely focus on leaving uk assuming cop26 is more blah blah white-sheep  -questions welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

related links Glasgow University led Journal of New Economis launch year of cop26; journal of social business launched 11 years ago at Yunus 70th Birthday Party coincinciding with Interdependence weekend 4 July 2010 - as american friends may know JF Kennedy declared Declaration of Interdependence 1962 but with Megar Evers was assassinated in 1963 strating 60 yeras of medias in English language losing menral health of celebrities the world over - k=japanthanks.com to sisters Naomi and 

EconomistPoor.com EconomistDiary.com Xglasgow.com 

EconomistAsia.net Greenbigbang.com Economistwomen.com

bidenuni.com valuetrue.com


alumnisat.com 2025report.com HG wells civilzation is race between education & catastrophe

goodhubsgude.com begun london 2005 - tip avoid impacthub until it pays its outstanding debts to early microfinaciers

update news week before cop26- are amy westerm network helping asian poorer nations on climate road - see eg these links 1

LAST CHECKLIST FOR ecop26.com Glasgow Nov & Emypt 2022

most exciting green resources we've found so dar - please tell chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk (economistgreen.com) yours


where do 50 years of colaborations around billion asian womens goal 1 end poverty connect with going green - please see www.economistpoor.com

where next after Glasgow and until 2023UNSummitfuture.com please see economistdiary.com

very scottish veiw on youth friendships we aim to celebrate -economistscotland.com

we're still trying to make sure world leaps forward on other urgent collaborations eg www.economisthealth.com alibrac.com economistasia.net  www.2025report.com

london has nominated this uk team https://ukcop26.org/uk-presidency/our-team/ we are interested in linkages between all events up to guterres 2023 www.unsummitfuture.com - see our blog on events that may be helping or distracting commitment to under 30s being teh sustainability generation in spite pf covid, climate ....

how can our connections through Glasgow help visitors to cop26? - please email chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk and I will introduce you to who's been doing what in glasgow since 2008 and who they are connecting during cop26 

examples of COLLAB Actions SCOTS MOST WANT TO CELEBRATE from cop26 ON

1-will you contribute to Journal of New Economics - after 260 years adam smith scholars demand return of morality and transparency to economists

after cop26- we'll continuously help networks empowering youth as first sustainability generation link summit-future with next big Economistdiary convergence being  that timetabled by Guterres for 2023


2021 is our 60th year of debating whether the fastest changes in humanity will be sustainable - see eg economistpoor.com and summitfuture.com as well as norman macrae library of entreprenurial revolution and Asia Rising

our dialogues between east and west started with revolutions Japan. korea, taiwan were unstoppably scaling from 1960 - the 2 Asian models Norman published from 1962 concerned

villages rural keynes - 100% employmrmt

hi-tech collaboration supercities - eg tokyo-seoul-taiwan-hk-singapore-and thence investmemts of the chinese diaspora from 1972 the third most organised financial network after east coast usa and japan)- soon west coast usa diverged hugely in entrepreneurial capitalism feom east coast

our western dialogues were hosted for 40 years out of The Economist in London St James (eg friday luncheons on global leadership decision makingf were hosted weekly for 4 decades)

but have since 1990 mapped through various collaboration cities - for example Glasgow University  has been a gdeep collabortaion hub since 2008 revisiting the start of machines in 1760 and continental asian engineer students for hmamnity - fazle abed graduation 1959

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spring 2022 questions to hong kong's human capital enetrepreneurs

dear  VL in Hong Kong  - whats the latest progress of ai education with youth of autism? also do you have a view on :

this japanese contribution https://www.softbankrobotics.com/emea/en/node/

this metahub out of nordica  https://specialisternefoundation.com/ https://twitter.com/spfnd

I also wonder if subnetwork ofcatchafire has a support autism communities and how mit rosalind picards work interconnects (about 13 years ago she explained that one reason to be fascinated by robotics was to see if lessons robots progress on mimicing the 5 human senses can aslo help humans who are handicapped on one sense but often have superpoers on the senses they can use

related 5 senses -1st grade experiential learning

chris macrae said:

spring 2022 questions to hong kong's human capital enetrepreneurs

dear  VL in Hong Kong  - whats the latest progress of ai education with youth of autism? also do you have a view on :

this japanese contribution https://www.softbankrobotics.com/emea/en/node/

this metahub out of nordica  https://specialisternefoundation.com/ https://twitter.com/spfnd

I also wonder if subnetwork ofcatchafire has a support autism communities and how mit rosalind picards work interconnects (about 13 years ago she explained that one reason to be fascinated by robotics was to see if lessons robots progress on mimicing the 5 human senses can aslo help humans who are handicapped on one sense but often have superpoers on the senses they can use

related 5 senses -1st grade experiential learning

examples of how lunchclub network sees metaverse

Results for metaverse

Profile Picture

David Sellam


David is a head at Farfetch (fashion marketplace) who is passionate about the business of fashion and really excited about what's to come in the digital fashion / fashion tech space and its crossover with video games (Metaverse?)

Head of E-Concessions - Groups at FARFETCH
Talks about #fashion, #metaverse, #fashiontech, and #sustainablefashion
  • =================================

Profile Picture

Natalie Fratto

New York City

Natalie is a new founder/ceo and is also working on publishing her first book. She's previously worked in strategy/corp dev @ Goldman Sachs, Silicon Valley Bank and IBM Watson. Her pandemic-acquired hobbies include making 12 inch miniature homes & nyc falconry.

We’ll match you to more people like Natalie!

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Enis Karaarslan turkish wiki blockchain

Chief Editor @ Journal Of Metaversedownload issue 1

extracts page 1 I. INTRODUCTION  Muhammet Damar
Mark Zuckerberg announced in October, 2021 that
Facebook will change its name to Meta and also make
significant investments in Metaverse [13]. Many people saw
Metaverse as a new word. But the concept of Metaverse is not
a new term. The word metaverse first appeared in 1992 in a
speculative piece of fiction called Snow Crash by Neal
Stephenson...Alang [1] defined the Metaverse as the layer between you
and reality. Metaverse refers to a 3D virtual shared world
where all activities can be carried out with the help of
augmented and virtual reality services. Such platforms have
gained popularity over the past few years as people shift their
activities online, especially during the coronavirus pandemic
[25]. The metaverse refers to a shared 3D virtual world in
which all activities can take place using augmented and virtual
reality equipment. These platforms have gained popularity in recent years as people shift their activities online, especially
during the COVID-19 pandemic [6].Masters et al. [12] stated that the importance of
distance education has increased in the increasing Covid 19
disease, and the ways to make it more realistic in order to
increase the effectiveness and range of education are being
Zuckerberg’s vision didn’t have to do with advertising,
which provides the bulk of Facebook’s current profits, or the
increase in the total size of the social network, which already
has around three billion monthly active users [2]. In summary,
Facebook’s introduction by Mark Zuckerberg has shifted
everyone’s attention to Metaverse and has made it a topic that
is discussed in our daily lives. Humanity has begun to question
the concept of the Metaverse even more now. At first glance,
the concept of the metaverse is directly associated with
augmented reality and virtual reality issues. But it is also clear
that it is much more than what Mark Zuckerberg imagined or
what the Seoul municipality of South Korea imagined.As Zuckerberg revealed to the media before the Facebook
Connect conference, the company claims it will be the next
big computing platform after the rise of smartphones and the
mobile web [8]. Not only Facebook's Meta company, but also
companies such as Microsoft and Nike are struggling to take
their place in this market. Even states are getting hungry for
national policies on this issue, with South Korea the only
government trying to recreate the virtual public square [23].
In summary, it is not just private businesses that support
Metaverse. The South Korean State has started to carry out
policies on this issue and they have started to share it with the
public. The first statement on this issue came from South
Korea. It has been announced that a large enterprise involving
500 companies including Samsung, Hyundai Motors, SK
Telecom, and KT will be provided by the state, for example,
$26 million in just 2022 [10]. The future of the Metaverse is
almost entirely built by companies.

Rank Title Year C
1 Making real money in virtual worlds: MMORPGs
and emerging business opportunities, challenges and
ethical implications in metaverses
2008 153
2 3D Virtual Worlds and the Metaverse: Current Status
and Future Possibilities
2013 111
3 Introduction: Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed
Realities in Education
2017 85
4 User-Friendly Home Automation Based on 3D
Virtual World
2010 70
5 Retail spatial evolution: paving the way from
traditional to metaverse retailing
2009 62
6 A content service deployment plan for metaverse
museum exhibitions-Centering on the combination
of beacons and HMDs
2017 53
7 Retailing in Social Virtual Worlds: Developing a
Typology of Virtual Store Atmospherics
2015 28
8 Virtual world, defined from a technological
perspective and applied to video games, mixed
reality, and the Metaverse
2018 21
9 Metaverses as a Platform for Game Based Learning 2010 19
10 Innovation and imitation effects in Metaverse service
2011 19
11 Synthetic Educational Environment - a Footpace to
New Education
2017 18
12 Multilingual Discussion in Metaverse among
Students from the USA, Korea and Japan
2010 15
13 Splendid isolation: ‘Philosopher’s islands’ and the
reimagination of space
2012 14
14 Virtual STEM class for nuclear safety education in
2014 11
15 Opening the Metaverse 2010 15
16 Distributed Metaverse: Creating Decentralized
Blockchain-based Model for Peer-to-peer Sharing of
Virtual Spaces for Mixed Reality Applications
2018 10
17 Evaluation For Students’ Learning Manner Using
Eye Blinking System in Metaverse
2015 10
18 Blinking Eyes Behaviors and Face Temperatures of
Students in YouTube Lessons - For the Future Elearning Class
2016 8
19 Virtual World as a Resource for Hybrid Education 2020 7
20 From Industry 4.0 to Nature 4.0-Sustainable
Infrastructure Evolution by Design 2018 6
a. Citations: C

Previously Huawei Ict Academy Instructor @ Mu?la S?tk? Koçman Üniversitesi


Meet people like Enis

Profile Picture

Theo Haugen

San Francisco Bay

Theo is the VP of Customer Experience at Unison, a fintech startup that is unlocking residential real estate equity - the largest global asset class - for both investors and homeowners. He collects Hawaiian shirts and is interested in the future of fintech, leadership, and behavioral finance.


Meet people like Theo

Profile Picture

Amol Ghemud


Amol is an Ardent reader, Adventure enthusiast, Yoga practitioner, Digital marketing consultant, and Growth Hacker. He works with value-driven organizations and result oriented entrepreneurs to build online authority, increase qualified inbound traffic, improve conversions, and develop brand awareness. He is the Chief Growth Officer and Founder of upGrowth. He is also a Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing Expert, and Mentor, at upGrad.


Meet people like Amol

Profile Picture

Elifayiter Alphaauer

Chief Editor, Metaverse Creativity Journal @ Intellect Journals

Previously Phd Student @ Planetary Collegium


Meet people like Elifayiter

Profile Picture

Joey Macarthur

Metaverse Master @ Kcc Corporation

Previously Art Advisor @ Degen.studio


Meet people like Joey

Profile Picture

Julia Xu

New York City

Julia is a strategy & innovation professional operating at the intersection of music/entertainment and tech, with a particular focus on gaming, music, Metaverse, and Web3. In her free time, she's a singer, martial artist and Twitch streamer.

We’ll match you to more people like Julia!

Profile Picture

Ken Huang

Co-founder @ Metaverse Dna

Previously Senior Advisor @ Pchain


Meet people like Ken

Profile Picture

Ray Wu

San Francisco Bay

Ray is an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist with high tech and cross border experiences. He focuses on Blockchain, Fintech and Metaverse


Meet people like Ray

Profile Picture

Martin Roeck

Washington DC

Martin is a Data Analyst at the World Bank. At night, I experiment on what comes after the metaverse - virtual experiences and video games that drive impact by connecting humans in an authentic and playful way.


Meet people like Martin

Profile Picture

Koshi Hamedi

Director Of Strategy @ Microsoft

Previously Investor, Co-founder @ School Of Applied Technology


Meet people like Koshi

Profile Picture

Joseph Alfred Pineda


Asia, Europe, and Australia. Digital learning, IT management, & sports. Now into the metaverse. Teaching about databases and the cloud online. Hosting & organizing events and forums. Ran a laundry & drycleaning business. Would love to hear your stories.


Meet people like Joseph Alfred

Profile Picture

Maksym Naboka

Staff Software Engineer @ Stealth Crypto/metaverse Startup

Previously Senior Software Engineer @ Stealth Startup


Meet people like Maksym

Profile Picture

Nick Lulofs

San Francisco Bay

Nick is a Nick of all trades, a cofounder and game director of an early stage company making a mobile metaverse, and new to San Francisco.


Meet people like Nick

Profile Picture

Stephen Kline

Vice President, Privacy and Legal Affairs @ Metaverse Mod Squad

Previously Senior Counsel, Privacy @ Nbc Universal


Meet people like Stephen

Profile Picture

Oleg Dre

Co-founder @ Carpe Diem Solutions

Previously Managing Partner | Wealth Management, Hnwi @ Diamond Capital


Meet people like Oleg

Profile Picture

Steve Wade

San Francisco Bay

Steve is an ex-video game executive and now media & entertainment investment banker. He focuses on gaming and gaming-adjacent companies' M&A & financing transactions. Blue Mammoth Games, Trion Worlds, Smaato, Gazillion, etc.


Meet people like Steve

from https://www.analyticsinsight.net/top-10-ai-unicorns-that-are-settin...

These top AI unicorns are creative massive technological disruption

Artificial intelligence is presently the most disruptive technology. From identifying our faces to recommending the best products, artificial intelligence is everywhere. This technology is also becoming a great source for top AI startups to achieve their bottom-line targets. Most promising AI startups are garnering the attention of numerous investors across the world. These top AI unicorns are giving tough competition to well-established companies.

Best AI unicorns are majorly in the field of big data analytics, autonomous driving, facial recognition, etc. According to research firm CB Insights, more than 30 AI unicorns are now valued at more than a billion dollars.

Here is the list of the top 10 AI unicorns that are growing with investment as well as its impact they are creating globally.



ByteDance is a Chinese AI company, having a valuation of around $140 million is the biggest AI unicorn startup in 2021. If you are unfamiliar with this name, you must have heard of its flagship product, TikTok. ByteDance uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in developing algorithms that can provide videos and content as per user’s preferences and likes. Currently, ByteDance is using its recommendation algorithms to grow its portfolio to compete with big tech enterprises.


SambaNova Systems

SambaNova Systems is a Palo Alto, California based AI startup that raised $676m in its Series D round in 2021. This funding made the total valuation of the company to around $1.13bn, making it the best-funded AI startup in the world. The company commercializes the work of ML Stanford University Professors Kunle Olukotun and Professor Chris Ré and is chaired by the CEO of design tool vendor Cadence Design Systems, Lip-Bu Tan. The company has definitely entered the list of best AI startups of 2020-2021.



UiPath is popularly known as the first Romanian unicorn. UiPath is the most promising AI startup backed by Google and is set to achieve 5000% growth. The company is an expert in the field of RPA and provides software robots in the form of a SaaS platform to enterprises. UiPath is one of the fastest companies to gain the AI unicorn title. Founded in 2005, it is now valued at over $3 billion. It was ranked 26th on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 in 2018 and gained 14th position in the Forbes 2018 Cloud providers listing.



Dataminr was founded in 2009 in New York and provides a real-time AI platform to identify risks and unforeseen events. It uses publicly available data and applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to help enterprises and public organizations find upcoming risks and alerts them. In 2018, the company raised $392 million in a round, making the valuation of around $1.6 billion. This AI unicorn is still growing and helping media firms and public authorities identify high-impact events and critical breaking information.



HighRadius joined the club of AI unicorns last year with $125 million in Series B growth funding. This round made the valuation of the company more than $1 billion. The company has created AI-powered fintech software that automates a variety of functions. The company presently has more than 400 clients including top companies like Walmart, Procter & Gamble, and making $1 trillion in transactions per year. The company makes its place in the biggest AI startups and plans to further develop its platform and expand its geographic reach.



SenseTime, a Chinese AI startup founded in 2014, is now valued at $12 billion after the Pre-IPO round of fundraising in 2020. SenseTime is an AI platform that includes deep learning and a supercomputing center, provides Computer Vision (CV) technology to multiple industries. Initially founded as an AI facial recognition algorithm specialist, the company is now known as the leader in AI technology research.


Feedzai Inc.

Feedzai is a fraud detection AI startup that recently bagged a $200 million round of funding. With this funding, the company is valued at more than $1 billion. Feedzai now comes in the best AI startup as well as top AI unicorns, with 80% of the clientele of Fortune 500 companies. The company aims to develop its platform that will provide a full end-to-end financial crime and risk management solution.


Scale AI Inc.

Scale AI  was founded in 2016 that teaches machines how to see. In 2019, it received a $100 million investment, making it one of the growing AI unicorns as it coveted the $1 billion mark. It has also entered Silicon Valley’s list of unicorns. Its AI technology is being used by elite customers in the autonomous driving segment. Nonetheless, companies like Airbnb and Pinterest have also shown interest in Scale’s technology.


Automation Anywhere

Automation anywhere has recently buzzed in the news of a growing AI unicorn as it received $250 million in 2019, making the valuation of the company at 1.8$ billion. Automation Anywhere is a software organization committed to Robotic Process Automation. Using a cloud automation platform with machine learning, AI, and analytics, it implements programming bots to assist clients with automating their dreary and manual undertakings, and other business processes to build efficiency, and improve customer experience and employee engagement.



Pony.ai joins the club of AI unicorns of the world. The company raised funding of $50 million in 2019 and $102 million in 2018, which made the company cross the mark of $1 billion. Pony.ai is a self-driving tech unicorn that creates autonomous vehicles without the need for a human driver. The company has achieved Level 5 autonomous driving technology.

 great segment on all fady's partners starting at 20min 10 seconds at heart of boston
relatedroboticscareer.org  and increasing overlaps with ai skills (suzi arm institute)

Results for hong

Profile Picture

Amy Mason

Hong Kong

Amy is the Strategy and Operations Manager of Global Sourcing at Ralph Lauren. She is passionate about sustainability and wellness.

We’ll match you to more people like Amy!

Learn how Lunchclub makes matches

Profile Picture

Hong Nguyen

Tutor and Mentor @ Interfaith Social Change Movement

Previously Financial Representative @ World Financial Group (wfg)


Meet people like Hong

Learn how Lunchclub makes matches

Profile Picture

Tammy Foo

Hong Kong

Tammy is the founder of 2 start ups: [Holaa Digital] - helping brands to engage with APAC customers thru digital marketing; [B Good Store] - an ecommerce project to introduce B corp brands to Asia. She is also passionate about digital media, sustainability, and responsibility.


Meet people like Tammy

Profile Picture

Hugo Lam

Cuhk Business School @ Hong Kong

Previously 1-year Rotational Assignment @ Maryland Department Of Transportation Headquarters


Meet people like Hugo

Profile Picture

Hong Kim

Lead Economist @ U.s. Department Of Labor

Previously Affiliated Professor @ School Of Mccourt School Of Public Policy


Meet people like Hong

Profile Picture

Stephanie Yu

Hong Kong

Stephanie is veteran in corporate social responsibility and social impact, but has taken a turn in her career not long ago to build and manage a health and fitness brand, at Barre 2 Barre. She is also a certified barre teacher who likes to boogie to some early 2000s tunes.


Meet people like Stephanie

Profile Picture

Matteo Giacomozzi

Hong Kong

Matteo is an Hong Kong based sourcing leader with depth in experience across fashion industry. A very deep understanding of sustainability and still need to find his path in life!


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Hong Qiu

Ph.d. Student @ University Of Ottawa

Previously Policy Analyst,labour Market Policy Directorate @ Emploi Et Développement Social Canada (edsc) / Employment and Social Development Canada (esdc)


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Steven Hong

Police Sergeant @ University Of Illinois At Chicago

Previously Police Officer @ Northern Illinois University


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Cecilia Mok

Hong Kong

Cecilia works at J.P. Morgan foundation looking at workforce development, small business, and financial health issues in the ASEAN region and Australia/New Zealand. She is looking to meet new people.


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Wendy Cheng

Hong Kong

Wendy is a FinTech & eCommerce enthusiast. At the age of 14, she started selling luxury second-hand goods online at Xanga.com, and recently she handcrafted scented candles. Currently, she is a Business Development Manager (Financial Institutions) at Ant Group.


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Hong Zhang

Professor @ University Of Alberta


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Eva Yoe

Hong Kong

Eva is a former touring golf professional. She has been working in the non-profit sector for the past 8 years. She is also an artist and animal lover. She is an Associate Director Of Development at The Nature Conservancy.


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Lei Qi

London Business School @ Hong Kong

Previously Pe Investment Associate @ China Development Bank Capital


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Sean Brierly

Hong Kong

Sean is a banker at Citi managing the FinTech sector in Asia for their Treasury and Trade Solutions business. He is interested discussing current topics, Technology and its ability to help the greater good, and meeting new people who have an interesting story to share.


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Angel Tsoi

Management Trainee @ Hang Seng Bank

Previously Analyst Programmer, Banking Conduct Department @ Hong Kong Monetary Authority (hkma)


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Sherry Gui

Hong Kong

Sherry is a product designer and a bridge-builder between cultures. Sherry just moved from NYC back to HK. Currently, she is serving as the president of an NGO for international families. Meanwhile, she is also getting her master's in Interaction Design.


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Zoie Leung

?????? @ Hong Kong

Previously Editorial Assistant @ Tencent


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Cecilia Lui

Hong Kong

Cecilia is the Founder and Director of ILIA Connect, supporting professionals and organizations to gain the skills and cultural nuances they need to adapt and adjust to their teams and environments. She specializes in helping others with their Communications, Leadership, and Cross-Cultural and Inclusion knowledge.


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Abhinav Pandey

Hkust Business School @ Hong Kong

Previously Intern @ Symantec


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Upwards and onwards if you participated in million youth chat of march 30 or not please tell us whats's next eg 

Dear Higher Education Engagement and Transformation (HEET) colleagues

We are ready for our next webinar so we can advance the dialogue- and hopefully policies- related to climate change and higher education. So, this Thursday April 21, 9-10am ET, the webinar will feature presentations by:

  • Dr. Stephen Commins, Associate Director, Global Public Affairs, Luskin School of Public Affairs, University of the University of California-Los Angeles on the impact of rising temperatures on education
  • Dr. Bradley Flamm, Director of the Office of Sustainability at University of Pennsylvania-West Chester on how the university successfully integrated climate change adaptation strategies
  • The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Madina Junussova, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Policy and Administration of the University of Central Asia.

This event will include English closed captioning (cc). Advance registration required:  Register here to join the discussion! 

Here is the description of the event, which you can share widely.

Remember that last month,our Higher Education Engagement and Transformation (HEET) Community of Practice held a webinar entitled "Greening Higher Education: Intersections of Education and Climate Change".  The webinar brought together over 60 participants from all over the world and two presenters: Beth Johnson, from USAID's Center for Education, on advancing climate action in and through education, and Dr Christina Kwauk, from Unbounded Associates, on a transformative green skills framework. The slides and recording are located here https://lnkd.in/g6Ema528The take aways from the webinar can be found here.

See you on the 21st of April!
Yolande and Albina


Yolande Miller-Grandvaux, PhD | Global Education Senior Strategy Advisor, Global Education Department 

Family Health International 360

1825 Connecticut Avenue, NW |Washington, DC 20009 

 ymiller-grandvaux@fhi360.org | www.fhi360.org | FHI 360 Facebook
Pronouns: she/her/hers

notes on climate for economist diarty.com

may 2022 saw stockholm +50 celebrated by Guterres et al followed from june 6 to 16 to UN event at bonn un rehearsals for Egypt cop27

note to  self this climate ai report  https://gpai.ai/projects/responsible-ai/environment/climate-change-...

has following lead contributors - try to find their twitter accounts

Lead Authors
Centre for AI & Climate 
Peter Clutton-Brock Radiance International (UK)

Climate Change AI
David Rolnick
McGill University and Mila
Priya L. Donti
Carnegie Mellon
University (USA)
Lynn H. Kaack
Hertie School (Germany)

Project Authors
Tegan Maharaj
Climate Change AI and University of Toronto
Alexandra (Sasha) Luccioni
Climate Change AI and Mila (Canada)
Hari Prasanna Das
Climate Change AI and UC Berkeley (USA)

GPAI Project Steering
Nicolas Miailhe
Member, Data Governance
Working Group
The Future Society (France)

Raja Chatila
Co-Chair, Responsible AI Working
Sorbonne University (France)

Marta Kwiatkowska
Member, Responsible AI Working
University of Oxford (UK)

Virginia Dignum
Member, Responsible AI Working
University of Umea (Sweden)

Cyrus Hodes
Invited Specialist
Viento.ai (USA)

Jacques Rajotte
CEIMIA (Canada)
Edward Teather
CEIMIA (Canada)
Johannes Leon Kirnberger
OECD and The Future Society (Germany)

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unaiwho.docx version 6/6/22 hunt for 100 helping guterres most with UN2.0

EconomistDiary.com Friends20.com & EntrepreneurialRevolution.city select 2022's greatest moments for citizens/youth of NY & HK & Utellus

Prep for UN Sept 22 summit education no longer fit for human beings/sustainability


Since gaining my MA statistics Cambridge DAMTP 1973 (Corpus Christi College) my special sibject has been community building networks- these are the 6 most exciting collaboration opportunities my life has been privileged to map - the first two evolved as grassroots person to person networks before 1996 in tropical Asian places where village women had no access to electricity grids nor phones- then came mobile and solar entrepreneurial revolutions!! 

COLLAB platforms of livesmatter communities to mediate public and private -poorest village mothers empowering end of poverty    5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5  5.6

4 livelihood edu for all 

4.1  4.2  4.3  4.4  4.5 4.6

3 last mile health services  3.1 3,2  3.3  3.4   3.5   3.6

last mile nutrition  2.1   2.2   2.3   2.4  2.5  2,6

banking for all workers  1.1  1.2  1.3   1.4   1.5   1.6

NEWS FROM LIBRARY NORMAN MACRAE -latest publication 2021 translation into japanese biography of von neumann:

Below: neat German catalogue (about half of dad's signed works) but expensive  -interesting to see how Germans selected the parts  they like over time: eg omitted 1962 Consider Japan The Economist 

feel free to ask if free versions are available 

The coming entrepreneurial revolution : a survey Macrae, Norman - In: The economist 261 (1976), pp. 41-65 cited 105 

Macrae, Norman - In: IPA review / Institute of PublicAffairs 25 (1971) 3, pp. 67-72  
 Macrae, Norman - The Economist 257 (1975), pp. 1-44 
6 The future of international business Macrae, Norman - In: Transnational corporations and world order : readings …, (pp. 373-385). 1979 >
Future U.S. growth and leadership assessed from abroad Macrae, Norman - In: Prospects for growth : changing expectations for the future, (pp. 127-140). 1977 Check Google Scholar | 
9Entrepreneurial Revolution - next capitalism: in hi-tech left=right=center; The Economist 1976
Macrae, Norman -In: European community (1978), pp. 3-6
  Macrae, Norman - In: Kapitalismus heute, (pp. 191-204). 1974

. we scots are less than 4/1000 of the worlds and 3/4 are Diaspora - immigrants in others countries. Since 2008 I have been celebrating Bangladesh Women Empowerment solutions wth NY graduates. Now I want to host love each others events in new york starting this week with hong kong-contact me if we can celebrate anoither countries winm-wins with new yorkers



TWO Macroeconomies FROM SIXTH OF PEOPLE WHO ARE WHITE & war-prone




From 60%+ people =Asian Supercity (60TH YEAR OF ECONOMIST REPORTING - SEE CONSIDER JAPAN1962)

Far South - eg African, Latin Am, Australasia

Earth's other economies : Arctic, Antarctic, Dessert, Rainforest


In addition to how the 5 primary sdgs1-5 are gravitated we see 6 transformation factors as most critical to sustainability of 2020-2025-2030

Xfactors to 2030 Xclimate XAI Xinfra Xyouth Wwomen Xpoor chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk (scot currently  in washington DC)- in 1984 i co-authored 2025 report with dad norman.

Asia Rising Surveys

Entrepreneurial Revolution -would endgame of one 40-year generations of applying Industrial Revolution 3,4 lead to sustainability of extinction

1972's Next 40 Years ;1976's Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution; 12 week leaders debate 1982's We're All Intrapreneurial Now

The Economist had been founded   in 1843" marking one of 6 exponential timeframes "Future Histores"


we offer worldwide mapping view points from

1 2 now to 2025-30

and these viewpoints:

40 years ago -early 1980s when we first framed 2025 report;

from 1960s when 100 times more tech per decade was due to compound industrial revolutions 3,4 

1945 birth of UN

1843 when the economist was founded

1760s - adam smithian 2 views : last of pre-engineering era; first 16 years of engineering ra including america's declaration of independence- in essence this meant that to 1914 continental scaling of engineeriing would be separate new world <.old world


IF we 8 billion earthlings of the 2020s are to celebrate collaboration escapes from extinction, the knowhow of the billion asian poorest women networks will be invaluable -

in mathematically connected ways so will the stories of diaspora scots and the greatest mathematicians ever home schooled -central european jewish teens who emigrated eg Neumann , Einstein ... to USA 2nd quarter of the 20th century; it is on such diversity that entrepreneurial revolution diaries have been shaped 

EconomistPOOR.com : Dad was born in the USSR in 1923 - his dad served in British Embassies. Dad's curiosity enjoyed the opposite of a standard examined education. From 11+ Norman observed results of domination of humans by mad white men - Stalin from being in British Embassy in Moscow to 1936; Hitler in Embassy of last Adriatic port used by Jews to escape Hitler. Then dad spent his last days as a teen in allied bomber command navigating airplanes stationed at modernday Myanmar. Surviving thanks to the Americas dad was in Keynes last class where he was taught that only a handful of system designers control what futures are possible. EconomistScotland.com AbedMooc.com

To help mediate such, question every world eventwith optimistic rationalism, my father's 2000 articles at The Economist interpret all sorts of future spins. After his 15th year he was permitted one signed survey a year. In the mid 1950s he had met John Von Neumann whom he become biographer to , and was the only journalist at Messina's's birth of EU. == If you only have time for one download this one page tour of COLLABorations composed by Fazle Abed and networked by billion poorest village women offers clues to sustainability from the ground up like no white ruler has ever felt or morally audited. by London Scot James Wilson. Could Queen Victoria change empire fro slavemaking to commonwealth? Some say Victoria liked the challenge James set her, others that she gave him a poison pill assignment. Thus James arrived in Calcutta 1860 with the Queens permission to charter a bank by and for Indian people. Within 9 months he died of diarrhea. 75 years later Calcutta was where the Young Fazle Abed grew up - his family accounted for some of the biggest traders. Only to be partitioned back at age 11 to his family's home region in the far north east of what had been British Raj India but was now to be ruled by Pakistan for 25 years. Age 18 Abed made the trek to Glasgow University to study naval engineering.

new york

1943 marked centenary autobio of The Economist and my teenage dad Norman prepping to be navigator allied bomber command Burma Campaign -thanks to US dad survived, finished in last class of Keynes. before starting 5 decades at The Economist; after 15 years he was allowed to sign one survey a year starting in 1962 with the scoop that Japan (Korea S, Taiwan soon hk singapore) had found development mp0de;s for all Asian to rise. Rural Keynes could end village poverty & starvation; supercity win-win trades could celebrate Neumanns gift of 100 times more tech per decade (see macrae bio of von neumann)

Since 1960 the legacy of von neumann means ever decade multiplies 100 times more micro-technology- an unprecedented time for better or worse of all earthdwellers; 2025 timelined and mapped innovation exponentials - education, health, go green etc - (opportunities threats) to celebrating sustainability generation by 2025; dad parted from earth 2010; since then 2 journals by adam smith scholars out of Glasgow where engines began in 1760- Social Business; New Economics have invited academic worlds and young graduates to question where the human race is going - after 30 business trips to wealthier parts of Asia, through 2010s I have mainly sherpa's young journalist to Bangladesh - we are filing 50 years of cases on women empowerment at these web sites AbedMOOC.com FazleAbed.com EconomistPoor.com EconomistUN.com WorldRecordjobs.com Economistwomen.com Economistyouth.com EconomistDiary.com UNsummitfuture.com - in my view how a billion asian women linked together to end extreme poverty across continental asia is the greatest and happiest miracle anyone can take notes on - please note the rest of this column does not reflect my current maps of how or where the younger half of the world need to linkin to be the first sdg generation......its more like an old scrap book

 how do humans design futures?-in the 2020s decade of the sdgs – this question has never had more urgency. to be or not to be/ – ref to lessons of deming or keynes, or glasgow university alumni smith and 200 years of hi-trust economics mapmaking later fazle abed - we now know how-a man made system is defined by one goal uniting generations- a system multiplies connected peoples work and demands either accelerating progress to its goal or collapsing - sir fazle abed died dec 2020 - so who are his most active scholars climate adaptability where cop26 november will be a great chance to renuite with 260 years of adam smith and james watts purposes t end poverty-specifically we interpret sdg 1 as meaning next girl or boy born has fair chance at free happy an productive life as we seek to make any community a child is born into a thriving space to grow up between discover of new worlds in 1500 and 1945 systems got worse and worse on the goal eg processes like slavery emerged- and ultimately the world was designed around a handful of big empires and often only the most powerful men in those empires. 4 amazing human-tech systems were invented to start massive use by 1960 borlaug agriculture and related solutions every poorest village (2/3people still had no access to electricity) could action learn person to person- deming engineering whose goal was zero defects by helping workers humanize machines- this could even allowed thousands of small suppliers to be best at one part in machines assembled from all those parts) – although americans invented these solution asia most needed them and joyfully became world class at them- up to 2 billion people were helped to end poverty through sharing this knowhow- unlike consuming up things actionable knowhow multiplies value in use when it links through every community that needs it the other two technologies space and media and satellite telecoms, and digital analytic power looked promising- by 1965 alumni of moore promised to multiply 100 fold efficiency of these core tech each decade to 2030- that would be a trillion tmes moore than was needed to land on the moon in 1960s. you might think this tech could improve race to end poverty- and initially it did but by 1990 it was designed around the long term goal of making 10 men richer than 40% poorest- these men also got involved in complex vested interests so that the vast majority of politicians in brussels and dc backed the big get bigger - often they used fake media to hide what they were doing to climate and other stuff that a world trebling in population size d\ - we the 3 generations children parents grandparents have until 2030 to design new system orbits gravitated around goal 1 and navigating the un's other 17 goals do you want to help/ 8 cities we spend most time helping students exchange sustainability solutions 2018-2019 BR0 Beijing Hangzhou: 

Girls world maps begin at B01 good news reporting with fazleabed.com  valuetrue.com and womenuni.com


online library of norman macrae--


MA1 AliBaba TaoBao

Ma 2 Ali Financial

Ma10.1 DT and ODPS

health catalogue; energy catalogue

Keynes: 2025now - jobs Creating Gen


how poorest women in world build

A01 BRAC health system,

A02 BRAC education system,

A03 BRAC banking system

K01 Twin Health System - Haiti& Boston

Past events EconomistDiary.com

include 15th annual spring collaboration cafe new york - 2022 was withsister city hong kong designers of metaverse for beeings.app

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