thks 260 years adam smith, 60 fazle abed & soros, 20 fei-fei li -Economist pro-youth economist -bravo sir fazle abed & jack ma

Connecting the dots of youth world's most joyful leaders and beautiful dreams to action network

 mail if you are concerned to be introduced into any of these conversations

topic 1 world's most trusted job creating educators and bankers

note on africa's blecher and Imunro- and women empowerment tech nailaC


dear I & N -urgent i believe that I introduce you-  started up africa's greatest youth microcredit in 1999- her love of orphans made JB"s happy families her retirement project; JB united youth gangs oit just mothers circles; it was also the first electroniic operated-transactions microcredit; it also had a simple idea- show you can earn something and we will offer loan to double that; N's grassroots work more than anyone connected village ladies training with mobile phones; she also runs her own telecentre business for abused women; she finally left dhaks 2 years ago for family reasons; she is signing womens empowerment projects across africa; in kenya she knows the networks behind the technology of mpesa and nanocredit; in south africa I have introduced her to taddy blecher who is introducing youth entrepreneur curricula to 14 million school children a year -whence 1 million jobs will be created in next 5 years- a model any major african capital could twin with if it is prepared ti change its schools; if you read quadirs mit journal innovations vol 6 issue 4 - you will see that kenya's banking regulations that I helped shaped have inspired a network of 100+ national regulators to debate the future of cashless banking which is as much a regulatory issue as an open tech issue- this is where sir fazle and the quadirs experiment with may yet determine where bangladesh's youth futures spin


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Living in USA I wonder if American youth can sustainably help change the world before changing america (I also wonder if anyone else feels that they need to change something in their nation before youth can change the world) I do want to say my questions have nothing to do with the main political parties (in the us democrats versus republicans) -if anything they are to do with the conflict between pre-net generation peoples and net generation youth.  

Anyhow in Obama's first speech on election early 2009 he clarified 4 failed systems that america had bankrupted its peoples (and was therefore asking youth to bailout) . This had compounded over many years of crisis of commons through short-term and old thinking. The four Obama cites in above video are banking, education, health, and energy. He has recently asked youth for help with education. Specifically he has promised that before he leaves there will be a value ranking of universities from youth's view point- the gap in terms of your career potential between the most valuable to youth and the least valuable to youth is mindblowing 

While I would love to be used as a pobox for student votes on most and least valuable universities from their viewpoint, I should say that I use the grounded theory approach in any interview I make. This is one of most innovative research processes proven over last 50 years. What you do: 
1 start interviewing someone and take notes 
2 read the note, highlight only those parts of answers that surprise you because they are not what most people say but which the respondent sounded very clear on 
3 Re-interview but only on the highlighted topics ... 

Here are some exception hypotheses that have emerged from grounded theory survey of students on value of universities 

There is a gap between courses professors have historically taught and job creating curriculum of the future -how do new curricula blossom? 

Our time as students is being misused- we are being over-examined on the past and not accredited enough for trying out entrepreneurial or collaborative job creating experiments especially in nearby communities most urgently would like solved. (For fans of DR Yunus, you know what changed his life was when he took his students out from classroom to stat searching for real solution in the villages to how to prevent million-death famines - a subject that around 1975 20th C macroeconomists had less than zero local data on -even though 25 years earlier schumacher had explained all sustainability crises start at local community levels - his so called multi million global village race to end poverty) 

The measurements the university staff are trapped in are too short-term and too separated 
With open education platform the role of professors need to change- we dont need thousands of universities each with a world class theoretical expert; the theory can be mooced - what we need is mentors who help us turn the their into livelihoods. job experiences 

Of course the devil is in the details and the combined way these hypotheses make each other worse. (especially wherever students are not given enough space to debate them). My Eastern friends tell me leaders can't change until the people change
Can Students Change?
If this topic interests you - either how to collect hypotheses of whats not the future of universities on how to rank value of universities from student viewpoint - happy to hear from you at any time or comment below! Thanks Chris Macrae ER curriculum since 1972

Dear Victoria

Thanks for making the time to come and see xxx. He only represents about one tenth of what the social movement of youth summits of the Atlanta type can be about but because the main responsibility for the logistics of hosting/funding between 10000 and 20000 young people will fall on him and eg accomodations made for youth across the public universities of Georgia its useful to understand where he is coming from

I would say that of people who have been inspired by Y and worked with him much longer - Naila is the completely opposite connector than xxx (and indeed Y 3 other us meta-funding-agents Counts GF, Jorgenssen GA, Daley-Harris until recently MCsummit). 

Naila's wholly opposite values and connections are why I would like to see if the three of us could meet at the World Bank plus any other youth team members who might be available

There are several steps that need mapping - of which the youth entrepreneur competition and the models it is judged by are only one. For example it is not the appropriate process for youth to start to get involved in understanding what the future of public service will need to be designed around if the curriculum of Pope Francis seconded by Jim Kim is to get an airing at youth summits. Some of the mediation processes used by the Ibrahim family (and others who made their fortune from mobile telecoms) -and Youth-animated ILABs -  are nearer that, as are many of those that circles of First Ladies connect eg the future responsibility of the fashion sector as one market they can free for producers. This is an area Naila works on and which is of great interest to Ted Turner's daughter who is the main leadership host of Atlanta. Then the Luther King  and Jimmy Carter families will be the main moral host for the hundreds of black university colleges linked in to - not just I have a dream spirit but such cultures as that Booker T Washington stood up for in founding Tuskegee- first as a girls school and then as massive rural university (and of course the deep non-violent revolution cultures that south africa has seen through Mandela and Gandhi)

Back on entrepreneur competitions. The most inclusive process in US I have been able to find started at MIT over 20 years ago where I have played a small part in judging last years competition. Over time there are 4 subnetworks- students, mentors, judges, investors (actually 5th which needs change world professors is new open curricula )- as well as need to connect through practice contexts. At MIT they joke that the segment of models that are most short-term they send over the road to Harvard's investor circles. Mathematically Yunus model is the exact opposite of the most short term extractive non-collaborative models designed around most powerful side in a value exchange taking from everyone else every quarter. There is nothing wrong with philanthropists or even bottom up reorganising of public services valuing the Y-model. However many technologists who want a plan whose life mission will depend on attracting other world class technologists-so they  could consider for example a 51%  Y-model. The 51% would anchor the purpose in the service/trust (of a millennium sub-goal)  while the 49% would keep the founder able to be self-sufficient in investment decisions. Actually both interests are a win-win. Giving 51% away (one doubling of value) to a trust can make a network sustainably most uniquely purposeful ie more able to continue to grow youth's livelihoods exponentially and economically. Its a pity that the genius youth who come up with a billion dollar algorithm on the www dont get the investors to sustain their purpose need from the getgo 

What MIT has found over the years is that there are about 5 different types of patient capital investors each with variant models which also depend on context and how large the conflicts are socially that will need to be resolved

I don't find xxx (or even Y given the current pressure he is under locally) the first  people to try and discuss the sorts of issue above. With Naila we can see many other open ways forward that an inclusive series of youth world summits needs to map. And arguably the  most connector action learner of the first 42 years of what made Bangladesh Development economics  most efficient in poverty goal races is Sir Fazle Abed. Both Naila and Sir Fazle value open mindsets that were learnt from practices of massive engineering and architectural blueprints

As a final example for now-not many people know 2 things about George Soros which would make him worth including earlier rather than later if anyone has access to him. 

1) His first philanthropic venture was with Black South African Youth in 1978 which would make it a pity if there is no connection of 2014 Cape Town Nobel Summit with George Soros Open Society. 
2) It was a loan from Soros that enabled yunus to start up with a share of Grameen Phone- so the world of economics that can be changed by empowering villagers and youth to mobilise an end to digital divides is something that Soros has been tracking as long as  Of course ultimately only someone with both the context (health authority) of Jim Kim and the potential to get peacemakers and economists to sit round the same table can guide social movements of the sort we are trying to find. All people like i have is a few clues of who's youth capitalism trust who that it might be timely to know of and linkin as far as you choose.

reference cnn view of social fiction ;jim kim view of social movement

Hi writing this to mostofa but eg clara when he's back from india's 50000 youth world citizen school next week, you may want to discuss whether this cheap yunus-approved postcard format is also one of the things to connect with changing world of plastic -something we need to do is show youth how to cheaply viralise ideas they most need to web- in fact if atlanta does nothing else successfully showing youth how to free urgent idea and social action networking is mission critical so that jobs summits and poverty museum races overtake the olympics as youth's greatest celebrations

when you are back from lucknow please think which opinion leaders you can send the card to 

eg your contact at clinton global summit try and start 2 kinds of discussion

1) are they interested in knowing more about youth and yunus collaboration wishes with nursing colleges

2) does their summit have a collaboration wish of the year that they might want made up as a card


please explain that while this is deliberately low cost it allows youth to re-edit it (and start making khan academy style training contributions) and is being connected to 21 months of preparation round massive youth jobs and end poverty summits such as atlanta one - you could for example say that blogs of low cost ideas youth are connecting around youth summits are in various places but is one of these

in particular try out some mailings and then see if there is enough interest to think of scheduling several meetings in dubai to see if there is anyone there who wants to become a major player in youth postcards from the future


Sample Correspondence from 70 person meetup to discuss Blessed Coffee and Conscious Capitalism DC -University of District of Columbia, 30 jan 2014
Good morning King, DC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism
I hope you are having a good week.  I want to say how much I enjoyed the panel discussion held at UDC on January 30.  It was quite informative.  It truly have a different perspective for the students to think about. 
I sent an email to Tebabu at
Thank you.  Have a great day, 

Associate Dean for Administration and Development
University of the District of Columbia wrotes:

Just to add my cents worth- udc was my second time meeting tebabu; last november when I first met him the model he uses excited me as one of most value multiplying network systems models I have ever seen out of washington dc; I have combed through a lot of models including many of ashoka's and few emulate the replicability and openness and potential scaling  and collaboration potential of his model -we're potentially talking millions of african farmers livelihoods, and actually the same model works for many sorts of crafts which link to first ladies reforming fashion networks (one of the must do goals of the next 2 years of youth summits if the obama adminstration is to have left a mark on bottom-up value chains - the reformation of usaid that really was the number 1 yes we can job of us interactions with millennium collaboration goals  -there was a day long discussion of this at mit's main development economics summit of the year last saturday)


-one of the benefits of simulations with this model is students can also benchmark several bottom-up processes such as crowdfunding where you can see what works and doesnt real time; its these sorts of processes which can make student sustainable pitches much stringer in my opinion


My understanding is there will be a summit for all interested in diaspora models and tebabu is waiting on date of that as a function of one or two congressmen


but I hope it will be before the university year ends for summer, and if for some reason the congressmen are delayed - does anyone have ideas on how we can time a conference that maximise student discussion of diaspora models?


there are also some corporate-political issues to sort out- what would whole foods reaction to this model be? would it make too many of their so-called fair trade products look mean? how to address this question is becoming quite an urgent practical matter for at least 2 reasons: 1) some of us now need to decide whether to invest time and a little money in starting up chapter of  conscious capitalism dc - 2) the regional head office for 5 states is about 2 minutes walk from where I live but so far I havent been able to find an inside friend (of the sort I would prefer to develop communal relationships in my home neighbourhood!)



From: Tebabu Assefa



I too have enjoyed the UDC event and was very impressed by the student's enthusiasm, questions and the conversation at the reception and your class room. I have given a speech at a few Universities including Columbia in NY and UDC, by far,  is the most engaging. Please pass my thank you to the students.


Please share the links below about with your students



tebabu assefa 


Blessed Coffee (, the recipient of the White House “Champion of Change” award is the Nation’s Second Benefit Corporation —a class of corporation that creates a positive, material impact on society. It is based on the philosophy “ from the farmer to your cup” and is developed to provide an major investment opportunity and access to profit sharing to 240,000 small coffee growers in Ethiopia organized under coffee cooperative union and communities in the US where Blessed Coffee sold.


Blessed Coffee is headquartered in Takoma Park, Maryland and was founded by husband and wife team Tebabu Assefa and Sara Mussie. Governor Martin O’Malley and Mr. Tadesse Meskela, the founder and manger of Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union ( in Ethiopia, attended the Blessed Coffee launch, on September 15, 2011. Blessed Coffee is also distinguished for its unique business model known as Virtuous Exchange (


Additional links for more info:

Amy I read your exciting bio on linkedin

I am wondering whether there could be win-wins around the following and if so whether we could meet.? I live in North Bethesda but can get over to college park on downtown DC

1 my friends and I are trying to connect the 2 social movements of youth jobs summits and end poverty

2 one of our experiments being led by a benefit corps concerns bringing a conscious capitalism chapter to DC but in ways that maximises youth connections

3 I am trying to connect student entrepreneur ideas that 150 smaller universities have pitched in front of muhammad yunus; also I am interested in how bigger colleges could connect- while they obviously have more resources they dont always have the same deep community permissions that students have from smaller colleges; I wish to see extension of students pitch to modules of khan academy type platform

4 some of what we are trying to connect is previewed in this blog
best, chris macrae

Massive Youth Collaboration Goals and Community Solution Networks.

Connect youth summits as social movements as clarified by Jim Kim; celebrate job creating youth summits as a twin capital movement of more importance than the Olympics; reclaim youth capitalism curricula on platform like khan academy in time for 175th anniversary of The Economist (2018) where Norman Macrae first facilitated leadership debates of net generation's Entrepreneurial Revolution in 1972. To date 4 co-hosted remembrance parties have connected: south africa's free university and schools curriculum of entrepreneurship, decision-makers in The Economist, Japan Embassy Reconciliation work in Bangladesh, Adam Smith Scholars at Glasgow University. We co-sponsored first rehearsal of Atlanta as favorite US capital of youth and yunus - after hosting 3 birthday wish parties with dr yunus.We are always searching for next connector- we would like to see post 2015 goals co-edited on a wiki by youth and second the the motion of Sir Fazle Abed that with recent abundance of open education platforms microeducationsummit can now empower more sustainablity connections than microcreditsummit 

Global Partnership for Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

If you are interested in joining the Global Partnership for Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, please proceed by filling out this form.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Registration deadline has been extended to 17 February 2014.

After the registration deadline, you will be contacted by the Office of the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth with further information about the crowdsourcing process.

If you have any questions in relation to the Partnership, please submit them through the contact form available at

* Required

Diana it was a great pleasure meeting you at brookings learning conference

Naila was the first lady to get involved with yunus digital learning experiments with women villagers -17 years on she connects womens empowerment through mobile and open technology throughout the UN and across youth summits. She's about to fly over from DC to Kenya to sign up for extending the nanocredit mobile franchise from poorest africans to poorest women hispanic across the americas. She hosted the youth tech winning panel at the world bank's last youth summits - the african who won was talking about exactly the constrained bandwidth issues that his peers had to work mobile learning around

I also cc Navneet- he is a friend on naila who has founded orphanages and is concerned with livelihoods orphans learn

 I am confident they would be happy to know about your work

Thanks for telling me about Gordon Brown's role as UN envoy for education;I happened to be travelling with dr yunus on 2 of the last occasions he met brown - in Downing Street and up in Glasgow- yunus has the most revolutionary ideas of anyone I have met on education what I am trying to research is where (eg Atlanta's 20000 youth summit Nov 2015) will people empower youth to connect this - four monopolies of old education are conspiring against student value- we aim to link together a microeducation summit around those who have most been empowering youth - some examples of my family's 42 year search celebrating the most open learning  at this micro-wiki

how do we best keep connected?

chris macrae

 washington dc 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc 

Welcome To The Learning Nuggets' Virtual Learning World.

We are passionate about helping individuals acquire the skills and competences they need to participate and make a contribution in the area of work.

Our Vision: to be the preferred service provider for affordable lea...

Virtual,Online & Mobile Learning

We focus on learning for "pre-work learners" - preparing learners to enter the job market and "in-work learners" - developing and enhancing the existing knowledge and skills of managers and employees already in work and looking to achieve excellence and develop expertise as professionals.

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Dear Professor Marciniak


Both as a mathematician and as a a researcher connecting youth and nobel summits of which Warsaw's 2013 was great, it was exciting for me to meet you at Brookings . The panel did not understand my question on whether they were linking in education change to the youth social movements of Jim Kim at World Bank - if you'd like to know more about that I think Nick or Victoria  could help as they are part of the youth summit team at the world bank and both connect with Europe quite a lot

I would love to link you into people who are continuing to linkin youth summits - also I have a particular personal interest in changing how maths is taught while online platforms provide an opportunity to do this

You mentioned there is a science celebration of Polish youth later in the year- I'd happily come over to report that or at any time if you have ideas on how to connect Polish youth with other job creating youth expos. Jim Kim at the world bank is calling for making the twinning of capitals in youth jobs expos the number 1 social movement of our time- one of the few things I wholly approve of out of Washington DC!

My father Norman Macrae spent his life journalising pro-youth economics at The Economist. A genre he coined as Entrepreneurial Revolution in 1972 after being involved with early student experiments with digital learning networks

He was a particular fan of Jan Winiecki attempts to celebrate's Poland futures during the first 5 years 1989-1994. He also wrote the Biography of Von Neumann - I'd love to see connections between youth movements in warsaw and budapest light up Europe

chris macrae bethesda 1 301 881 1655
Norman Macrae Foundation - pro-youth capitalism and entrepreneurial revolution of open education since 1972

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    PRIME MINISTER You have agreed to lunch at The Economist on ...

Friends and I are trying to share research that helps youth jobs summits connect from capital to capital

As World bank Leader Jim Kim says this can be the most valuable social movement ; its worth searching world bank youth summit for his next celebrations. Since I live in washington DC  we aim to link networks to organise regular collaboration cafes to understand how citizens, youth and open education institutions can help each other . One of these networks is the DC chapter of conscious capitalism and we would love to test how students can form a sub-chapter (there are currently about 20 chapters of conscious capitalism but we'd be happiest if the DC one was led by a majority of under 30s). We launched conscious capitalism with 70 students at theUniversity of District of Columbia

Another animator of youth summits is muhammad yunus. He has turned the nobel peace laureate summits afternoons into youth action networks. There is a relay between Warsaw 2013, Cape Town October 2014, and Atlanta Nov 2015 - the latter city has adopted yunus as a citizen so that he can be the main nobel host with jimmy carter. We try to list the social solutions dr yunus would most love to see thousands of youth co-create and celebrate at - tell us what we are missing and how you'd like to linkin

changetheworld mooc's discussion groups links us to this student led forum

I'd recommend joining it if either you want a space that continues once this ctw mooc closes down , 2 if you would like to tell people of other moocs you go to which you would like them to join in

: currently the discussion boards of this forum focus on 2 moocs - ctw and the world bank's on climate crisis

if you come across a more massive space for directing people who want to use moocs to create jobs and real work experiences - or indeed anything other than certificate examination -please tell us

the race is on to attract more sponsors to youth job creating summits than the olympics- heavens knows how many lost generations there will be if we dont all win this race

chris macrae washington dc 301 881 1655 help curate 8 greatest missed ideas of job creation proposed by muhammad yunus and 2000 youth readers of his book on social business

we define a micromooc as consisting of transcripts which would make up 20 minutes of audio per week for 6 weeks- probably mainly in 5 minute modules -that would make 24 transcripts. There would be up to 24 accompanying postcards -2 potential examples (the second edited directly with Dr Yunus by our friends in Dhaka)

Friends and I have interviewed dr yunus 20 times since 2007; sampled a dvd of shorts youtubes with yunus and his leadership team as at 2008 ;  we believe some of the stories meriting a 5 minute transcript are now up at But the proof in the pudding is which stories would students most want to virally share

We have an 18 month deadline for this project when millions of youth will be linking in to 20000 youth summit of yunus and nobel laureates and ted turner and jimmy carter and others in Atlanta. The goal is to show that hosting youth jobs summits can become the most popular of social movements -more valuable than getting the olympics to your capital.

Ideas welcome -

Reply to Discussion


how do humans design futures?-in the 2020s decade of the sdgs – this question has never had moore urgency. to be or not t be/ – ref to lessons of deming or keynes, or glasgow university alumni smith and 200 years of hi-trust economics mapmaking later fazle aded - we now know how-a man made system is defined by one goal uniting generations- a system multiplies connected peoples work and demands either accelerating progress to its goal or collapsing - sir fazle abed died dec 2020 - so who are his modt active scholars networks empowering youth with his knohow n- soros with jim kim paul farmer leon botstein and with particular contexts- girls village development and with ba-ki moon global climate adaptability where cop26 november will be a great chance to renuite with 260 years of adam smith and james watts purposes there is no point in connecting with system mentors unless you want to end poverty-specifically we interpret sdg 1 as meaning mext girl or boy born has fair chance at free happy an productive life as we seek to make any community a child is born into a thriving space to grow up between discover of new worlds in 1500 and 1945 systems got worse and worse on the goal eg processes like slavery emerged- and ultimately the world was designed around a handful of big empires and often only the most powerful men in those empires. 4 amazing human-tech systems were invented to start massive use by 1960 borlaug agriculture and related solutions every poorest village (2/3people still had no access to electricity) could action learn person to person- deming engineering whose goal was zero defects by helping workers humanize machines- this could even allowed thousands of small suppliers to be best at one part in machines assembled from all those parts) – although americans invented these solution asia most needed them and joyfully became world class at them- up to 2 billion people were helped to end poverty through sharing this knowhow- unlike consuming up things actionable knowhow multiplies value in use when it links through every community that needs it the other two technologies space and media and satellite telecoms, and digital analytic power looked promising- by 1965 alumni of moore promised to multiply 100 fold efficiency of these core tech each decade to 2030- that would be a trillion tmes moore than was needed to land on the moon in 1960s. you might think this tech could improve race to end poverty- and initially it did but by 1990 it was designed around the long term goal of making 10 men richer than 40% poorest- these men also got involved in complex vested interests so that the vast majority of politicians in brussels and dc backed the big get bigger - often they used fake media to hide what they were doing to climate and other stuff that a world trebling in population size d\from 1945 to 2030 also needed to map. so the good and bad news is we the people need to reapply all techs where they are only serving rich men and politicians od every party who have taken us to the brink of ending our species- these are the most exciting times to be alive - we the 3 generations children parents grandparents have until 2030 to design new system orbits gravitated around goal 1 and navigating the un's other 17 goals do you want to help/ 8 cities we spend most time helping students exchange sustainability solutions 2018-2019 BR0 Beijing Hangzhou: BR6 Geneva, Luxembourg, BR2 Dhaka, Delhi, BR1 Tokyo, Seoul

Map with Belt Road Imagineers :where do you want to partner in sustaining world

Our search for top 50 World Record Jobs Creators begins with E1 Xi Jinping - World's Number 1 Job Creator - Peoples Global2.0 

Girls world maps begin at B01 Bangladesh economical miracle of 15 million poorest village mothers grasssroots networking -good news reporting with and and


online library of norman macrae--


correspondence welcomed on 50 year curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution and net generation as most productive time to be alive -

MA1 AliBaba TaoBao

Ma 2 Ali Financial

Ma10.1 DT and ODPS

health catalogue; energy catalogue

Keynes: 2025now - jobs Creating Gen


how poorest women in world build

A01 BRAC health system,

A02 BRAC education system,

A03 BRAC banking system

K01 Twin Health System - Haiti& Boston

K02 Twin YouthWorldBanking: Haiti& Bkash (BRAC)

K03 Twin Open Society : Budapest-Rome - Economists and Peace Champions

A04 Africa & Asia's 5 Billion Peoples eleraning satellite Yazmi

A05 Triplet Open Apps Media Labs of Ethiopia and MIT and Ma-Lee (worldwide China)

Job creation case Y01 Foundation of Grameen Bank- good news in association with
Ma 10,2 grameen inteldt

Ma 10.3 IHUB/Usha Kenya DT

Ma 10.4 Kenya nanocredit

Ma 10.5 MIT top ten mobile app labs of open tech

Ma 10.6 berners lee www

KMAS1 Kimchoices KMAS1.1 Ki-Moon KMAS1.2 Sun F Yang Lan

W4E1 telecentres for girls jobs

W4E2 womens nanocredit










MEDIALABNegropronte > Yazmi


AFM00 Samara and AfricaStar and Yazmi
AFM10 IHUB/Ushahidi
AFM11 MIT Media Lab Africa
AFM12 MIT D-lab and Abdul Latif with Toyota
AFM121 Polak last mile multinationals africa –eg green energy and clean water distrib
AFM13 Ibrahim Foundation
AFM14 Africa24tv
TB1 Free University and Jobs Schools
TB11 Open Learning Campus Africa
AFM15 Young Africa Society –world bank ypa milennials’ goals 2.1
AFM2 Jamii Bora –end slums youth banking and partner labs
TB20 Primary financial literacy curriculum – eg Afaatoun out of Orphanages
AFM21 Bridges primary schools
TB21 Love of self- empowerment curriculum – eg Maharishi (TB1)
TB22 Coding curricula from primary up
AFM31 Kiva Africa
AFM32 Acumen
AFM33 BRAC African Girl Jobs-creating banking
AFM34 Eagri-Africa
AFM35 African health millennials www –and PIH Rwanda, Free Nursing College Africa
AFM36 Mara Foundation
AFM5 Nanocredit
AFM6 USADBC - diaspora association benchmarking african food security value chains
AFM61 –diaspora multi-country celebrations eg AfricaTip (AgeTip)
AFM612 Makerfaireafrica
BOM1 berners lee
BOM2 mit every students an entrepreneur
BOM21 MIT100k
BOM3 mit media lab -open source wizard entrepreneurs and new commons
BOM30 Negroponte $100 Laptop
BOM31 Joi Ito
BOM32 reclaim our learning
BOM4 MIT open education movement
BOM5 Legatum
BO51 Legatum millennials and fans
BOM52 networks of cashless banking technolgists
BOM53 innovations journal
BOM6 partners in health/brigham womens hospital
BOM61 value chain networks club inspired by pih and world bank millenials
BOM62 ypchronic
BOM64 Haiti training hospital - connector of neraly free nursing college
BOSF1 Kiva and puddle
BOSF2 Khan Academy
BOSF3 Coursera segment interested in Open Learning Campus

communications and community banking links series 1 and 2

Out of The Economist since 1972 Macrae's viewpoint Entrepreneurial Revolution argues that the net generation can make tremendous human progress if and only if educators, economists and all who make the biggest resource integrate youth job creating into the way their worldwide purpose and impact is valued join in ... 43rd Entrepreneurial Revolution Youth Networks Celebration..

job creation survey

discuss valuation video

Norman Macrae Foundation


Wash DC tel 1 301 881 1655




For how many of The Economist's first 175 years was it the most effective mediator of sustainability exponentials of humanity all over the planet


best million-youth moocs hosted by economists


discuss valuation video

hottest youth-spring question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

moocyunus launches youtube competition -what would purpose of youth's favorite free online university be?

join blog of moocyunus


 The Economist- when first seeing youth experiment with digital networks in 1972,

Season's most urgent collaboration debates:

next 100 million jobs nursing

42nd year of 7 wonders if thinkpad of The Economist's genre of Entrepreneurial Revoution

40 years of notes from archives of entrepreneurial revolution 1-7 a...


help catalogue top 100 microfranchises


help catalogue 100 short videos on right old muddle of anti-youth economists..

Dad (Norman Macrae) created the genre Entrepreneurial Revolution  to debate how to make the net generation the most productive and collaborative . We had first participated in computer assisted learning experiments in 1972. Welcome to more than 40 years of linking pro-youth economics networks- debating can the internet be the smartest media our species has ever collaborated around?

Foundation Norman Macrae- The Economist's Pro-Youth Economist

5801 Nicholson Lane Suite 404 Rockville MD 20852   tel 301 881 1655 email

Main Project webs including as lead open education partner of mandela elders and branson

2013 = 170th Year of The Economist being Founded to End Hunger

2010s = Worldwide Youth's most productive and collaborative decade

 1972: Norman Macrae starts up Entrepreneurial Revolution debates in The Economist. Will we the peoples be in time to change 20th C largest system designs and make 2010s worldwide youth's most productive time? or will we go global in a way that ends sustainability of ever more villages/communities? Drayton was inspired by this genre to coin social entrepreneur in 1978 ,,continue the futures debate here

world favorite moocs-40th annual top 10 league table

  • 1) e-ME
  • 2) 8 week tour of grameen curriculum and uniting human race to poverty museums
  • 3) 8 week tour of brac curriculum and mapping microeducation summit for post 2015 milennium goals

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  • 4) 8 week tour of africa's free university and entrepreneurial slums
  • 5 what to do now for green energy to save the world in time
  • 6 nurses as 21st world's favorite information grassroots networkers and most economical cheerleaders more



  • 7 how food security as a mising curricululum of middle schools can co-create more jobs than any nation can dream of
  • 8 pro-youth economics and public servants
  • 9 celebrating china as number 1 creditor nation
  • 10 questions worldwide youth are asking about what was true last decade but false this decade because that's what living in the most innovative era means

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Number 1 in Economics for Youth

The unacknowledged giantcelebrate unacknowledged giant

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Timeless ER from The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant (aka dad Norman Macrae) A  b  c ;;1997 a;;; 1983 a ;;;1976 a b;;; 1972 a ;;; 1962 a 1956 a - correspndence with optimistic rationalists always welcome -


from please help in 2 ways -nomination of collaboration 100; testify to world's largest public broadcasters such as BBCthat this survey needs their mediation now

Intercapital searches for replicable youth eonomic franchise



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